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student visa for netherlands

Overview: All students who aspire to study at a university in the Netherlands need to apply for a Netherlands student visa legally to stay in the country. As expected, there are some standard student visa requirements for the Netherlands. The candidate and the institution need to meet certain criteria for the student to qualify for a student visa. Read on to find a more detailed outline of the student visa for the Netherlands. 

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Student Visa Requirements for the Netherlands

All students and their educational institutions of choice must fulfill the Netherlands student visa requirements. These procedures and rules apply to exchange students as well:

‚óŹ A university or university of applied sciences has (provisionally) admitted the student as a student to a full-time authorized day program. This institution or university of applied sciences has been identified as a sponsor. The Public Register of Recognised Sponsors contains a list of accredited educational institutions.

‚óŹ For Netherlands student visa financial requirements, aspirants need to furnish details of being financially self-sufficient for the course.

‚óŹ Students must acquire at least 50% of the minimum credits every academic year. This is referred to as “study progress monitoring‚ÄĚ.

‚óŹ The university will provide a candidate with a list of documentation that they will require.

‚óŹ Official foreign papers must be authorized and translated into Dutch, English, French, or German.

Types of Netherlands Student Visa

There are two types of Netherlands student visas that students can apply for during their tenure at their chosen university. 

‚óŹ If a candidate wants to study in the Netherlands for 90 days or less, they will need a short stay visa or a Schengen visa.

‚óŹ If they intend to study in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, they will need an entry visa or MVV and a residence permit or VVR. The MVV, like the short-term visa, is valid for only 90 days and should be accompanied by an application for a VVR or residence permit.

How to Apply for a Netherlands Student Visa

1. Application Submission and Payment

A provisional residency permit or MVV is required for travel to the Netherlands. The MVV is a sticker issued in the passport by the Dutch representative. In some cases, an MVV may not be required. Only a recognized educational institution can submit applications for a study permit. A recognized educational institution has entered into a contract with the IND and is included in the Public Register of Recognised Sponsors. IND or the Immigration and Naturalisation Department is the nodal agency for assessing all applications from foreign nationals for a stay in the Netherlands.

The educational institution applies for both the MVV and the residency permit simultaneously. The application is then sent to the IND by the educational institution.

In summary, the IND receives application fees and the application from the university that a candidate has applied to.

2. Applicant Verification

Once the IND has received the application, the university will get a confirmation notice. The confirmation letter specifies the date the IND received the application. It also indicates the time frame within which the IND will decide. 

The agency then reviews the application to verify if it is correctly filled. An applicant can track their application on the My IND website.

3. Decision

The IND determines whether the applicant and the educational institution satisfy all of the requirements for a residence permit. The IND is required to make this decision within 60 days.

‚óŹ Negative Decision

An applicant may not be granted an MVV or a residence permit if they or the educational institution do not comply with the requirements. This is stated formally in a written letter. The decision is sent to the educational institution by the IND. One may file an appeal against this judgment.

‚óŹ Positive Decision

If the applicant and the educational institution satisfy all of the requirements, an MVV and a residency permit are issued. The decision is sent to the educational institution by mail. The IND also communicates this to the Dutch representative.

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4. Collection of the MVV

One can collect the MVV from the Dutch representative listed on the application form by the educational institution.

An applicant has three months to pick up the MVV. On the day one receives the MVV, the passport must be valid for at least six months.

When one collects the MVV, one must submit their biometric details.

5. Traveling to the Netherlands 

You can travel to the Netherlands once you have received the student visa for the Netherlands. The MVV is only valid for up to 90 days. The validity period is indicated on the MVV sticker. The sticker also has two other dates:

‚óŹ Effective date: the MVV’s validity.

‚óŹ End date: The end of the MVV’s validity.

The MVV permits one to travel inside the Schengen Region.

Costs for Netherlands Student Visa

The¬†student visa for the Netherlands¬†is ‚ā¨207 (INR 17,500). However, certain other costs may apply. An applicant can visit the IND website for more information on these extra costs for the¬†student visa the Netherlands¬†provides.


Q1. What is the processing time for a Netherlands Student Visa?

A. Netherlands’ student visa processing time is 60 days, as mentioned by the IND or the Immigration and Naturalisation Department.

Q2. What are Netherlands Student Visa fees?

A. For the student visa, the Netherlands charges a fee of ‚ā¨207 (INR 17,500).

Q3. What are the financial requirements for a Student Visa for the Netherlands?

A. Students must present financial documentation to the institution demonstrating that they have the financial ability to support both their living expenses and tuition cost for the Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND). However, verification of tuition costs is not required for exchange students. According to Netherlands student visa financial requirements, a student must have enough money to cover their living costs for a year, or ‚ā¨11,100 ( INR 930,000), plus the tuition cost charged by each university.

Q4. Is IELTS required for a Student Visa in the Netherlands?

A. Most universities in the Netherlands require applicants to present proof of English language proficiency to ensure smooth communication between students and instructors. IELTS is a universally accepted proof of English language ability across the Netherlands.

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