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Describe a Famous Athlete You Know: IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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describe a famous athlete you know

Describe a famous athlete you know IELTS cue card– Even though this topic is slightly unconventional, there is no need to fret over it. All you need to do is either draw into your own experiences (if you know someone as famous) or your imagination (conjure up an athlete that you would like to know). Make sure you talk about the defining attributes of the individual (real or imaginary) in your essay. Here are samples to help you practice.

Describe a Famous Athlete You Know: Sample 1

Famous athletes are known for their jaw-dropping skills, perfection, and extreme physical abilities in addition to their discipline and commitment to their game. I am fortunate to know one such famous athlete, who is an iconic tennis star in the country. He achieved innumerable laurels at a young age and has won almost every major trophy in the circuit ever since. Today, he is still pushing himself at a more advanced age and can easily compete with athletes who are way younger than him. 

My acquaintance with the tennis star took place through a mutual friend of my father. We both attended a party and were introduced there by this gentleman. Upon hitting it off with each other, we exchanged numbers and have stayed in touch ever since. In fact, I have even gone out for a meal with my famous friend although those instances are few and far in between. This athlete is no different from other super-successful stars of his ilk- he trains hard every day, practices continually, and rarely takes a rest day. He leads a disciplined life in terms of his eating and sleeping habits and is continually on the move for tournaments. His sheer dedication to his game is praiseworthy. 

At the same time, one of his most endearing traits is his humility and sense of humor. These are two aspects that make him the man that he is, loved by thousands of fans and well-wishers across the country and even worldwide. I am lucky to be his friend and pray that his reign of success continues unabated.

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Describe a Famous Athlete You Know: Sample 2 

Knowing a famous athlete comes with its fair share of triumphs and travails. In the case of the former, there is the small matter of bragging to one’s friends about having met their favorite athlete. There is also the advantage of relishing the company of an enigmatic individual in private at times. The latter involves the skyrocketing media scrutiny and the barrage of needless questions that are volleyed at not just the star himself but also his family, friends (like me), and other acquaintances. 

In this case, I have been fortunate to have known Mr. Sourav Ganguly. He needs no introduction, being one of the world’s greatest cricketers, former captain of the Indian team, and currently the Chairman of the BCCI. He is related to me through my mother’s side of the family (his wife is my mother’s maternal cousin). I was lucky to meet him a few times at family weddings and other events. I have also had the good fortune of interacting with him at the same. To me, he is elegance personified. He is a true gentleman, extremely eloquent, and passionate about the game of cricket. He is immensely fit and well-groomed along with being a successful television show host in recent years as well. 

He can talk to you on almost any topic under the sun. He also has a humble and grounded streak which extends to the way he interacts with everyone around him. He is also passionate about food although he restricts himself to the occasional cheat meal every now and then. I consider it my privilege to have known him and hope to interact with him again in the near future. 

Tentative Band Score: 7

Word Count: 278

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