describe a tradition in your country

Describe A Tradition in your Country- IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 29 July, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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You may have come across the IELTS essay topic- Describe a tradition in your country. This topic is simple to execute because you will derive from your personal experiences while explaining the universality of the tradition in question. Here are a couple of samples that will help you practice in this regard.

Describe a Tradition in Your Country: Sample 1

Traditions and age-old practices, while often being questioned, sometimes have a distinct universality about them that is endearing. Indeed, they often serve to bring people together or reinforce certain value systems that are worth upholding. In my country, India, we have grown up in a diverse environment with multicultural beliefs, practices, customs, and festivals. Naturally, in such a backdrop, it is hard to talk about universal traditions and how we celebrate them. Yet, some quintessentially Indian traditions have remained unscathed with time. 

One of these traditions is touching the feet of our elders, parents, and senior citizens for varied reasons. These include seeking their blessings, showing respect upon meeting them after a long time, commemorating special events, and before starting any activity or venturing out of the house. It is regarded as synonymous with something positive and auspicious as it were. While the tradition may seem unnecessary to many, it is a vital part of our value system here in India. Touching the feet of our parents and seniors is a tradition that is practiced by a large majority of the Indian population, irrespective of their personal and spiritual beliefs. 

Personally, I always touch my parents’ feet before beginning any new project. I also touch their feet on special occasions like my birthday and even on the New Year, in order to seek their blessings. Whenever I meet an elder relative or senior acquaintance, I touch their feet as a mark of respect. This is a simple tradition that reinforces the core value of respecting one’s elders and showing them the appreciation and admiration that they deserve. At the same time, it is their positive blessings that help us overcome life’s trials and tribulations. Hence, this is an Indian tradition that I wish to highlight.

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Describe a Tradition in Your Country: Sample 2

I always treasure the immortal words United we stand, divided we fall. In a country like India, with its thousands of customs, religious beliefs, sects, philosophies, and diverse practices, we stand united through a love for our motherland and also through some universal traditions that keep us together. This power of universal faith and belief binds us all together in hoping for prosperity, happiness, and light out of the darkness. 

I wish to talk about the annual festival of Diwali also called the festival of lights. While it is celebrated in many forms and styles throughout the country, there is a common thread binding us all to this occasion. While it is a Hindu festival, people from all religions and beliefs come together to participate in the festivities. The most significant activity is the lighting of lamps or Diyas along with lighting up the home, thoroughfares, and buildings. The core theme remains universal throughout the country- using the power of light to dispel darkness. The word darkness here is not just literal; it also symbolizes grief, sorrow, hardship, and other troubles that plague the citizens and their nation. 

No matter whichever way we pray, we all stand united on the day of Diwali, decorating and cleaning up our homes, celebrating with sweets and treats, and new clothes, sharing gifts with our relatives and acquaintances, and lighting up our lives to hope for a better future. This is one of the most unique and appealing festivals in the country and is an annual tradition of sorts.

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