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Paragraph On Digital India - IELTS Essay Samples

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

paragraph on digital india

Indians aiming to move abroad for immigration, work, or study usually have to take the International English Language Testing System or IELTS exam. The test comprises four sections – writing, listening, reading, and speaking and students are marked out of 9 bands in each.

Below are two different essays for a writing task based on digital India. Read on to understand how the essay must be framed to achieve a high band in the IELTS exam.

Describe the Digital India initiative: Sample Paragraph 1

India has been working tremendously on upping the game in the technological field and ensuring that citizens can avail services easily. Digital India began as a campaign started by the Government of India wherein all the standard government services became available in electronic modes. To ensure these measures, the government introduced a new online infrastructure and better internet connectivity across the country.

Another solid aspect of Digital India was the mission to provide faster speed internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas in the country. It is a beneficiary of several schemes launched by the government, such as Make in India, Startup India, BharatNet, Sagarmala, etc.

One of the most significant impacts of Digital India’s mission was unprecedented growth in different industries such as products, manufacturing, and electronic services. It also pushes the country's nine pillars of growth areas even further. These nine pillars are broadband highways, universal access to mobile connectivity, public internet access program, e-governance, e-Kranti, information for all, electronics manufacturing, early harvest programs, and IT for jobs.

As a resident of this country, I have felt a huge improvement in the digital services provided to the people. IT platforms built for messaging, biometric attendance in government and public offices, etc., prove extremely helpful. 

Word count: 208

Tentative band score: 6.5

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Paragraph On Digital India

Is the Digital India campaign successful in India: Sample Essay 2

The Government of India has been aiming to solidify the technological framework of the country for many years now. The Digital India campaign started in 2015, and we are still experiencing many top benefits of the movement. I feel that the government's steps have changed how an average Indian feels about technology and modern equipment, making it a highly successful venture. 

The vision of this program was to alter India into a big-time, digitally empowered society and well-informed economy. There are three main key points of the program. The first vision was that high-speed internet should be available as a core utility for all the deliverable services in the country. It was an attempt at creating a digital identity for all of India as a unique, lifetime, online, and most importantly, authentic means to identify them. Other visions include enabling citizen participation in a proper digital and financial space through the individual’s bank account and mobile phone. 

One is also provided with easy access to a shared service center where citizens can resolve their technology-related queries along with a shareable private space on a cloud that is publicly available. Overall, the campaign has been well-received by the people of India and has brought about new changes that will take India towards brighter horizons in the coming years.

Word count: 217

Tentative band score: 6.5

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