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When a Country Develops its Technology IELTS Essay

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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when a country develops its technology ielts essay

When appearing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS ) exam, candidates need to write down an essay on the given topic. An ideal essay should address all parts of the subject and be comprehensible. To begin with and to give you a reference of what the issue essays are all about, we have taken a topic,’ when a country develops its technology, as an IELTS essay. To start with the basics, you can prepare by writing your views on whether we should preserve the traditional lifestyle in this technological world or not.

Essay 1 - When a Country Develops its Technology, Traditional Lifestyle is Left Behind. It is Pointless to Make Efforts to Keep Them Alive. Do you Agree or Disagree? 

Technology has entirely altered our lifestyle and eliminated most manual tasks. As a result, our present way of living is way more comfortable than conventional. Also, more scientific developments imply increased profit for a nation, thus promising a better future for the upcoming generation. However, it is not wrong to accept that traditional values are disappearing as more and more people are becoming inclined towards modernization. Nowadays, very few people focus on their cultural background and eventually drift away from the age-old traditions. Nonetheless, the author strongly feels the urge to preserve ancient rituals. 

There is no doubt that our ancestors lived a very fulfilling life and followed multiple rituals. These conventions came with scientific reasons and helped enrich an ordinary person’s life in numerous ways. For example - back then, people used to wear pure cotton or silk clothes compared to today’s denim alternatives. Pure fabrics allowed for more breathability and absorbed any extra layer of sweat. On the other hand, denim poses a threat to human health and the environment.

Similarly, our traditional lifestyle relied heavily on festivals and seasonal food. But nowadays, people indulge in junk food, regardless of the season that leads to multiple ailments like high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Therefore, it is safe to say that the loss of traditional values negatively affects our health and the environment. Making more efforts to stay true to our cultural lifestyle will help improve the overall quality of our life. 

The latest developments have also impacted the artisans and craftsmen badly. As more and more factories are setting up, people prefer to purchase bulk-produced products. With the reduced cost of production, plastic utensils or vases seem like a better option. It has negatively impacted our culture as artisans find it difficult to come to terms with it and make a living. While it is tougher to revert to older alternatives and adopt a completely different way of living, we can still stay connected to our traditions. One way to do that is by actively engaging in social activities and promoting traditional life skills on a bigger platform. We can also support our local community by supporting in-house productions. 

In conclusion, making efforts to keep our age-old rituals and lifestyle alive is demanding. With increased social gaps and fewer community occasions, people do not see the reason to adopt traditional life skills. However, we should not stop trying to keep the cultural values intact. We can easily embrace modern living and stay rooted in our ancient culture.

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Essay 2 - When a Country Develops its Technology, Traditional Lifestyle is Left Behind. It is Pointless to Make Efforts to Keep Them Alive. Do you Agree or Disagree?

In today’s world, automation and other technological developments have made life easier for an ordinary citizen. Every nation is actively working to gain more technical expertise and is slowly climbing the ladder of global success. However, it is a common notion that modernization is killing traditional lifestyle and is deeming age-old habits irrelevant. The author disagrees with the opinion that technology has killed our cultural values. The current lifestyle is way more sustainable, and there is a growing need to adjust our social behavior with time. 

Firstly, it is essential to highlight that time is irreversible. We cannot drift back to the olden days or adopt the practices used then. In the current scenario, technical developments are the backbone of society. We can notice more social and economic empowerment with newer lifestyle habits. Easy accessibility of the internet and smart devices has made it easy for people to gain education, regardless of their age or location. Nowadays, anyone in a remote area can efficiently study online, which was impossible a few decades back. As a result, people can also read about their cultural background and educate themselves on the geographical and traditional history. Therefore, to say that technology has killed tradition would be a misnomer. 

Also, technology has actively helped people adopt better lifestyles by eliminating the need for manual work. In the earlier days, people had way challenging jobs that put their health at risk. Today, people have other options than indulging in menial jobs. For example - people can now quickly cook on gas stoves instead of mud ones. Mud stoves were usually operated on open fires and were harmful due to the emission of toxic gasses. But today, there are no such issues with installing chimneys and properly ventilated kitchens. 

Technology has made our life way more convenient. We have better scientific techniques for all fields, from organic farming to the preservation of fossil fuels. The latest innovations have also helped people from different regions to connect and discover the similarities in their cultures. As a result, more people are now interested to learn about their historical background. 

In conclusion, technology is inevitably bringing a change in our day-to-day lifestyle. We have adapted well to the recent developments and formed our ecosystem accordingly. Hoping to follow an utterly traditional lifestyle would be futile as the current scenario leaves no opportunity to do so. Now, we have better tools to stay connected to our root culture and explore the habits followed by people all across the globe. Safe to say, technology has supported the traditional life pattern by adding a modern twist.

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Tips on How to Write an IELTS Essay

During the IELTS exam, candidates are asked to write an essay based on a particular question. You can either choose to agree or disagree with the statement. But it is essential to note that the task should be completed within the set word limit. With a short time limit of 40 minutes, some students find it challenging to attempt this part. Here are some tips and tricks to simplify essay writing. 

  • Read the topic multiple times to thoroughly understand the question
  • Structure your ideas so that you know what sections to cover
  • Make the essay personalized rather than generic
  • Don't try to stretch the essay with unnecessary information 
  • Avoid casual phrases, abbreviations and use formal language 
  • Divide your answer into separate paragraphs for improved readability
  • Proofread to eliminate spelling mistakes and use an extensive vocabulary
  • Practice beforehand so you can manage time during the exam

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