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Cost of MBBS in USA for International Students in 2024

Updated on 17 November, 2023

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Embarking on a journey toward a prestigious medical career is a dream for many, and the United States is renowned for its excellence in medical education. Enrolling in a US MBBS program isn't just academic achievement; it's a gateway to cutting-edge research, clinical training, and a global degree. Tuition for MBBS in the US ranges from $200,00 to $300,000 annually. In this guide, we'll explore the cost of MBBS in the US, its diverse opportunities, and what makes it compelling and prestigious. Keep reading!

Cost of MBBS in USA

The MBBS course fees in the US can range from $200,000 to $400,000, depending on the university or college you are studying in. Below is the annual cost of studying MBBS at top US universities:

University NameAnnual Cost (in USD) 
Harvard University66,284
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine62,850
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine61,586
New York University60,800
Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons66,816

Source: Official university website and U.S. News & World Report

Factors Influencing Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in USA

The various factors affecting the MBBS fees in US are:


The location of the university plays a significant role in pre-arrival expenses. Cities with a high cost of living, such as New York or San Francisco, will require a larger budget for accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses. Conversely, universities in smaller towns or rural areas may offer a more affordable cost of living.

University Ranking

The ranking of the university can impact your pre-arrival expenses in several ways. Top-ranked universities may have higher tuition fees but can also offer more scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Lower-ranked institutions might have lower fees but fewer financial incentives.

Availability of Scholarships

The availability of scholarships and financial aid is crucial for managing pre-arrival expenses. Some universities offer merit-based scholarships for international students, which can significantly reduce tuition costs. 

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Pre-Arrival Expenses for MBBS Programs in USA

  • Application Fees: This refers to costs related to university applications. The average application fee for MBBS programs in the US is $175.
  • Standardized Tests: Expenses for mandatory standardized tests such as the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and English proficiency tests like TOEFL/IELTS. The standard registration fees for some popular exams are as follows:
    • MCAT- $330
    • TOEFL- $205 (INR 17,045)*
    • IELTS- ₹16,500 (approx. $198)

*conversion as on November 15, 2023

  • Visa Fees: The costs of acquiring a student visa should also be considered. The processing fee for a US Visa is $185.
  • Documentation and Verification: Fees for verifying and translating academic transcripts, certificates, and required documents.

Post-Arrival Expenses for MBBS Studies in USA

The total living expenses for a student in the US can vary depending on their choices and needs, but here's an estimate based on the provided breakdown:

  • Shared apartment or house: $150 - $500 per person
  • Single Occupancy apartment or house: $500 - $1800
  • Utilities: $50 - $75
  • Food: $100 - $200
  • Transportation: Varies, but some options are free or low-cost.
  • Entertainment: $100

These estimates provide a general idea of the expected monthly living costs for graduate students, although individual spending may vary based on location and personal preferences.

Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in USA

The cost of living while studying MBBS in the US can vary significantly based on factors such as location and personal preferences. On average, students should budget approximately $3,527 per year to cover expenses like accommodation, food, transportation, and other daily needs. It's important to note that major cities such as New York or San Francisco tend to have higher living costs than smaller towns or suburban areas. 


As you embark on your journey with an MBBS degree in the US, it’s important to acknowledge the significant expenses involved, from pre-arrival fees to yearly tuition, housing, and daily living costs. However, amidst this mosaic of expenses, remember that while costs are a part of the equation, the invaluable knowledge and experiences gained will forever enrich your life. So, prepare diligently, budget wisely, and set your sights on a bright future. Your journey has only just begun!

Disclaimer: The mentioned costs are indicative and subject to change at any time.

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Is NEET required for MBBS in the USA?

Yes. The Government of India has now made it compulsory to appear in NEET before pursuing an MBBS in the USA.

How long is MBBS in the USA?

It will take about 4 to 6 years to complete an MBBS course in the USA. 

How much does an MBBS course cost you in the USA?

The MBBS course cost in the USA is $200,000 to $300,000 per year.

What are the job prospects after MBBS in the USA?

The various job prospects after studying MBBS in the USA are: 

  • MPH (Masters in Public Health) 
  • Doctor of Medicine 
  • Masters in Hospital Administration 
  • MS in Clinical Pathology 
  • Masters in Public Health

Is MBBS in the USA cheaper than in India?

No. The cost of MBBS in the USA for Indian students is more expensive than the MBBS course fees in India.

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

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