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How to study MS in Germany without IELTS?

Updated on 12 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

How to study MS in Germany without IELTS?

Germany is one of the most successful countries in the world. It is known for its rich culture, world-class teaching, technological advancements, top-ranked universities, amazing cities, and stunning landscapes. The country welcomes international students to pursue their MS degrees and other qualifications for an excellent future. However, not many students know that they can pursue degrees like MS in Germany without IELTS or any English language proficiency test.

Important Note

The decision to waive off IELTS/EPT as a  requirement for graduate admissions falls upon the sole discretion of the admitting university and is dependent on, however not limited to, the student's academic credentials and English proficiency. Aspirants should consult with their academic counselors or university officials to determine if they qualify for the exemption. For Visa success, it is best recommended to add your IELTS/EPT results with your application.

We’ll explore some of the best options to pursue an MS in Germany without IELTS in this article. But before that, let’s look at some key details about IELTS:

1. The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, which is an English proficiency test that needs to be taken by non-native English speakers. 

2. IELTS scores are accepted globally by universities and multinational companies.

3. There are 4 sections in IELTS – reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

4. Once you have completed the IELTS test, you can check your band score. IELTS scores are categorized into a nine-band scale that ranges from 1 to 9.

5. The higher the score, the better English speaker you will be considered. It also means that you have a better chance of getting admission to your chosen universities. 

Some of the best alternatives to the IELTS test accepted by German universities

If you haven’t been able to score a qualifying band score or are unable to take the test for some reason, the best option is to choose German universities that do not require IELTS qualifications for the chosen program. Listed below are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while applying at any German institution without the IELTS test:

1. German universities may ask you to submit a ‘Language/Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI)’ that you will get from the academic institution you graduated from. 

2. IELTS test is not required for candidates where English was the language of instruction of a particular program. 

3. The IELTS test is not required if you are a citizen of a country where English is the native language.

4. IELTS test is not required for the candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree in the English language like BA English literature.

5. However, it is always best to check directly with the university if they require an IELTS test or any other language test.

6. The requirement might vary across institutions and courses.

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Here is a list of universities in Germany that do not require an IELTS score

1. Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

2. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

3. Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

4. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

5. University of Koblenz Landau

6. University of Giessen

7. Free University of Berlin

8. University of Freiburg

9. University of Siegen

10. University of Bayreuth

11. University of Bonn

12. Chemnitz University of Technology

13. Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

14. University of Passau

15. University of Hildesheim

16. Ruhr University Bochum

For more information about IELTS, how to study without any language test, reasons to study abroad, and other aspects related to studying at international universities, check out other blogs on our website. You can also reach out to counselors at upGrad Abroad for more details and support.

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