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Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited: IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 15 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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describe an art exhibition that you visited

Students appearing for the prestigious International English Language Test System (IELTS) must undertake the cue cards exercise. A specific topic is provided, and the individual is expected to answer it clearly and concisely.

Here, let us look at the samples of ‘Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited’ for IELTS Speaking Cue Card.

Question 1: Describe the last time you visited an art exhibition

In a world that primarily runs on science and numbers, art seems lost and forgotten. It's one thing that truly brings the beauty of life and the universe to the forefront.

Hence, I was so grateful when I got a chance to witness some great art recently. My home town held its first art exhibition in the city’s convention center. 

I persuaded all my friends to come along with me. Our excitement to see the variety of art forms put on the display was through the roof. The exhibition featured everything from abstract paintings and impressionist art to pottery, jewelry-making, and handicraft. 

There was a live clay pottery session, as well. I saw two instructors teaching several people how to make clay pots, which thrilled me. So, I decided to make one as well. The pot I made couldn’t hold its circular shape and was stout. But because I made it with all my heart, I was proud of it. 

What fascinated me the most was this one section of the exhibition, which threw light on the old classic paintings of the likes of Van Gogh and Claude Monet. Of course, they were not the original paintings, yet their replicas were present with ample information. 

I believed it was an excellent way to get insight into the process and the meaning behind all the famous art pieces.

In the end, when we walked out of the exhibition, I was very content. The peace and joy of observing beautiful art are incredible and incomparable. 

I cannot wait to go to another art exhibition soon!

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Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

Question 2: Talk about the time when an art exhibition changed your perception 

As an MBA aspirant, I devote 16 hours a day simply to studying. I hardly get a chance to look up from my books to notice anything else. So, when my friends dragged me to an art exhibition recently, I was incredibly annoyed.

I had planned my day out, and I was prepared to take on the uphill task of finishing a particular portion of the Maths syllabus. Instead, I was standing at the city's convention center, waiting in the entry line for my turn. 

All my irritation dissipated in thin air once I walked inside. My eyes fell on one particular painting. I realized that my dear friend had created that masterpiece. At that moment, it dawned upon me that this art exhibition featured some of my friend's precious paintings as well.

One particular piece featured an impression of the Northern Lights, and it was so gorgeous that I couldn't look away for a few minutes. With every step I took and each piece of art my eyes devoured, I could feel my heart slowing down peacefully.

In the past few weeks, I studied every waking hour of the day. It had truly exhausted me. Perhaps, this was why being surrounded by colorful art felt special and relieving to me. 

My friends and I spent hours adoring art made by people we hardly knew. I realized that an art exhibition could connect you to even strangers. Art is indeed so influential and rejuvenating.

In fact, I didn't want to leave until evening. It was indeed a beautiful experience, and I hope I can go to another exhibition soon!

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