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Duolingo Exam Dates 2022: Your Guide

Updated on 28 February, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Proficiency in English is mandatory if you want to work in a multinational company or plan to study abroad. While most study abroad aspirants are mindful of the popular English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE Academic, and TOEFL, these tests don't appear to be a good choice during the pandemic. The declining popularity of such conventional English tests is their approach of conducting exams, which is offline and requires students to visit allotted exam centres.

So, what can be a suitable replacement for center-based English tests? Consider the Duolingo English Test (DET). This test is conducted online, and students can attend DET from anywhere, be it at home, library, or even a restaurant. This article discusses the Duolingo exam dates 2022 and other details.

What is the Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English test is an English test that is conducted online. It is designed to help students know their proficiency in the English language. DET tests all four language skills - reading, listening, speaking, and writing. However, you will be pleased with how innovatively these skills are tested. The test is adaptive and has a significant impact on candidates. For instance, if you answer one question correctly, the next one will be more difficult. On the other hand, if you make a mistake, the next one will be easier. 

Benefits of Duolingo English Proficiency Test

  • Convenience: Unlike conventional tests, you can attend the Duolingo English test from the place you find comfortable, which is something every one of us wants due to the COVID pandemic.
  • Complete preparation: For thorough preparation of the actual test, DET can conduct multiple mock tests to help students learn from their mistakes and get better.
  • Reasonable charges: The Duolingo English test is considered the most affordable English certification test as it allows you to appear for the test and interview for $49 (INR 3,678 *).
  • Standard test duration: You don't need to sit long and complete 3-4 hours of the test. Duration for the DET test is 25-60 minutes and cannot exceed this time limit.
  • No delay in results: The days are gone when students used to wait for months to get their English test results, thanks to Duolingo. It releases the test results within 48 hours of completion of the test.

Duolingo English Test Dates 2022

Duolingo does not announce any exam dates since it's an online platform where students are given 90 days to appear for the test. There are no guidelines regarding Duolingo English test dates that aspirants need to consider.

Duolingo English Test Registration Process

Following are the steps to follow to register for the Duolingo English test 2022:

  1. Register: You first need to provide essential details about yourself, mainly about your education and institution. 
  2. Review: Once you submit the details, the Duolingo team takes time to review your submission and get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. Get started: Right after they authenticate your details, you are good to go and access your dashboard for further formalities via quick login.

Things You Need to Appear for the Duolingo English Test

Though you can give the exam at your convenience, you require a few things to give the test easily. These include:

  • A government authorized ID proof which may include Driving License, passport, etc.
  • A computer with a stable internet connection.
  • You must be equipped with a front-facing camera, a microphone, and a speaker.


Now that you know all about Duolingo exam dates. You might also be wondering what happens after the test? Once you complete the test, it is sent to the experts or mentors authorized to review your test and provide you with scores. Moreover, you get Duolingo English test certification in 30 days, and that's quite beneficial for students in need of visiting abroad with some limits.


* "Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative."

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