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PTE Essay Writing- How to Prepare?

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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Following diverse PTE essay templates to boost one’s preparation for the examination is a part of the general exercise by the students. This section is a part of the PTE Academic examination which is scored between 10 and 90 on a granular scale. The PTE writing essay task covers 200-300 words on a specific topic, and the prompt is 2-3 sentences long. The section seeks to evaluate one’s writing abilities and will need 20 minutes to answer the same. The bottom of the screen has a word count, which will indicate the number of words written. One should write at least 200 words, without exceeding 300 words in total. There are buttons for cutcopy, and paste that may be used for building the responses as well. 

How is the PTE Essay Scored? 

Before delving deeper into the PTE writing essay template to follow, one should learn more about the scoring mechanism behind the same. One will have to provide an argumentative essay that showcases the critical thinking abilities and also capabilities to connect various ideas more logically. The PTE essay is scored based on seven parameters, which are the following: 

  • Content (Maximum score of 3)
  • Grammar (Maximum score of 2) 
  • Formal Requirement (Maximum score of 2)
  • General Linguistic Range (Maximum score of 2)
  • Development, Structure, and Coherence (Maximum score of 2)
  • Spelling (Maximum score of 2)
  • Vocabulary Range (Maximum score of 2)

The section which has the highest score is Content. If the answer is not relevant to the given prompt, then the overall score will be zero for the one writing the essay. Zero is also given if the answer is not in English or if the essay is either excessively long or short. If punctuation is not used and the responses are written in capital letters, then zero may be awarded as well. Zero is also given in the absence of any written response to the prompt that is given. These are some aspects that one will also learn in PTE tutorials writing essays if one has been taking them. 

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Essay Template for PTE

One should have a solid grasp over essay template PTE above everything else. This is one of the biggest PTE writing tips that aspirants should keep in mind. 

  1. A 2-3 line prompt will be provided, mentioning a statement or opinion. 
  2. One can write for or against an opinion or discuss a problem and its solution. 
  3. One may have to state whether one agrees or disagrees with the statement. 
  4. There should be an introductory paragraph first. 
  5. There will be two main paragraphs after this for developing the idea. 
  6. There will be a conclusion at the end. 

One will get 20 minutes for the entire exercise. One should thus practice with PTE writing samples as much as possible before sitting for the examination. 

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Tips for writing PTE Essay 

  • Carefully evaluate the prompt that is given to ensure an essay that is relevant to the same. 
  • Check what one is expected to do, i.e., for/against a statement, agree or disagree with something, discuss something and state a solution, and so on. 
  • Examine the topic carefully and then plan the points that one should write about along with one’s main argument (after deciding which side one is on). 
  • Make sure that one writes with good grammar and showcases one’s vocabulary by using stylized words and phrases. Using complex sentence structures may also get one a higher score. One should also use a few colloquialisms or idiomatic expressions. 
  • Phrases may be used for introducing something or adding any point, along with expressing opinions and also concluding the essay. 
  • Keep some time for proofreading the essay and making all the changes that are necessary. 

 General Topics/themes for the PTE exam 

There could be diverse themes used for the PTE examination. Some of them include culture, sports, policies, law, media, environment, education, technology, and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important PTE writing tips?

One should make sure that the answer is relevant to the prompt and also use complex and interlinking sentences to score higher points. Use phrases, synonyms, and antonyms, while a few idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms will also serve one well. One should keep to 200-300 words and make sure that the essay structure is followed. 


Does the essay template for PTE work?

While an essay template for PTE is helpful for practice and preparation, it is not enough to help one score well on the test. The prompts or topics may vary, and one should be able to plan and write the essay quickly in response to the same. 

Mrinal Mandal

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