How to study in Canada for free?

How to study free in Canada

With five universities listed as one of the top 100 schools worldwide, Canada has become one of the most preferred study destinations for international students. The country’s flexible education system, ever-evolving job market, and ethnically heterogeneous demographic composition are some of the parameters that helped Canada gain a global reputation.

While planning to study abroad, students look for several ways to manage their finances.¬† Before we move on to whether Canada offers an option to gain free education or not, let’s start this blog by knowing the top Canadian universities. The top Canadian universities.¬†¬†

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Top universities in Canada

The below table shows the five most prominent universities of Canada

University  QS World University 

 Rankings 2023

Annual Tuition fee
McGill University 31 Varies as per the discipline 
University of Toronto 34 C$76,372 to C$92,066
University of British Columbia 47 C$52,164
University of Alberta 110 Varies as per the discipline 
University of Montreal 116 Varies as per the discipline

Source: University’s official website 

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Study in Canada for free: fully funded scholarships

Although no universities in Canada offer a tuition fee waiver to international students, it is possible to gain free education through fully-funded international scholarships. Some of the fully funded scholarships offered by the top Canadian universities are mentioned in the table below. 

University  Scholarship  Eligibility criteria  Amount/Award/Coverage 
University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships International students enrolling in a full-time undergraduate study program Full tuition and books coverage
University of Montreal  UdeM exemption scholarship program  International students are enrolling in a full-time study program at the university Full tuition coverage
University of Alberta¬† President’s International Distinction


International students showcase leadership qualities in their 

first year of undergraduate degrees

CA$120,000 for four years 

Source: Official websites

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Applying for fully-funded scholarships in Canada 

Now that you know that it is possible to gain free education in Canada by receiving scholarships from the universities, let‚Äôs learn about the study process in Canada for free –

  1. Take your time to research: The first step toward planning to study in a foreign country is doing your research about the opportunities it holds for international students. Your first step is to research the universities that offer fully-funded scholarships to international students. 
  2. Choose your target university: After you are done with your research, select the university that you wish to apply to. The factors you should consider while choosing the university are the curriculum of your desired course and the financial aid offered to international students. 
  3. Apply for the scholarship before its deadline: If your target university is offering you a scholarship based on specific criteria, you automatically become eligible for it without any application. However, if not, you must be mindful of the deadline for the need-based scholarship and submit your application before the deadline. 

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Advantages of enrolling in  upGrad Abroad’s BBA program in Canada

1. Undergraduate students taking up this BBA in Canada program can save up to 25 lakhs on the tuition fee. The first two years of studying in Canada will cost around 25 lakhs, but the students under this program will pay only Rs 4, 04,000. Paying Rs 4,04,000 in place of Rs 25 Lakhs is almost equal to free education. There won’t be any living costs as well. The students will study from home with Chandigarh University. 

2. Yorkville University is a globally recognized center of learning that focuses on world-class education and 100% placements. The university offers a research-oriented course structure, reputed faculty, and career-focused BBA degrees. Students get the opportunity to work with major brands, global multinationals, and conglomerates in different sectors. 

3. Students can work part-time for 20 hours a week while studying at Yorkville University for the last two years. Yorkville University offers 9 months of the full-time class program and 3 months of vacation. Working 48 hours a week is allowed for students during vacation.

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Study with upGrad Abroad 

upGrad Abroad offers Business Administration programs in collaboration with some finest Canadian universities, such as University Canada West, Trinity Western University, and Yorkville University. The advantage of choosing us as your study partner is that you get the flexibility to start your program online and then switch to on-campus studies. Moreover, you would get complete assistance with IELTS preparation.


Is it possible to study in Canada for free? 

Generally, Canadian universities do not offer tuition fee waivers. Therefore, it is not possible to gain free education in Canada. However, some Canadian universities offer fully funded scholarships for international students. Examples of such universities are the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, etc. 

How can I get a full scholarship in Canada?

Canadian universities grant fully funded scholarships to international students based on specific criteria. If you meet the criteria, you automatically become eligible for the scholarship. However, if not, you can apply for the need-based scholarship before the deadline of your chosen university. 

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