A complete guide about ways to study for free in Canada

How to study free in Canada

If you’re wondering how to study for free in Canada, you’ve reached the right place. Canada is a well-known and reputed destination for world-class education with globally ranked universities and colleges. And yes, there are possibilities for almost free study in Canada for Indian students. The universities in Canada have created a benchmark for quality education and academic excellence. Canada is a beautiful and culturally rich country that provides an ideal environment for international students to grow their careers.

There is an overwhelming majority of global students who prefer Canada over other countries. The country is well-connected with the best transportation and living arrangements for international students. The job market is developing rapidly with more and more conglomerates and multinationals setting up their bases here. The country is embracing meritorious students from all parts of the map and is highly recommended for study abroad prospects.

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Advantages of studying in Canada for international students

1. Cultural Diversity

Canada has huge cultural groups from India, Australia, Europe, Ireland, the UK, and Scotland. International students from various parts of the world visit Canada for higher education after class 12. It is a perfect destination where one can witness a myriad of different cultures and more than 140 languages. 

2. All specializations are welcome

Canadian universities and colleges allow courses for students from various backgrounds. International students can pursue careers in science, humanities, commerce, literature, and social science.

3. Easy Student Visa

Flexible and easy visa plans and rules have made Canada a popular destination for education. It is very easy to obtain a visa for taking up higher studies. The students need to produce the test scores of TOEFL or IELTS to get admission to undergraduate courses. The candidates need a good score, and upGrad Abroad can help them prepare well. 

4. Part-time job opportunities

Canada offers huge opportunities in terms of part-time jobs for international students to earn a good living. Students can work a maximum of 20 hours a week and they get paid from around CAD 10 to CAD 20 (Rs 600 – Rs 1,200) per hour. There are various opportunities for students to gain experience as well as have some source of income to manage the living costs.

5. Robust job market

Canada has a low unemployment rate. Students from all over the world complete their high school degrees and get a chance to explore the promising job market. Universities and colleges have tied up with globally ranked companies of various sectors, and they offer hefty salary packages. 

6. Safe and peaceful country

Canada’s crime rate is equal to zero and there are no gangs or public gatherings that can bother international students. It is indeed a paradise to study peacefully without worrying.

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Canada offers a quality education at almost no cost. Find out how to study in Canada free for International students 

Canada is a notable destination in terms of world-class education, facilities, and a robust job market. Compared with various reputed universities, Canada offers an affordable tuition fee for undergraduate courses. The average cost of studying in Canada is around CAD 30,000 – CAD 42,000 (Rs 18-25 lakh). Various countries offer free education options but Canada does not have any free options. However, there are various ways in which the cost of studying in Canada can be reduced significantly.

But regular cost-cutting measures do not work. No matter how much you cut expenses, it will not make too much of a difference in the huge fee structure that universities have. The cost of education will go down only when a student enrolls in a university where the tuition fees are low. This is the only way to study almost for free at a recognized university in Canada. 

Since undergraduate courses have been a top priority for international students visiting Canada, upGrad Abroad, in collaboration with Yorkville University, has come up with a bachelor’s degree program at an affordable cost. To turn the dreams of students into reality, this program is focused on offering BBA degrees in Canada almost free of cost. Under this program, the students will study online for the first two years at Chandigarh University, and then for the third and fourth years, they will continue offline classes at Yorkville University in Canada. The degree the students will be getting is from Yorkville University while getting a chance to study from home for the first 2 years.

This program has been introduced to offer students a world-class education in Canada. During the online sessions of the first two years, the students will interact with and attend lectures by the faculty of Yorkville University, Canada.

Find out how this BBA program designed by upGrad Abroad and Yorkville University helps students to study for almost free.

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Enroll in the BBA program in Canada

1. Undergraduate students taking up the BBA program can save up to Rs 25 lakh on the tuition fee

The first two years of studying in Canada will cost around 25 lakhs, but the students under this program will pay only Rs 4,04,000. For the first two years, the students will study in India at Chandigarh University with constant interaction with Yorkville University faculty. Students spending the first two years at home can save a lot more money usually spent on accommodation, food, necessities, transport, and other utilities. Students can study almost for free for the first two years, and then relocate to Canada for the last two years to complete the course. 

2. Part-time job opportunities during the 3rd and 4th years at Yorkville University

Yorkville University is a globally recognized center of learning that focuses on world-class education and 100% placements. After completion of two years in Chandigarh, the BBA students need to relocate to Canada for the full-time 3rd and 4th years. These two last years of the BBA program will be a full-time classroom program. It is a privilege for the students to be able to manage the cost of living and educational fees incurred during these two years with part-time job opportunities. The permission is granted to the students of Yorkville University under this BBA program. Students can work for 20 hours a week, which makes a total of 80 hours in a month. 

During the terms and semesters, students are allowed to work off-campus and are fully assisted by the university. Yorkville University offers both off-campus and on-campus part-time jobs for students under this program to compensate for the fees they are paying for the degree. A student can earn up to CAD 10-22 (Rs 600-1,300) per hour, and the average in a month is around CAD 800-CAD 1760 (Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000).

The earnings differ based on the type of work. The various part-time jobs and their earnings per hour would be CAD 12 for sales, CAD 20 for Teacher, CAD 20 for Designer, CAD 12 for Server, etc.

3. Study for 9 months and work full time for 3 months

Yorkville University offers 9 months of BBA study and three months of holidays and semester breaks. A student can work for 48 hours a week during holidays. It is almost equivalent to full time and they can earn approximately CAD 10-22 per hour. The average that a student can earn during the 3 months of holidays is around CAD 4,224 (Rs 2.5 lakh) per month. The part-time rates do vary and depend on the type of work the students would do. The tuition fee at Yorkville University for the BBA program is CAD 15,000 (Rs 9 lakh) per annum. So, with 3 months of 48 hours and 9 months of 20 hours, a student can earn approximately CAD 23,340 (Rs 14 lakh). The education fee for a year is CAD 15,000 (Rs 9 lakh) and part-time earnings are CAD 28,512 (RS 17 lakh). The living cost would be CAD 12,000 (Rs 7 lakh) per year, which means a student is earning CAD 28,512 and spending CAD 27,000 per year (inclusive tuition fee and living costs). This is how students can study for free in Canada under this particular program. However, adding on to this, the part-time job salaries for bartenders, teachers, freelancers, and medical representatives are much more than CAD 22 per hour, so they can earn more than they spend. Find below some of the popular part-time job options with the rates per hour: 










Customer Support



Dog Walker


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Advantages of enrolling in  upGrad Abroad’s BBA program in Canada

1. Undergraduate students taking up this BBA in Canada program can save up to 25 lakhs on the tuition fee. The first two years of studying in Canada will cost around 25 lakhs, but the students under this program will pay only Rs 4, 04,000. Paying Rs 4,04,000 in place of Rs 25 Lakhs is almost equal to free education. There won’t be any living costs as well. The students will study from home with Chandigarh University. 

2. Yorkville University is a globally recognized center of learning that focuses on world-class education and 100% placements. The university offers a research-oriented course structure, reputed faculty, and career-focused BBA degrees. Students get the opportunity to work with major brands, global multinationals, and conglomerates in different sectors. 

3. Students can work part-time for 20 hours a week while studying at Yorkville University for the last two years. Yorkville University offers 9 months of the full-time class program and 3 months of vacation. Working 48 hours a week is allowed for students during vacation.

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upGrad Abroad’s BBA program in association with Yorkville University is designed to make studying in Canada almost free for aspiring students. For more details about the program registration and other batch-related queries, connect with the upGrad Abroad team today.

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