Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Biotechnology in Canada

You will find several post-graduate diploma courses in biotechnology in Canada. Biotechnology is one of the flourishing professions globally, with rising demand for skilled researchers, scientists, and professionals in several spheres related to genomics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, laboratories, research and development, and medical devices, among other sectors. 

Top PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Biotechnology 

Here are some of the best picks for your needs: 

Name of the Institution Course Name Fees (in CAD) Duration Intakes Admission Requirements
Algonquin College Biotechnology-Advanced (Co-Op and Non-Co-Op Version) $46,435.60 3 years Fall and Winter
  1. OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or equivalent
  2. ACE Certificate or GED certificate or mature student status as alternatives
  3. Grade 12 English and Mathematics with 60% and 65% (or higher) respectively)
  4. Biology Grade 11/12 with 65% or more
  5. Chemistry Grade 11/12 with 65% or more
  6. English language proficiency 
Centennial College Biotechnology-Advanced (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-Op) $16,377 2 years September, January, May 
  1. Degree or three-year college diploma
  2. English language proficiency and skills assessment 
Georgian College Biotechnology- Health Ontario College Diploma Program $9,036.08 2 years Fall and Summer
  1. OSSD or equivalent
  2. Grade 12 English and Mathematics
  3. Grade 11/12 Biology
  4. Grade 12 Chemistry 
Concordia University Biotechnology and Genomics (GrDip) N/A 1 year September, January, May
  1. B. Sc from an accredited institution with 15 credits
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.0
  3. English language proficiency
Durham College Biotechnology-Advanced (Fast-Track) $8,956.68 (Year 1) + $7,823.94 (Year 2)  Two semesters September
  1. OSSD or Mature student status 
  2. Grade 12 English and Mathematics
  3. Grade 11/12 Biology 
  4. English language proficiency and other course-related requirements 


Eligibility criteria vary across educational institutions. The common guidelines include the following: 

  1. OSSD or equivalent. 
  2. Some institutions may require bachelor’s degrees or diplomas
  3. Grade 12 English and Mathematics in most cases
  4. Other Grade 11/12 subjects, including Biology and Chemistry in some cases
  5. Proof of English language proficiency 

Duration of the programs

The average duration for these courses is around 1-3 years. 

Application cycle/Academic cycle/Intakes

The intakes are mostly in September, January, and May. 


The average fees are CAD 9,000-46,000 for these types of programs. 

Job Prospects

There are several employment opportunities in fields like biotechnology research, laboratories, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, agriculture, and more. Some leading employers in the country include the following: 

  1. Apotex Inc. 
  2. Mill Street Brewery
  3. Griffith Laboratories
  4. Kisko Products
  5. bioMerieux
  6. Campbell Soup Company
  7. Maxxam Analytics
  8. Hermann Laue Spice Company
  9. Cosmetics Laboratories Inc. 

Some of the career positions include microbiologists, microbiology analysts, research technologists, quality control technologists, quality assurance analysts, and associate scientists. There are plenty of options at government and ministry agencies and laboratories, along with educational institutions, natural health products brands, environmental companies, quality control laboratories, fermentation units, and more. 


Is a diploma in biotechnology worth it in Canada? 

A diploma in biotechnology is worth it in Canada. Canada offers an attractive salary in this field, while there are plenty of opportunities at government and private laboratories and other entities. 

What is the scope of a diploma in biotechnology? 

There is a vast scope in the biotechnology field. Some of the biggest employment opportunities in the field include medical scientists, forensic science technicians, environmental biotechnologists, microbiologists, medical scientists, geneticists, molecular biotechnologists, R&D scientists, and more. 

Is biotechnology in demand in Canada? 

Biotechnology is a rapidly-growing educational field in the Canadian market. It fuses technology, science, and engineering. The bio-economy in the country is expected to need thousands of skilled professionals over the next few years, particularly across the agriculture and medicine industries.

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