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Masters in Photography in Canada- All you need to know

Updated on 07 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Doing a masters in photography in Canada is a wise move, considering the country’s top-ranked institutions, top-notch infrastructure, and excellent future prospects. Photography is an off-beat yet enriching field of study. It offers not just exciting opportunities for talented professionals, but creative satisfaction as well. 

The global rise of e-commerce and fashion has also prompted growth in the photography industry, while sectors like weddings, hospitality, travel and tourism, food and beverages, and retail, have always been hotbeds of attractive photography-based opportunities. On that note, here’s trying to discover the best photography course in Canada for international students in Canada. 

Top Photography Courses in Canada and Colleges

Fanshawe College- 

Course Name- Photography-Advanced program

Core Points- 

  • 1 year
  • Intake- September
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Eligibility- Degree/Diploma in Graphic Design/Photography/Fine Art/Fashion Merchandising or equivalent or work experience and academic qualifications + English language proficiency + supplemental evaluation with a minimum of 60%
  • Tuition Fees- $16,764.80

 Concordia University

Course Name- Studio Arts, Photography (MFA) 

Core Points- 

  • This Master of Fine Arts course requires aspirants to have BFA/BA (with Fine Arts/Art History majors) or any equivalent. 
  • They should have at least B as an average in their chosen major.
  • Applicants should demonstrate proficiency and undergraduate experience in the specialization field. 
  • English language proficiency is required. 
  • Intakes- January. 
  • There are three-month teaching assistantships and assistantships of six credits for students. 

Lambton College- 

Course Name- Advanced Photography program 

Core Points- 

  • Two years
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Eligibility- Ontario College Advanced Diploma/Degree/Diploma or equivalent + English language proficiency + laptop, digital SLR camera and software tools
  • Tuition Fees- $22,885.56

Toronto Metropolitan University

Course Name- Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management (MA) 

Core Points- 

  • Offered by The Creative School at the Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Eligibility- Four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent + 3.0 GPA + CV, SOP, LORs + English language proficiency
  • Grad teaching assistant and research assistant opportunities available. 
  • Tuition Fees- $32,813.62
  • Residency programs of six months with leading partners. 
  • The Ryerson Image Center (RIC) is also available as a resource. 
  • Intakes- Fall, Spring, and Winter. 


These master’s programs are usually one or two-year courses at most institutions. 

Eligibility criteria

There are varying eligibility criteria for applicants. The general guidelines include the following: 

  • Undergraduate degree/diploma/qualifications as deemed suitable by the institution. Many institutions seek relevant BFA/BA qualifications in fine arts, fashion merchandising, and other similar fields of study. 
  • English language proficiency requirements are there in most institutions. 
  • Statement of Purpose/Intent and Resume/CV if required. 
  • Letters of recommendation or references if required. 
  • Academic and official transcripts in some cases.
  • Relevant work experience + study if the undergraduate degree is in a different field (only in some cases). 



There are varying fees for these programs. On average, they cost anywhere between $16-32,000. 

Job prospects

Graduates in the field of photography have several opportunities to choose from. They can work in the following positions: 

  • Professional photographers
  • Assistants
  • Photo editors
  • Wedding/portrait photographers
  • Stylists
  • Shoot producers
  • Industrial photographers
  • Image retouchers
  • Fashion photographers.

They can also take up interior/architecture photography, corporate photography, photojournalism, and pictorial/landscape/art photography. 

Fashion, e-commerce, and real estate photography are highly in demand these days, along with travel photography as well. Many aspirants find employment with art and photographic galleries as assistant directors, administrators, and directors. Many venture into their own photography businesses, or set up their own galleries. Being a photography teacher is also a highly rewarding career. 

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Is it worth doing a master’s in photography?

Yes, it is worth doing your master’s course in photography, if you have an inherent knack for the field. You will gain more specialized knowledge of sub-fields and various photographic techniques while gaining the resources and support for building a winning portfolio, networking, and getting valuable business knowledge at the same time. 

Which master’s degree is most in demand in Canada?

There are several master’s programs which witness high demand in Canada. Some of them include Information Technology, Business Administration, Finance, Engineering, and more. 

What master’s degree is photography?

Photography can be taught as an MA (Master of Arts) degree or even as an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) course. There could also be MPhil or MRes programs at some educational institutions. There may be postgraduate diploma programs in photography for students as well. It all depends on the institution. 

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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