1 Year MBA in Canada – Universities, Eligibility, Fees & Jobs

Canada is one of the leading countries to pursue MBA courses, known for its innovative learning models and robust curricula. You can now check one-year MBA programs in Canada which is one of the world’s biggest and most flourishing economies, offering excellent job prospects for skilled graduates. You can take your pick from a list of one-year MBA programs in Canada that are recognized worldwide and offer comparatively affordable costs of tuition than in many other countries. 

Top Universities

Here are some of the leading universities offering the best one-year MBA programs in Canada

1. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

2. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

3. Ivey Business School, Western University

4. University of Saskatchewan

5. Wilfrid Laurier University

6. University of Waterloo

7. Lakehead University

8. HEC Montréal

9. John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

10. University of Alberta

11. McGill University

12. Royal Roads University

13. Ryerson University


There are varied specializations for one-year MBA programs in Canada including the following: 

1. Marketing

2. Finance

3. Operations

4. Information Technology

5. International Business

6. Human Resources

7. Supply Chain Management

Levels of Education

One-year MBA programs in Canada are taught at the postgraduate level. 

Brief/Average Fees 

Here are the approximate fees charged by leading universities: 

1. Rotman School of Management- CAD 42,643 (INR 25.45 lakh). 

2. Smith School of Business- CAD 110,260 (INR 65.81 lakh). 

3. Ivey Business School- CAD 111,750 (INR 66.70 lakh). 

4. University of Waterloo- CAD 58,680 (INR 35.02 lakh). 

5. University of Saskatchewan- CAD 47,883 (INR 28.58 lakh). 

6. Wilfrid Laurier University- CAD 15,405 (INR 9.19 lakh). 

7. Lakehead University- CAD 37,800 (INR 22.56 lakh). 

8. HEC Montreal- CAD 54,000 (INR 32.23 lakh). 

9. John Molson School of Business- CAD 29,362 (INR 17.52 lakh).

10. University of Alberta- CAD 16,129 (INR 9.62 lakh).

11. Royal Roads University- CAD 33,475 (INR 19.98 lakh). 

12. McGill University- CAD 99,500 (INR 59.39 lakh).

13. Ryerson University- CAD 38,740 (INR 23.12 lakh).

Job Prospects

MBA graduates can expect fulfilling careers in Canada, which is home to numerous global businesses. According to several reports by Glassdoor and Payscale, the average salary structure for MBA graduates in Canada is roughly CAD 83,000 (INR 49.54 lakh) or anywhere between CAD 80-90,000 (INR 47.75 lakh to INR 53.72 lakh). 

MBA holders can get employment in several industries, including consulting, technology, finance, and more. Other recruiters come from sectors like energy and retail, among others. Some of the top companies hiring MBA graduates in Canada including the likes of Amazon, HSBC, TD Canada, Deloitte, Gartner, KPMG, Scotiabank, Goldman Sachs, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, EY, BGC Partners, and more. 

Expected Remuneration/Salary 

According to Payscale, the average annual salaries for MBAs in Canada are the following: 

1. Marketing Manager- CAD 74,914 (INR 44.71 lakh)

2. Project Manager- CAD 84,381 (INR 50.36 lakh)

3. Chief Executive Officer- CAD 149,831 (INR 89.43 lakh)

4. Management Consultant- CAD 86,595 (INR 51.69 lakh)

5. Chief Financial Officer- CAD 151,519 (INR 90.44 lakh)

6. Operations Manager- CAD 79,903 (INR 47.70 lakh)

7. Senior Business Analyst- CAD 85,539 (INR 51.05 lakh)

Average salaries offered to MBAs by leading employers:  

1. PwC – CAD 81,000 (INR 48.34 lakh)

2. Amazon- CAD 103,032 (INR 61.50 lakh)

3. Scotiabank- CAD 74,379 (INR 44.40 lakh)

4. Accenture- CAD 99,650 (INR 59.48 lakh)

5. BMO (Bank of Montreal) – CAD 57,750 (INR 34.47 lakh)

6. HSBC- CAD 60,354 (INR 36.02 lakh)

7. Deloitte- CAD 81,205 (INR 48.47 lakh)

8. KPMG- CAD 94,387 (INR 56.34 lakh)

9. Cognizant- CAD 116,627 (INR 69.61 lakh)

10. Marriott International Inc- CAD 59,000 (INR 35.21 lakh)

11. Royal Bank of Canada- CAD 88,362 (INR 52.74 lakh)

12. Bombardier- CAD 83,988 (INR 50.13 lakh)

13. IBM Canada Limited- CAD 92,500 (INR 55.21 lakh)

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