MBA in USA – Everything You Need to Know

It is not wrong to say that the USA  remains the top choice for the majority of international students especially for master’s degrees. As per Poets&Quants that analyzed the Open Doors Report and other data pertaining to foreign students, the average Indian student population among all non-U.S. resident students across all programs at 26 of the top U.S. B-schools at 27.9%. It alludes to the popularity of American degrees. MBA in USA is the dream of many. However, it is important to be aware of all aspects of this degree. Indeed, as a student, you will benefit from exposure to the global market, and you can enhance your professional career.

Why Should You Pursue MBA in USA?

If you are planning on entering the corporate world, an MBA is essential to help you bag managerial roles. It will assist you in understanding leadership and give you the ability to run your own business. Enrolling in an MBA program in the US can be challenging as the applicant pool is large, all seeking admission to the best universities of the world.

Besides, these benefits will further help you determine the reasons why you should pursue MBA in USA.

1. The USA has high economic power with a thriving economy

2. The country gave birth to the best MBA courses in the world

3. You get to access the best faculty at world-class business schools

4. Deserving students get good scholarships

5. The career opportunities in the USA are in abundance

6. Better networking opportunities and exposure to the global market

7. MBA in USA can enhance your marketability, and the best companies will eventually hire you

8. Higher quality of life and multicultural society

You will need to get good GRE or GMAT scores to get into prestigious B-schools.

Best MBA Universities in USA – Choose from the Top 8

People worldwide indulge in full-time or part-time courses from such MBA universities in the USA. There are numerous options available in the USA for Indian students. All you need to do is pick the right university, get the correct scores, and manage your study expenses. Here are some of the top B-schools to look at.

1. Stanford University

Stanford Graduate School of Business, located in California, topped the QS World University Rankings – Full Time MBA: Global 2022. Education at Stanford GSB will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and long-term vision that lead to innovation and growth. You will build a powerful network of colleagues and alumni for life.

GMAT Score Eligibility: 750 or higher

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 164, Quantitative = 165

Minimum IELTS Score: 7

Tuition Fees for MBA Program: $74,706 (INR 55 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 62.60%

Top Specialization: Information Management, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

2. University of Philadelphia (Wharton)

Placed third in the QS World University Rankings – Full Time MBA: Global 2022, Wharton University was the first business school in the USA (established in 1881) and now has the biggest alumni network. The best thing about this school is the joint degree offerings.

GMAT Score Eligibility: 733 or higher

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 162, Quantitative = 162

Minimum IELTS Score: 7

Tuition Fees for Management Program: $80,432 (INR 60 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 81%

Top Specialization: Finance

3. University of Chicago (Booth)

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business secured 12th rank in the QS World University Rankings – Full Time MBA: Global 2022. The programs offered in management help you hone your analytical asnd managerial skills.

GMAT Score Eligibility: 732 or higher

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 163, Quantitative = 163

Minimum IELTS Score: 6.5

Tuition Fees for MBA Program: $73,440 (INR 54 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 84.30%

Top Specialization: Economics, Finance

4. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

GMAT Score Eligibility: 724 or higher

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 160, Quantitative = 154

Minimum IELTS Score: 7

Tuition Fees for School of Management: $74,871 (INR 55 Lakhs)

The Kellogg School of Management is among the best MBA universities in USA with a QS global rank of 16. You get to access a wide range of MBA programs that focus on practical training and real-world projects. It has an impressive portfolio of alumni that have become CEOs of big companies worldwide.

Employment Rate: 80.60%

Top Specialization: Marketing

5. Harvard University 

The Harvard Business School tied with Wharton University and ranked 2nd in the QS World University Rankings – Full-Time MBA: Global 2022. It is one of the most renowned MBA universities. You get hands-on

education due to the interactive business education they have been offering

since 1925. You can access an unparalleled full-time program for MBA courses. 

GMAT Score Eligibility: 730 or higher 

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 155 to 166, Quantitative = 155 to 170

Minimum IELTS Score: 7

Tuition Fees for Business

School: $73,440 (INR 54 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 70.90%

Top Specialization: Consulting, Finance 

6. Columbia University 

The Columbia Business School has ranked 9 on the QS World University

Rankings – Full-Time MBA: Global 2022 for its executive and full-time MBA programs that help students become good leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers. The faculty follow an informative and traditional

teaching method that you will find engaging. 

GMAT Score Eligibility: 700 to 760 

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 154 to 167, Quantitative = 156 to 170

Minimum IELTS Score: 7.5

Tuition Fees for MBA

Program: $77,376 (INR 57 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 73.30%

Top Specialization: Finance, Consulting 

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7. University of California (Berkeley) 

Berkeley HAAS, California, has ranked 11 in the QS World University Rankings – Full-Time MBA: Global 2022. It is one of the most prestigious business schools in the USA to hone your interpersonal and technical skills through rigorous management courses. 

GMAT Score Eligibility: 710 to 750 

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 159 to 168, Quantitative = 159

Minimum IELTS Score: 6.5

Tuition Fees for School of

Business: $64,246 (INR 47 Lakhs)

in-state, $68,444 (INR 51 Lakhs) out-of-state 

Employment Rate: 71.70% 

Top Specialization: Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics 

8. Yale University 

The Yale School of Management ranked 18 on the QS World University Rankings – Full-Time MBA: Global 2022 and offers unique joint, full-time, and executive MBA programs. Business

studies allow you to indulge in “raw” cases and deal with real-world problems. Besides, you get to go to academic centers to learn theory and practical applications. 

GMAT Score Eligibility: 680 to 760  

GRE Score Eligibility: Verbal = 155 to 165, Quantitative = 160 to 167

Minimum IELTS Score: 7

Tuition Fees for School of

Management: $72,350 (INR 54 Lakhs)

Employment Rate: 75.40%

Top Specialization: Engineering, Operations Management, Economics  

The Estimated MBA in USA Fees 

These universities offer different types of MBA programs to accommodate international students. After the pandemic, most restrictions resulted in a low global student count by 15% from 2020 to 2021. However, with new-age solutions and different MBA programs in the USA, students started enrolling again. The types of MBA courses spread across US universities are: 

MBA Courses 

Lowest Average Fees (Per


Full-Time MBA 

$73,000 (INR 54 Lakh)

Part-Time MBA 

$12,456 (INR 8 Lakh)
Online MBA 

$10,000 (INR 7 Lakh)

Executive MBA 

$87,938 (INR 65 Lakh)
Early Career MBA 

$25,072 (INR 19 Lakh)

Most of these universities will offer financial aid that significantly lowers the overall MBA in USA fees

To further reduce your cost of living, you can embrace job opportunities. Similarly, the post-MBA

salary you will get after graduating from the top universities will be more than $170,000 (INR 12,702,400) per year.

Cost of Living in USA During MBA 

The USA falls under the most expensive countries to reside in, so your living expenses might be higher than in other countries. However, the quality of life is worth it, and so are

the programs from MBA universities in USA

Each city will have a varied monthly living cost: 


Seattle  San Francisco  Chicago  Houston  New York City 
Food Expenses   $400 (INR 29,891)  $410 (INR 30,639) $350 (INR 26,155) $270 (INR 20,177)

$480 (INR 35,870)

1 BHK Rent (Highest)

$2,000 (INR 1.49 Lakhs) $3,400 (INR 2.54 Lakhs) $1,800 (INR 1.34 Lakhs) $1,400 (INR 1.04 Lakhs) $3,200 (INR 2.39 Lakhs)
Household Expenses   $1,100 (INR 82,206) $1,200 (INR 89,676) $980 (INR 73,235) $800 (INR 59,784)

$1,200 (INR 89,676)

Quality of Life Index 

188.9 172.4 155.9 168.9


International students might find it hard to accommodate such high prices without help from guardians. Even if you have a part-time job, such huge expenses might be too much for you. 

That is why you need to choose proper student housing and adjust your lifestyle choices accordingly.

The average cost of living in the USA for students are: 

Categories of Expenses 

Average Monthly



$1,000 (INR 74,706) on campus and $800 (INR 59,784) off-campus 

Personal Expenses 

$600 (INR 44,823)
Health Insurance  

$700 (INR 52,294)


$160 (INR 11,952)

$300 (INR 22,410)

Total Cost of Living for

  MBA in the USA = $2,560 to $2,760 or INR 1.91 Lakhs to INR 2.06 Lakhs

The Bottom Line 

USA offers the best MBA programs from top universities for international students. You can find numerous opportunities in the country due to the diversity and exposure. MBA in USA can cost anywhere between $10,000 (INR 7 Lakh) to $73,000 (INR 54 Lakh) or more for a year. Add to that the cost of living and the expenses will skyrocket.  Hence, you will need to look for scholarships and part-time job opportunities in the country. The top MBA universities in USA will give you all the practical and theoretical knowledge required to excel in your career. Indeed, the MBA in USA fees might seem daunting at first, but it is worth the quality of the programs. Once you graduate, your chances of getting recruited in top companies of the world will increase. 

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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