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Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Eligibility and application process

Updated on 18 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Quebec is the largest of the 13 provinces in Canada, known for its diverse culture and world-class facilities. Being an immigration hub, Quebec has a strong economy and offers a relatively easy migration process from the whole of Canada. The region runs Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Quebec’s economy and offers them citizenship in return. However, many foreign skilled workers moving to Quebec are confused about the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. To help them with it, we have gathered information about what the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is. 

What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program? 

The vibrant Canadian province runs an immigration program for skilled workers known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW). It has been started by the Canadian Federal Government in tandem with the Quebec government. The Quebec Ministry of Immigration selects applicants based on a point system that takes into consideration the work experience, age, language proficiency, spouse, children, financial ability, and qualification. The QSW is a two-step process-

  • Applicant should meet the eligibility to compete for CSQ (Quebec Certificate of Selection)
  • Once CSQ is received, apply for permanent residency with the Federal Immigration Authorities of Canada.

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Eligibility criteria for QSW:

Applicants will have to meet the mentioned Quebec Skilled Worker Program requirements to be eligible-:

  1. The candidate’s age should be less than 42 years
  2. Should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution
  3. Should have a minimum work experience of 2 years
  4. Must score 50 points (single applicant) in QSW Points Assessment Grid
  5. Should be competent in French or English language
  6. No criminal records
  7. Should have the intention to stay and work in Quebec

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program score calculation explained:

Nine major factors determine a candidate’s eligibility for QSW. According to Quebec Immigration Selection criteria, the points are given to identify which candidate will contribute and flourish under Quebec’s economy. An unmarried applicant must score at least 50 points to be eligible for Permanent Residency (PR), whereas a married applicant must score 59 points. Here’s how the score is distributed in each section of QSW-:


A candidate must have at least a high school diploma to become eligible, as the minimum cutoff is two marks. Please note that the applicant must obtain the required education five years before applying for QSW, or the candidate must work in the field directly related to his/her education for a minimum of a year before submitting the program application.

Education QualificationPoints Allotted 
High School Diploma2
Vocational High School6
General post-secondary (2 years)4
Technical college (1-2 years)6
Technical college (3 years)8
University (1st Year)4
University (2nd Year)6
University (3+ years)10
Master’s degree12

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Work Experience

Candidates can score up to 8 marks under the work experience category. The experience should be of five years precursory to submitting the QSW application. Both paid and unpaid jobs are counted as experience.

Work ExperiencePoints
6 months or less0
1 year to 6 months4
1 year to 2 years4
2 years to 3 years6
3 years to 4 years6
4 years or more8


The Quebec Skilled Worker Program attracts potential candidates from around the globe who can contribute to the Quebec economy, and age plays a vital role here. Workers with the potential of having long, fruitful careers, particularly younger candidates, receive a high score. The age limit is up to 42 years.

18-35 years16
36 years14
37 years12
38 years10
39 years8
40 years6
41 years
42 years2

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Area of Training

The subsection identifies potential candidates trained in sectors with strong job perspectives and those who can eventually become assets for Quebec. There is a list of areas of training to help candidates determine under which section their degrees are classified:

Areas of TrainingPoints
Section G0
Section F0
Section E0
Section D2
Section C6
Section B9
Section A12 

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Quebec is primarily a French-speaking province, and so proficiency in French weighs more than English proficiency. A proficient French candidate can score up to 16 points, whereas an English-speaking candidate can only score 6 points. Quebec Immigration Authorities accept various proficiency tests and diplomas, including IELTS, CCIP-IDF, and CIEP. Applicants are assessed on writing, reading, listening, and speaking benchmarks.

French Language testPoints

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English Language TestPoints

French Tests accepted include:

  • TCF
  • TCFQ
  • DALF
  • DELF
  • TEF
  • TEF Canada

English Tests accepted include


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Spouse Characteristics

Up to 17 points are available in the spouse characteristics sub-category. From education level and area of training to language and age, all of these play an important role. The minimum scores for married people and single people are different. 

Spouse CharacteristicsPoints
Area of Training4
French language6

Valid Job Offer

Applicants having valid permanent job offers can get up to 10 points. If the job is in Montreal, the candidate can get a maximum of 10 points.  If it is outside Montreal, then 8 points. However, if the job offered is by a Quebec employer, the candidate can also get up to 14 points. 

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Candidates can also get up to 8 points for bringing their children to Canada. 

Age of ChildrenPoints
13 years or less
13 years to 19 years2

Financial Sufficiency

Only one point is awarded in the financial ability section if the candidate meets the funds settlement requirement. 

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What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program application process?

All QSW candidates should meet the minimum required points to be eligible. If eligible, submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) using Arrima Portal to be considered for the QSW program. The government will then invite suitable candidates to submit a complete application for CSQ. Once CSQ is awarded, the candidate is eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Here’s a breakdown of the process candidates need to follow to succeed in the QSW program-:

  • Meet the minimum threshold points on the assessment grid
  • Produce all the documents required
  • Fill the application forms with actual details (wrong information or holding any important information may lead to dire consequences)
  • Submit the application on Arrima online portal
  • If selected, candidates will receive CSQ.
  • CSQ holders can apply for PR Visa if IRCC requirements are met

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Documents required for QSW

While filing your application for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, ensure to keep these documents ready-:

  1. Offer letters and experience letters from all the present and previous employers
  2. Pay-slips of last six months
  3. Passport copy
  4. Valid language proficiency result
  5. Marriage certificate, if needed
  6. Settlement funds
  7. Police clearance certificate

Fees and processing time for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The fee for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is INR 80,000 (CAD 1,325), and the processing time is 15-17 months.

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