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SOP for PG Diploma in Canada- Essential Tips

Updated on 07 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Writing an SOP for PG Diploma in Canada is not as difficult as one may perceive. Aspirants only have to stick to the core pointers for this regard. Students looking to pursue higher studies in Canada often find PG Diploma courses to be effective in building skills and specializations in varied disciplines. Canadian universities offer globally recognized PG Diploma courses which may help open doors to lucrative future careers as well. Applicants should be able to write an SOP successfully while applying. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a core component of the application process for almost all universities in Canada. Here’s learning more about the same. 


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What to include in the SOP for a PG Diploma in Canada 

Observing any sample SOP for PG diploma in Canada will enlighten aspirants about a few core aspects that should be included in their SOPs. These include the following: 

  • Introduction- The introduction should be succinct, mentioning the candidate’s interest in the selected course and institution, along with his/her family background or other relevant details. 
  • First Paragraph- The first paragraph should contain details of the student’s previous academic records and experience. It should also include details of professional experience or achievements, if present. Earlier academic/professional goals should be mentioned along with what a candidate has achieved. 
  • Second Paragraph- Students should proceed to mentioning their future targets and objectives, linking them to thei reasons for pursuing a PG diploma course in Canada. 
  • Third Paragraph- This paragraph should include details of funding for the course, sponsors, education loans, and so on. 
  • Conclusion- The conclusion should be crisp and compelling, mentioning why the candidate’s application is worthy of consideration.  

Sample SOPs for PG Diploma in Canada

Here are two sample SOPs for a PG Diploma in Canada that you can refer to: 

SOP 1- 

I am a student of business administration and am currently employed as a management executive at Shree Nirman Pvt Ltd (company name). While taking care of senior-level management tasks, I understood the need for sharpening and broadening my management knowledge and skill-sets for future professional growth. Hence, I decided to pursue my PG Diploma in Business Management (course name) at (university name), Canada. 

I have completed my 10+2 from (institution name) with 90% (marks) from a CBSE-recognized institution (institutional accreditation). I then pursued a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from (college name) at (university name), scoring 85% marks in (year). I have also cleared the IELTS (or other proficiency examinations) with an overall score of 7.5. I am writing this statement of purpose for your perusal and consideration in order to pursue my aspirations of studying management at a leading Canadian university. 

I was chosen by Shree Nirman Pvt Ltd in (year) as a business management trainee and successfully worked my way up to the management executive position, being promoted twice in two years. However, to build a strong career profile, I need to hone my managerial qualifications and competence, which is the reason behind my decision to pursue this course. 

A post-graduate qualification from a reputed university in Canada will give me a globally-recognized degree in addition to broadening my horizons and exposing me to the global market and its trends. Canadian institutions are known for their world-class management faculty and emphasize hands-on learning experiences. It will help me develop the skills needed to be a competent professional leader in the future. I also chose Canada for its excellent quality of life, and multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. 

I am choosing this institution intending to widen my knowledge, acumen, and managerial skills while building a good future career for myself. I believe that my stint in Canada will help me greatly develop my decision-making and leadership skills. I wish to learn more about risk management, business operations, and other aspects through this course. I am grateful to you for your time in reviewing my application and sincerely hope that you will consider the same. 

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SOP 2- 

I was inclined to the field of tourism from an early age. My father has been my biggest influence since he handled ticketing, marketing, and promotions for a leading hospitality brand. His passion for helping clients plan their vacations inspired me to take up tourism as my future vocation. I love exploring new destinations and helping people with their travel needs. This is the reason behind choosing a PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism at your esteemed institution. 

I scored 95% in my 10+2 examinations from (school name) affiliated to the (board name). Thereafter, I joined (university/college name) in (city or area name) for my bachelor’s in business administration (course name) in (year) with a view to widening my knowledge of leadership, maintaining client relations, networking,  business management, and other vital aspects. I have also completed courses like Digital Marketing, Tourism Essentials, and Food and Beverage Services from leading online platforms, helping me get a 360-degree view of aspects like F&B, banquets, marketing and promotions, and more. 

I have always been inspired by the stories of leading tourism entrepreneurs, seeing as I wish to become one myself in the future. For my BBA final year project, I chose one on tourism start-ups and how they generate livelihood opportunities for local communities. I had the golden opportunity of interacting with numerous entrepreneurs and learning about their fascinating businesses in the industry, along with understanding more about how they are helping local communities thrive in several regions of India. I have clearly understood that passion and love for hospitality are crucial components of success in the field. 

Over the last year, I have been working at Shree Ganesha Tours and Travels as a Tour Planning Executive. This job has given me abundant opportunities to explore various destinations, chalk out tour plans and supervise their implementation. I have been fortunate to have served many customers and travel groups while interacting with travel businesses in several locations. 

To advance my future career and realize my entrepreneurial dreams in tourism, I chose a PG Diploma Course at your institution, which will equip me with the skills and knowledge I need to broaden my understanding of the global tourism industry. A short-term program will also help me potentially work on setting up a business in my home country within a year. Canada, with its huge tourism industry and reputed institutions, naturally drew my attention. The diverse and multicultural environment in the country was another big motivation, along with your institution’s reputation for tourism and hospitality courses, world-class faculty, and internship opportunities. 

I believe that the PG Diploma course suits my future aspirations perfectly, helping me get a globally recognized qualification and abundant insights, along with a razor-sharp focus on pivotal industry aspects within a shorter time frame. I am also hopeful of contributing my knowledge and insights to the program wherever applicable. 

With the steady growth in Indian tourism and multiple opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, I firmly believe that this course will help me prepare myself for a fulfilling future journey in the field. I thank you for considering my application and for your time in reviewing the same. I sincerely hope to get an opportunity to partake in world-class learning at your institution in the near future. 
Do’s and Don’ts for writing Statement of Purpose (SOP) for PG Diploma in Canada

Here are some dos and don’ts that you should remember: 

  1. Keep it formal and communicative without going into unnecessary details. 
  2. Always explain the funding for your course, your educational and professional background, and other aspects clearly. 
  3. Devote sufficient time to mention the reasons for choosing the country and course at the institution. 
  4. Plan your rough outline and then fill up each section accordingly. 
  5. Create a final draft after weeding out errors, rewriting portions required, and thoroughly proofreading for grammatical and spelling mistakes. 
  6. You should list achievements or experiences in reverse chronological order. 
  7. Do not adopt a pessimistic or nervous tone throughout the SOP. 
  8. Do not duplicate any content, and use active voice as much as possible. 
  9. Do not forget to mention your skills and whether you can contribute to the institution. 
  10.  Keep it crisp and attractive above all else. 

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For a Canadian student visa SOP, which points are required in the statement?

For a student visa SOP for Canada, you should mention the following: 

  • Introduction 
  • Your own details 
  • Academic details
  • Professional details and other achievements
  • Reasons for choosing the country and the course from the institution
  • Funding for the course 
  • Future goals and return plans 

What is the perfect format for writing an SOP for a Canadian student visa application?

The ideal SOP is usually around 3,000-4,000 words. You should include the following: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Academic Background
  3. Professional Background and Accomplishments
  4. Reasons for selecting the course, country, and institution 
  5. Funding and other aspects, including scholarships
  6. Future objectives and return plans to your home country


upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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