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Top Canadian Universities Accepting Backlogs

Updated on 10 May, 2023

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Do you know the number of Indian students studying at various levels in Canada reaches a staggering figure of 1.83 lakhs, making it the second most popular destination for Indians seeking educational degrees abroad?

Are you someone who has a backlog and is worried about getting into Canadian universities? Fret not! With the ever-evolving education system, many Canadian universities have started accepting students with backlogs. This means that those previously unable to attain their desired degree due to academic setbacks can now achieve their dreams without any hindrance.

Keep reading to know more about which top Canadian universities are accepting backlogs and how you can still make it big in higher education.

How many backlogs are allowed in Canadian Universities?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different universities have different backlog policies. However, it is generally accepted that most Canadian universities' acceptance rate is up to five backlogs.

Furthermore, a maximum of 10 backlogs can even be accepted by colleges only after approval has been obtained from the admissions departments of the colleges.

Backlogs may occur due to absenteeism or low grades, respectively. Separately, let's examine each of these reasons:


Absenteeism for any reason is counted as a backlog, which is sad. Again, absenteeism may be caused by two factors:


Traveling or having a family emergency are some reasons for absenteeism. Travel, however, makes you seem less committed to your studies. The university does not want to engage a student who prefers to travel, overtaking an external exam. There should be a good reason for that trip that caused you to miss a semester or annual examination.


If you were sick or had an accident, your college would require a medical certificate as proof. A university abroad will require you to provide proof of the same to their AdCom if they are to consider your backlog to be a genuine cause.

Low Grades

A lower score reflects a weak profile in the subject. Your candidature may be hindered if you have a record of low scores in any of your academic subjects (and a backlog in those subjects). Backlogs are especially problematic if the subject matter is significant. Moreover, if this score lowers your overall CGPA, then that is problematic. Nevertheless, if you managed to score well in the re-appear exam, then you may not have a problem with the backlog.

How are the Backlogs Calculated?

There are a few different ways to count the backlogs in Canada, including counting the number of attempts or the number of subjects. Now, let's look at what makes the two different:

The number of attempts

Germany and Australia are two countries mainly known for using this method, and some Canada-based institutions are also using it. Here, it is necessary to consider the number of attempts made so far for a particular subject.

Suppose you make three attempts to pass an exam for a particular subject; then your backlog count will be two and not three since backlogs are counted on the number of attempts made to clear the exam.

The number of subjects

In Canada, this method is one of the most common and is widely used. In this case, the number of subjects is counted as a backlog instead of how many attempts were taken to clear the backlog.

Let's suppose it takes three attempts to clear an exam. Your backlog will still be counted as one even if you make three attempts to clear an exam since backlogs are counted based on the number of subjects and not the number of attempts it takes to clear the subject.

List of Canadian Universities that Accept Backlogs

There is not a long list of Canadian colleges that accept backlogs. Still, you can get into top programs if you have an excellent academic record aside from the backlog.

Take a look at the following list of Canadian universities accepting backlogs, plus details on accepted backlogs and their rules and requirements:

  • Centennial College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Conestoga College
  • George Brown College
  • Lambton College


Canadian universities are an excellent choice for students who want to pursue higher education and overcome their backlogs in the process. With a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs available at various institutions across Canada, it's easy to find one that suits your needs.

By considering all the factors, such as admission requirements, course fees, and scholarship opportunities, you can make sure you choose the right university for yourself. With the help of this list, we hope you have found a university that accepts backlogs that will help further your educational goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for clearing backlogs in Canadian universities?

The process for clearing backlogs in Canadian universities varies depending on the university. However, most universities require students to retake the course and achieve a passing grade in order to have the course cleared from their academic records. Some universities may also require students to complete additional assignments or exams in order to clear a backlogged course.

Can Canadian universities accept 20 backlogs?

Generally, Canadian universities only accept five backlogs. In Canada, colleges are permitted to accept a maximum of ten backlogs only after approval of the admissions department.

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Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

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