Colleges in Toronto for PG Diploma

Toronto city, the capital of Ontario, is the most preferred location by international students worldwide for PG Diploma programs. Colleges and universities in Toronto offer a comprehensive range of courses such as graduate programs, undergraduate programs, certified courses, PG diploma courses, and specialized courses to national and international students. Studying in Toronto means getting opportunities from premium quality and renowned international universities and the best colleges in Toronto for a PG diploma. Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, has the maximum number of leading colleges and universities in Canada. Toronto provides huge employment in numerous industries or sectors known as Canada’s economic engine.

Furthermore, this city offers a multicultural neighborhood, familiar territory, and exciting city life benefits to international and local students. 

Top Colleges in Toronto

Many options are available for PG diploma colleges in Toronto that offer a wide range of study programs in various courses with the help of state-of-art resources, top-class faculty, and cutting-edge technology to students. The international students can select any college or university in Toronto based on their requirements and expectations of the courses. Here is the compiled list of a few top universities or colleges in Toronto for PG diploma providing a PG diploma in courses popular in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto is the most desired study destination for international students across the globe. Following are the Best colleges or Universities with Top courses in Toronto:

S. No Name of the college or university  Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Average Tuition Fees for 2022-2023
Centennial College Communications, Broadcasting Arts, and Designing Engineering, Technologies and Practical Science Hospitality and Cookery Arts. Course in 


Business Program Communal and Health Trainings CAD$13,930 to $28,742
George Brown College Design Technologies Media and Performing Arts Fashion and Jewelry Construction and Engineering Social and Community Services $3,789 to $20,937


Humber College Performance Arts and Music Hospitality and Tourism Broadcasting, Advertising, and Self-promotion Digital Technology, CS courses and Information Technology courses Fashion Technology and Management $14,000 to $18,000


Algonquin College Hospitality, Management courses for hotels and eateries Professional Accounting and financeadministration Design and development of Mobile Apps  Functional Nuclear Science and Radiation Security Water and wastewater management $16,200

to $22,000 in CAD

Seneca College Accounting system, Economics, and Workforce Management courses  Business Management courses including Insurance, Advertising, and International Trade. Business Administration courses for HR skills, global business, Procuring and Source, and Marketing. Entrepreneurship and Corporation Administration Computer Engineering and Analytics $4000 to S12, 152.50


Application cycle or Process for Toronto colleges:

At times, students struggle to select the right option – a Postgraduate Diploma Program or a Master’s degree. 

Though Postgraduate Diploma programs are not the same as Master’s Degrees in terms of course duration and advancement; however, they are much more advanced and skill-providing than a graduate degree or undergraduate program.

Students can earn adequate industrial experience with postgraduate diploma programs so they can get an excellent job easily and quickly. Moreover, if students desire, they can continue their further education and can pursue master’s degrees with a post-graduation diploma certificate.

International students can apply for the PG diploma program in universities or Colleges in Toronto for PG Diploma if they accept applications from international students and applicants fulfilling the colleges or universities’ criteria for English proficiency. 

Select any college in Toronto, thoroughly review the information, check the availability of your desired PG diploma program courses, and check if you fulfill their admission criteria and requirements. 

Now, follow the college or university’s instructions and file your international application for PG diploma colleges in Toronto. One must remember that application processing can be different in different colleges. 

Document check-list

Colleges in Toronto for PG Diploma require the following set of documents from the international students. These need to be sent with the application to ensure smooth application processing.

So, before you move forward with applying to any college in Toronto, follow this checklist. 

  • Go to the official website of your desired college and check whether programs you are interested in are available for international students or not. Also, look if it is presently open for admissions or not. 
  • Check the program duration and ensure it fulfills your requirements. Furthermore, check the admission or enrollment requirements to make sure you are eligible for applying in the program. 
  • Lastly, prepare multiple copies of your important documents such as academic documents, passport, health certificate, ILETS or TOFEL certificates, study visa, LOR certificate, etc.

Intakes for Toronto Colleges

Colleges in Toronto for PG Diploma take intake in three typical sections for international students.

Fall Intake: 

It is also known as September intake, starting from September to December/January. It is the main and most preferred intake by international students. 

Winter Intake: 

It is also called January intake, starting from January to May. It is a secondary intake and not popular and in demand like Fall Intake. 

Summer Intake: 

It is also known as the May intake starting from May to August; however, very few courses are offered in this intake. 

Eligibility criteria for Toronto colleges:

International Students have to fulfill some criteria to take a secure seat in Colleges in Toronto for PG Diploma. Students must have a minimum undergraduate score of 65 percent or a 2.64 GPA. International applicants must have an overall 6.5 IELTS score without any band less than 6.0 or a TOEFL score of 580-600 PBT; however, this language proficiency can change with the college or university. 

Some PG diploma courses in Toronto colleges require prior work experience alongside average prior education scores and English proficiency proofs. 


Q1. Is a diploma from a Canadian University accepted in other countries?

Ans. Diploma courses obtained from Canadian universities are accepted worldwide. Students are offered salary packages depending upon the course they opt for and the skill setthey have gained. 

Q2. Which diploma courses can be pursued in Toronto?

Ans. Toronto is the hub for students for best colleges for PG Diploma students can pursue any course. Some of the popular courses are Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis), Hospitality, Management, and Media diplomas.

Q3. Which diploma course help the students to get the best salaries?

Ans. Any medical and dentistry diplomas are highly paid not only in Canada but worldwide. Other important highly paid diplomas are business, finance, health, and engineering. 

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