Masters in Graphic Design in Canada- Top Universities, Eligibility Criteria and more

Graphic design uses images and text to represent ideas, intentions, experiences, and creativity to achieve specific goals. It employs elements like images, typography, color, texture, shape, space, and hierarchy to create visual objects that aid in information communication to an audience. All these elements are necessary to project information or messages that can visually attract the audience. It is emerging as a highly demanding job in sectors like print media, digital marketing, and advertisement. 

Why Pursue Masters in Graphic Design in Canada

A graphic design course teaches how to express ideas through visually appealing representations. While many businesses hire graphic design professionals with a bachelor’s degree, obtaining a master’s degree can give you an advantage over other candidates and help in job advancement. 

Now, what makes pursuing a Masters in Graphic Design in Canada a lucrative choice? Besides the cultural diversity that attracts international students, Canada also has a booming graphic design industry. The scope can be determined by the fact that British Columbia alone is predicted to have 903,000 job openings between 2018 and 2028. Therefore, pursuing a Master’s in Graphic Design in Canada may be a good choice for working professionals or those interested in research in design and animation.

The graphic design courses in Canadian universities are designed to focus on the comprehensive skill development of the students, preparing them to earn a living after course completion. Though the programs at different universities may have different curricula, in general, students can expect to study topics like: 

  • Contemporary curatorial practice in the visual arts
  • Studio Preparation
  • Drawing and painting 
  • Photo-based media 
  • Printmaking 
  • Photoshop 
  • InDesign 
  • Illustrator
  • Business skills
  • Portfolio creation for graphic design 

Specializations in Masters in Graphic Design in Canadian Universities

Pursuing a specialization program in graphic design can help students establish themselves as industry-ready professionals in the market. Usually, the courses take up to two to three years to complete, but the duration varies across different institutions and course specializations. 

Specializations in Masters in Graphic Design in Canada include: 

  • Design management 
  • Fashion and textiles designing 
  • Fine Arts (MFA)
  • Graphic design 
  • Illustration
  • Interior design 
  • New media arts
  • User experience design (UXD)

Top 5 Universities Offering Masters In Graphic Design In Canada

University Name University Rank (Global)  Course name Course Duration Fees
University of Toronto #34 Visual Studies Two years $43,990
University of British Columbia #47 Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art (MFA) Two years USD 9,500.19
University of Regina #1001-1200 Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Three years USD 2,632.50 (for 9 credit hours)
George Brown College, Toronto Metropolitan University 801-1000 Graphic Design Program (G102) Three years USD 17,118.00
Mount Royal University #2079 Digital Graphic Design Extension Certificate One year
(can be completed up to two years)
Starts at USD 305

Eligibility for Masters in Graphic Design in Canada

The requirements for masters in graphic design in Canada include an overall good academic record. There are also additional criteria on the part of some universities. For instance, the University of Toronto requires students to have an overall average of at least a B+, equivalent to a first-class division. Generally, a three-year bachelor’s degree is compulsory for pursuing this master’s course. However, there is no limit to academic disciplines as students of various branches can apply for the course. 

The Masters in Graphic Design in Canada eligibility at some universities requires an English proficiency entrance exam, such as: 

  • CAE
  • CAEL 
  • CPE
  • Duolingo 
  • IELTS (Academic module)
  • PTE Academic
  • TOEFL (Internet-based)
  • TOEFL (Paper-based)
  • YUELI academic program 

Expected Remuneration Salary 

Completing a post-graduation in graphic design in Canada can help students typically earn an annual remuneration of CAD 46,988 (USD 34613.71). This is for entry-level jobs, and experienced professionals can ask for higher payments, reaching CAD 59,670 yearly (USD 43955.91).

Here is a basic guideline regarding the different positions in which graphic designers are hired and their average pay packages: 

  • UI/UX designer can earn up to CAD 61,380/ Year (USD 45215.58)
  • Branding experts have an average salary of CAD 60,401/Year (USD 44494.40)
  • Illustrators earn around CAD 52, 304/ year (USD 38529.74)
  • Digital designers can earn a decent package of CAD 56,940/ year (USD 41944.85)


A graphic design degree in Canada with a specialization of your choice is a great approach to tailor your education for long-term profit. The high quality of education and the convenience of admission to a master’s in graphic design in Canada make it an excellent opportunity for international students to explore professional avenues. You can check out the recommended best institutions to select your desired course and take command of your study.


Is there a strong need for graphic designers in Canada?

The graphic design industry in Canada is flourishing, and graphic designers will soon outnumber all other jobs in demand. The rapid speed of digitization has resulted in a surge in new career opportunities.

Is it possible for everyone to become a graphic designer?

There are no special educational qualifications to become a graphic designer; anybody with a 10+2 in any subject may enroll in a graphic design program and become a graphic designer with the right skill sets.

What is the average time needed to complete a Master’s in Graphic Design in Canada?

Each university has a different duration for master’s in graphic design courses. The time needed to complete the course depends on the curriculum and specialization. But in general, candidates can expect the course to take two to three years (six semesters) to complete.

Is it a good idea to pursue a Master’s in Graphic Design in Canada Universities?

Being a graphic designer can be a gratifying profession in Canada. Besides the numerous job opportunities amidst the industrial growth, it lets candidates express their creativity. So, students with a natural aptitude for creativity will find the profession extremely satisfying. Also, the pay packages are high for graphic designers in Canada.

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