Masters in Interior Design in USA: A Guide

ms in interior design in usa

United States of America (USA) is home to some of the world’s best educational institutions. Many renowned colleges and universities in the USA offer diploma and degree courses in designing. Creativity is a vital requirement for a successful career in interior design. It is necessary to hold a formal degree to start your career as a designer from the aesthetics, technical and business prospects. Pursuing Masters in interior design in the USA can help students learn and achieve the required competencies to design architectural structures successfully. 

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Why study interior design in the USA?

As per the research conducted by various USA research agencies, the country houses around 1.1 million international students. The education system in the US is one of the best across the globe. Pursuing a Masters in interior design in the USA is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience on various projects and architectural execution. 

Students can work with established interior designers or organizations in the US while pursuing the course. A post-graduation degree in interior designing is a 2-year course. Pursuing this course will pave your way to ample career opportunities in the USA. 

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Top Universities for Masters in Interior Design in the USA

Many reputed universities offer Masters in interior design in the USA. However, it is advised that the students consider a few variables before zeroing down on prospective options for best colleges for Masters in interior design. 

Things such as college credentials, faculties, teaching experience, studying environment, and the fee structure of the universities must be considered before applying for the course. It is advisable to apply to multiple universities to ensure that students have enough options to choose the best university that offers Masters in Interior Design program. 

Some of the best educational institutions for masters in interior design in the USA are as follows:

  • University of North Texas.
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Florida
  • University of Kentucky 
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Arizona State University
  • Iowa State University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Boston Architectural College.
  • Washington State University.
  • Colorado State University.
  • Eastern Michigan University.
  • School Of Visual Arts, New York.

Each of these universities has an application process that can be accessed on the student portal of the university’s official website.

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Cost of studying MS in Interior Design in the USA

American colleges are funded solely based on students’ tuition fees. Therefore, the cost of education in the USA, is higher than in other countries. Colleges and universities in the USA are either public or private. 

Public colleges, in general, are partially funded by the state government and thus have a lower fee. While private colleges have a higher fee, they provide scholarships to make it accessible for students.

Certain colleges offer financial help to their students in the form of grants and scholarships. 

The cost of education may vary from $53,000 (INR 39, 81,545) to $111,000 (INR 83, 38,708), depending on the course and college. The cost of living and accommodation would cost around $ 1,000 (INR 75,500) per month.

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Admission Requirements for Students

The universities in the US are more interested in the holistic performance of a student. There are a few eligibility tests that are required to be taken by the students to be qualified to apply to the universities. 

Following are the admission requirements for Masters in the USA:

  • A CGPA over 2.5 is the minimum requirement, although a score of 3 is generally preferred.
  • Universities require a TOEFL (iBT) exam score of 90-100.
  • IELTS score between 6.5 to 7.5 is essential, depending on the applied colleges.
  • A fully furnished resume
  • A designing portfolio captures the student’s previous design ventures, projects partaken, internships, and other relevant activities. 
  • GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is mandatory. A score of 155-167 is required. Although, few universities may require a score above 300. 
  • Though GRE is vital to confirm a student’s analytical thinking and verbal reasoning, portfolios are more significant. Pursuing ms in interior design in the USA will take more than just a precise score in GRE. 

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Job Prospects after Masters in Interior Design in the USA

There are ample opportunities are available for a student with Masters degree in interior design, such as graphic designer, merchandise displayer, floral, fashion, industrial exhibit designer, etc. Masters in Interior Design syllabus includes the subjects of interior landscaping, Art and Craft renovation, furniture designing, etc

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of students opting for Graphic designer courses. These programs provide skills in communicating the best visual content through typography, images, and visual hierarchy. This field is sure to boom in the near future, given the rapid technological advancements. 

The scope for interior designers in the USA is relatively abundant. Few career options that can be opted for after completing Masters in interior designing  in the USA are:

  • Business Director.
  • Project Manager. 
  • Senior Designer. 
  • Game Designer.
  • Corporate Designer.
  • Healthcare Designer.
  • Kitchen Designer.
  • Bath Designer.
  • Sustainable Designer.

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Visa Process

Specialized visa agencies and organizations help students with their passport and visa queries. It is a step-by-step process that involves registering at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Website. 

After successful registration, the DS-160 form needs to be filled up, an application form for obtaining a visa. Then, payment confirmation must be done to confirm the Visa Application fee payment with the relevant authorities. 

The final step includes booking an interview for the Visa approval with the US counsel. Documents like passports, photographs, DS-160 forms, deposit receipts, and an appointment confirmation mail must be carried during the interview. 

Apart from the documents mentioned above, certificates of employment, income tax return, and bank certificate might be asked to produce during visa application. The student must answer wisely regarding his reason for traveling to the USA. 

A medical examination might also be required to finalize the visa processing. Students can consult Visa officers from their home country to verify the eligibility and requirements for their visa approval. 

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Scholarships Offered

Various organizations provide financial aid to international students to assist them with their fees. This comes as a significant financial help keeping in mind the high fees for some academic programs and Masters courses. 

There are scholarships offered in various categories, like, Study Abroad scholarships, art school scholarships, art college scholarships, and Grants for Art students in the Interior design category. Students can also check the college’s official website they want to take admission to and apply for the scholarship.

Some of the reputed scholarships that are provided to pursue ms in interior design in USA are as follows:

  • Print and Graphics Scholarships Foundation.
  • Two Ten Footwear Design Scholarship.
  • Vcuarts Talent Scholarships.
  • National Customers Association Creative Event Scholarship.
  • Interior Art and Design Scholarship.
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program.

It is essential to have an excellent academic record, recommendation letters from relevant officials or esteemed companies/ colleges, a CGPA record of 2.5 or above, a commendable artistic sense, and a perfect design portfolio to secure a scholarship to study in the USA

Many scholarships provide partial funding for the course. However, some of them may offer to pay the entire academic fees for the student if they find the candidate to possess invaluable potential.

Eligibility to pursue Masters in Interior Design are as follows:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in architectural design or related fields from a recognized college.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, as it is the mode of instruction in the educational institutions
  • Creative design portfolio in the same area of persuasion.
  • Internship or professional experience in a prominent company or university.

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MS in interior design in USA provides excellent opportunities to help students get one step closer to their dream of designing a structural marvel or beautifying a workspace. The exposure that one will attain during their Master’s in USA is exponential. If all the requirements are met, an opportunity to study in the USA will be a fulfilling experience. It will open up a vast number of opportunities for the student. 

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How much do interior designers make with a Master’s degree?

Salary of a master’s degree holder in interior design may vary from $70,000 to $100,000 (INR. 53, 00,000 to INR 75,71,780), depending on the recruiting company. It also depends on the volume and size of the project. An interior designer in the USA earns an average salary of $ 50,000 (INR 37, 56,175). Students can choose their place of work according to their interests.

Is interior design in high demand?

With the number of people wanting assistance in creating the most aesthetic spaces increasing, the demand for talented interior designers is experiencing a hike. As a result, the interior design industry is predicted to grow 13% in the coming decade. Construction industries need the perspectives of interior designers while furnishing the buildings for their clients. Thus, the work opportunities for interior designers in the USA and the world are growing. In addition, renovations and remodeling of structures require people with masters in interior design in the USA.

Is interior design a good career?

If a person has an inclination to create brilliant spaces, then interior designing is a rewarding option. It requires the person to have an artistic sense fused with an intricate knowledge of materials. The requirement for interior designers has significantly increased while building places such as restaurants, offices, hospitals, banks, residential and commercial residences. It requires channeling the inner craftsmanship to modernize an old worn-out structure and give it an elegant outlook. If a student has a knack for it, interior design is the best choice.

Is an interior design degree worth it?

Though earning a Master’s degree in Interior Design in the USA is highly valued, many students opt for cheaper and shorter courses for the sake of certification. A diploma is the second-best option for those who cannot afford a Master’s degree. Contrary to popular belief, getting a Master’s will help connect with other senior professionals in the industry. Besides providing a deeper understanding of the subject, it also gives the student the required exposure before stepping into the professional world. As a result, interviewers usually prefer candidates with Masters while offering them a job opportunity.

Do interior designers need a Master’s degree?

Students usually prefer a diploma course for the certification because of its lesser duration and cost. However, a Master’s degree will increase job prospects manifold, along with aiding the student gain more knowledge about the industry. Therefore, a Master’s degree can be a game-changing decision for an individual looking to establish in the field.

Do interior designers get paid well?

Yes, interior designers in the USA are paid well. Art directors make an average of 90,000 US dollars (INR 67, 61,115) annually. Multimedia artists and animators & designers make an average of 75,000 US dollars (INR 56, 34,262).

What is the starting salary of an interior designer?

The starting salary of an interior designer is around $ 25,000 (INR18, 78,087). It is predicted that by 2028, there can be an increase of at least 4% in the salary of interior designers. The current median wage for skilled interior designers stands at $ 56,000 (INR 42,06,916) annually in the USA.

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