MS in Engineering Management in USA- Top Universities & Fees

ms in engineering management in usa

Master’s in engineering management in the USA spans one to two years and is tailored for graduates in engineering-related fields. The course covers leadership and business concepts that are in sync with advanced techniques of engineering. 

Close to 180 institutions offer MS in engineering management in the USA currently. They maintain high educational standards while applicants should hold bachelor’s degrees with GMAT or GRE scores. Tuition fees usually vary between $32,000-120,000 or INR 24 lakhs to INR 90 lakhs. Postgraduate students can also expect starting salaries of $90,000 or roughly INR 67 lakhs per year. 

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Engineering Management in the USA- Best Universities: 

Master’s in engineering management in the USA is offered both in terms of full-time and part-time courses. The regular courses usually span 12-24 months, while part-time programs cover 6-9 months on average. 

Let us look at the top universities in the USA for MS in engineering management:

Name of InstitutionCourse NameCost of Program
Duke UniversityMaster of Engineering Management; One year$83,939 or INR 62.42 lakhs
Cornell UniversityMEng Engineering Management; Two semesters$30,143 per semester or INR 22.42 lakhs
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)MS in Engineering with Specialization in Engineering Management; Two years$37,800 or INR 28.11 lakhs
Johns Hopkins UniversityMaster of Engineering Management; Two years$117,440 or INR 87.35 lakhs
Northwestern UniversityMaster of Engineering Management; 15 months$66, 804 or INR 49.67 lakhs
The University of Texas at Austin (UTA)Master of Engineering Management; Two Years$46,000 or INR 34.21 lakhs
Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL)Master of Engineering Management; 18 months$28,875 per semester or INR 21.48 lakhs
University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison Master of Engineering Management; 30 graduate credits$39,000 or INR 29.05 lakhs
Ohio State University (OSU)Master of Engineering Management; 16 months$33,830 or INR 25.17 lakhs
Pennsylvania State UniversityMaster of Engineering Management; 18 months$11,952 per semester or INR 8.89 lakhs

These are some of the best choices for those pursuing an engineering management course in the USA. 

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MS in Engineering Management in the USA- How to Apply? 

Students will find online application forms at the official portals of universities. They have to fill up these forms while sending necessary documents to the admissions departments of these institutions. 

MS in Engineering Management in the USA- Eligibility:  

● Four-year undergraduate degree in engineering or related fields. 

● Study background in engineering, science, calculus, and statistics. 

● GPA of 2.8 on a scale of four points (roughly 80%) in any STEM or engineering discipline with one-two year of professional experience. 

● GRE score of 300 (minimum) or equivalent score in GMAT. 

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Admission Procedure & Necessary Documents:  

Students should first apply online at the portals of their chosen universities while dispatching all required documents simultaneously. They will have to submit the following documents: 

● Detailed CV or resume, talking about work experience, accomplishments, educational qualifications, and co-curricular activities. 

● GMAT or GRE test scores. 

● LORs or letters of recommendation (at least two-three hard copies are needed for every single institution). 

● Academic transcripts and mark sheets of 10th, 12th and undergraduate degrees. 

● SOP (Statement of Purpose) is also necessary. 

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Reasons to Study Engineering Management in the USA: 

Engineering management in the USA is a great choice for engineering students. Here are some of the best reasons to study this course from the USA: 

● Job growth is steady for qualified engineering management professionals in the USA. 

● Median salaries have touched $144,000 per year or INR 1.07 crore in this field. 

● The sector has witnessed handsome growth in employment over the last few years. 

● Engineering and architectural industries employ the maximum number of skilled graduates in the stream.  

● The growing ambit of research and innovation in the field. 

English Proficiency Test for International Students: 

International students coming from non-English speaking countries have to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. 6.5 to 7.5 is a good IELTS score while scoring between 89-100 in TOEFL iBT is also recommended. 

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Cost of MS in Engineering Management in the USA: 

The costs of the program are listed below: 

● Tuition fees of $32,000-120,000 or INR 24 lakhs to INR 90 lakhs on average. 

● Visa Application Charge- $160 or INR 11,901

● Program Application Costs- $100-200 or INR 7,447-14,895

● GRE Cost- $213 or INR 15,800

● IELTS Cost- INR 14,700

● GMAT Cost- $250 or INR 18,500

● TOEFL Cost- $185 or INR 13,780

● Accommodation- $1,000 every month or INR 74,479

● Dining & Groceries- $350 every month or INR 26,068

● International Calls- $15 every month or INR 1,117

● Transportation- $100 every month or INR 7,448

● Shopping, Entertainment & Leisure- $250 every month or INR 18,500

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Scholarships for Engineering Management in the USA: 

Even if you are faced with the high costs of engineering management degrees, there are scholarship options available to you as well. Some of them include: 

Name of ScholarshipOrganization Giving the ScholarshipScholarship Amount
Engineering Management Diversity FellowshipCornell UniversityUp to $40,000 or INR 29.75 lakhs
Master of Engineering Committee (MEC) and Dean’s FellowshipsCornell UniversityUp to $20,000 or INR 14.88 lakhs
Knight ScholarshipCornell UniversityUp to $60,000 or INR 44.63 lakhs
Graduate AssistantshipJohns Hopkins UniversityCovers up to 80% of the tuition fee
Al Rubenstein Memorial ScholarshipNorthwestern UniversityMay Vary
Warren V. Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurial StudiesPennsylvania State University$25,000 or INR 18.59 lakhs

Some other scholarships include the Fulbright-Nehru Foreign Student Program, which is applicable for all USA postgraduate courses. The Go Clean scholarships are offered for Engineering Management students in the USA. The value of the scholarship is roughly $3,500 or INR 2.61 lakhs which can be used only for paying the tuition costs. 

The BrokerFish International Student Scholarship amount can be used only for paying off tuition costs. It is worth approximately $1,000 or INR 74,479. There are Global Study Awards available up to $12,995 (approx. INR 9.68 lakhs) for tuition and living costs and are awarded by the ISIC Association and British Council and StudyPortals. 

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Engineering Management Jobs in the USA: 

The average master’s in engineering management in the USA salary is $117,000 per year or INR 87.14 lakhs. Popular job roles include:

  • Product and design engineers.
  • Project coordinators.
  • Quality control managers.
  • Technical and project managers.
  • Chemical process managers.
  • Automation engineers.
  • Process engineers. 

Salaries hover between $75,000 (approx. INR 55.86 lakhs) and $101,000 (approx. INR 75.22 lakhs). Demand has grown considerably for skilled engineering management graduates in the USA.

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What is the Scope of Engineering Management in the USA?

Engineering management is growing in popularity throughout the USA, with innumerable students choosing it as their preferred career option. Engineering management salaries hover between $75,000 and $101,000 or INR 55.86-75.22 lakhs on average. Some of the job roles in this field include process, automation, chemical process managers, design engineers, product engineers, and project coordinators.

Is Engineering Management a STEM Course in the USA?

Engineering management in the USA is a STEM-designated course at several universities and educational institutions. The popularity of this course has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, contributing to high demand from international students with engineering degrees.

Which is better- MBA or MEM?

A master’s in engineering management (MEM) is another popular postgraduate degree. It is a degree in management though it is different from a regular MBA. An MBA prepares students majorly from a business context, teaching technical attributes and skills, decision-making, and so on. A MEM degree teaches overall skills of management and leadership along with specific and technical business skills. It all comes down to the student’s future objectives. Those studying MBA will ultimately focus more on the business end of things while MEM is more about engineering and project-related aspects.

How will Studying Engineering Management Help You in the future?

Engineering management is a field that will help aspirants immensely in the future. If you seek new opportunities beyond conventional engineering degrees and professions, this qualification will open new doors for you. It will give you the practical and academic knowledge you need to draw higher remuneration and elevate yourself to senior positions. These include operations managers, and even production designers, among others. Engineering management helps engineers sync their core skills with the industry, business, and financial/commercial decision-making. The project-oriented outlook is another plus point for aspirants.

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