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accommodation in germany for students

There are two types of accommodation in Germany for students. One is the student union’s hall of residence and the other is private accommodation. The former is much more affordable than the latter.

As per Deutsches Studentenwerk, dormitories are used by 9.45% students while 50% German students live in a shared apartment or in double apartments/family apartments, 32% reside alone in their own apartment and 18% in single rooms in shared corridors.

Therefore, it depends on how much the students can afford, and accordingly, they can find their accommodation in Germany.

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How to find accommodation in Germany for students from India?

Finding accommodation in Germany for international students can be a little challenging, especially if you are visiting the country for the first time ever. Therefore, the majority of students wait and explore as many options as they can until they find the one that is suitable for them.

If you tend to apply for a place in the hall of residence, you need to know that it is completely done online and after the acceptance in studies.

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Types of accommodations in Germany for Indian students

There are two types of accommodations in Germany for Indian students. Let us discuss them in detail.

Student halls of residence

The low monthly investment is of course one of the reasons why many students opt for halls of residence. It also lowers the overall cost and provides opportunities for better socialization. Student halls are usually located in proximity to the universities. Students, who live in the student halls, have a self-administration committee, which is also their contact point with the student union. To integrate the international students, the administration collaborates with the student resident tutors so that social, sports, and cultural activities can be organized.

There are various types of accommodations in student halls of residence, which include single rooms, couple apartments, shared apartments, single-parent households, single apartments, and apartment/single-room for disabled people in the housing community.

If you need an available place for rent at the hall of residence, it means:

1) You have to submit an online application of the webpage of the particular city’s student union

2) You will receive an email showing the data of the applicant along with the deadline for submitting the matriculation certificate

3) You have to submit your matriculation certificate within the deadline and after that, you will receive an email with an early notice, which will mention that in 4 to 8 weeks, you will receive an offer for an available place to stay

4) You will receive an email with the offer of accommodations “Festanschreiben”. The deadline will also be mentioned in the mail along with a direct debit authorization, the content of the lease agreement, and information about the in-charge administrative office for lease processes

5) You have to accept the offer and respond to the email with the direct debit authorization if you like the offer.

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Schnellanschreiben – Quick accommodation offer 

When a room is available in the hall of residence at the last minute, a notice offer is sent to all the people on the waiting list. These are the same people who replied with direct debit authorization.

Private accommodation 

Many international students prefer staying in private accommodations in Germany. The private accommodations are undoubtedly expensive but offer more privacy and lesser rules to follow. However, you may not get ample chances to socialize. In cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Main, Hamburg, the rent prices are higher. While you are looking for private accommodation, you have to look for it on your own, or can ask for some support from the International Office or the city’s student union.

How much do students spend on accommodation in Germany?

The cost of student accommodation in Germany is a big concern, especially for international students. Most of the students in Germany spend about 900 EUR each month, according to DAAD also known as German Academic Exchange Service. As per the official data, international students in Germany tend to spend about 298 EUR every month on their accommodation, apart from the costs of living. Those living in cheaper options spend about 218 EUR for the same given period including the living expenses. Those who find cheaper options to stay at, spend around 218 EUR.

Now, it depends upon the students what kind of accommodations they prefer, and accordingly, they can choose the options. However, the students who want to find their accommodation at the hall of residence need to be a little more active in terms of applying for the accommodation and following up for the same.

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