How to find part time jobs in Ireland

Part Time jobs in Ireland

Part time jobs in Ireland are a great way for international students to cover costs of staying in the country while pursuing their higher education simultaneously. Part-time jobs come with numerous advantages, easing up the financial load on international students, offering them ample scope and opportunities for garnering higher professional experience and better global exposure, enabling them to immerse themselves completely in the country or city that they live in and gain more knowledge about day-to-day lifestyles and cultures likewise. 

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Part time jobs in Ireland for students- Rules and regulations 

There are several rules that should be kept in mind regarding part time jobs in Ireland for students. When it comes to part time jobs in Ireland for international students, those enrolled in a course that will last for a year or more will not need any special work permit for obtaining these jobs in the country. Student visas that are granted fall under two categories, namely Stamp 2A (not allowed to find part-time work) and Stamp 2 (allowed to find part time work). The latter can work only for 40 hours every week during the months of June, July, August, and September along with the holiday season from 15th December to 15th January. For the rest of the year, those international students with these visas may work only for 20 hours every week. 

Here are some other eligibility criteria for international students seeking part time jobs: 

1) Students should have GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) registration. 

2) They should have enrollment in a program that has recognition from the Minister for Education and Skills. 

3) Students should have attended a full-time educational program at the graduate level or even higher. 

4) They should give an undertaking for 15 hours of studying each day. 

5) They should take classes between 8 AM and 6 PM every week for at least 25 weeks in one academic year. 

6) They should be enrolled in a program that has a duration of at least one year. 

7) International students, who fulfill the criteria mentioned above, should also get their PPS or Personal Public Services Number. Employers will only be able to dispatch payments to employees with PPS numbers. 

8) You should also have an account in a bank in Ireland since all payments are required to be made only to Irish bank accounts. 

9) International students will also be subjected to taxes in Ireland along with taxation needs and employment regulations. 

Why should one do a part-time job? 

Opting for a part-time job in Ireland is rewarding for international students on several counts. Firstly, you will be covering at least a part of your weekly living costs, including accommodation and rentals, food, groceries, transportation, and entertainment expenditure. Considering exchange rates and the steep costs of living, especially for those from countries like India, a part-time job is a godsend since it helps pay some bills. Hence, you get to save some money from what you originally budgeted for. 

Secondly, you will gain valuable experience in many ways. Any job will add its value to your resume/CV, showing prospective employers that you can work hard and integrate into different environments. Thirdly, you will be a part of the workforce while setting up your bank account and paying taxes. This will benefit you immensely down the line. You will also be able to mix with people in the country, pick up local customs and traditions, and gain invaluable consumer-facing experience and insights that will serve you well when you go onto your next job after graduating. You will also learn skills like teamwork, communication, and also decision-making. Hence, opting for a part-time job is always recommended.

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How to find part time work in Ireland?

Finding part time jobs in Ireland for Indian students, other international students or even part time jobs in Ireland for English speakers is not a difficult affair. Irrespective of experience, students should first check out recruitment platforms. The likes of and others may help in creating profiles and finding listings for part-time jobs in the country. 

Your university or institution may also have its own forum or community for helping students find part-time jobs. Check carefully for part-time openings at the university itself if they are available. A major number of part-time job roles require aspirants to hand in CVs personally to owners or managers. You can also check out portals like and network with friends, university teachers/professors and other locals. 

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Type of part time jobs in Ireland and minimum wages 

Ireland has several part-time job sectors and opportunities for interested aspirants and they will be eligible for the minimum wage in Ireland which is EUR 9.80 every hour. Companies may have you working for an initial trial period before providing suitable employment. Here are some of the key options in this regard: 

1. Cafes/Restaurants/Bars

These are major employers in Ireland, providing a majority of part-time job opportunities for international students. You will have to find openings and then send CVs likewise. There are several jobs available including dishwashing, fine-dine hosting and waiting tables. Candidates should have proper social and communication skills while being able to work in an environment where professionalism is the vital aspect. These part-time jobs usually operate through shifts and students can conveniently choose timings which do not interfere with their academic courses or programs. 

Source: Alive to tell a tale

2. Entertainment and other events

These events including music festivals, concerts and theatrical performances are a good option for those seeking part-time jobs while studying in the country. The available positions usually include backstage crew, stage-crew, security personnel, equipment managers, ushers and more. These are one-time jobs that can be garnered through word of mouth and networking alike. 

3. Customer Service or Call Center

Aspirants may also try getting part time jobs in the customer service or call center sectors. This industry is a great choice for those seeking work on a part-time basis. Those with prior industry experience will be prioritized first over freshers although everyone can send in CVs and based upon available positions, they will be hired likewise. Excellent language, communication and social skills are pre-requisites for jobs in this field. 

4. Tutoring

Private tutoring is another part-time job option available for international students. You may reach out to your university and it may have programs where students may tutor other people on a part-time basis either after or before classes. You will have to possess ample proficiency in your chosen topic while possessing some experience in tutoring/mainstream teaching will always help. 

5. Cleaning

Industrial cleaning entities always look for temporary or part-time workers as part of their crew. The work covers heavy physical labor and working in tough environments. Those looking for part-time job openings in this industry should know that it is very demanding. Salaries are usually higher than the average minimum hourly wage of EUR 9.80, depending upon the nature of work available. 

6. Retail Jobs

Jobs in the retail sector include stacking shelves in stores or supermarkets, managing registers, working as an on-floor salesman/saleswoman and more. These part-time jobs come with stable and secure working environments while giving students more scope of interacting with diverse people in Ireland. They can send in CVs directly to malls and stores for jobs in the retail sector. The hourly minimum wage is assured although some employers may pay higher wages depending upon the interview and experience of the candidate. 

7. Assistant/Secretary

These part-time jobs usually necessitate a higher level of co-ordination, communication, and networking skills along with organizational aptitude. The work will involve conducting regular office work such as schedule management, phone calls, setting up meetings, coordinating schedules and so on. Students in Ireland will get great insights into corporate working cultures and policies with these job roles. They will make connections which may also help them get permanent jobs down the line. 

As mentioned earlier, the minimum wage in Ireland is EUR 9.80 every hour. International students will have eligibility for this rate, and they should provide all vital documents to their employers while meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Aspirants should sincerely work during the trial period prior to being permanently hired. If someone has earlier work experience, then it will lead to better opportunities. This is not mandatory although minimum wages may rise to EUR 10-12 every hour in cities like Cork and Dublin among others. For Tier-2 cities like Limerick and areas outside of Dublin, wages will be around EUR 8-9 every hour. 

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Part time jobs in Ireland – FAQs

Q1. Are part time jobs available while studying in Ireland?

A. Ireland has ample part time job openings available for international students. They will be eligible for the minimum wage of EUR 9.80 per hour in Ireland. They may have to work for a trail period initially before finding permanent employment in any part time job position.

Q2. Is it easy to get part time job in Ireland?

A. Having work experience and the requisite skills will increase chances for international students to get part time jobs in Ireland although the former is not mandatory. It is not as easy as simply sending your CV everywhere and landing a job, but it is possible with some effort and proper networking.

Q3. Do freshers get jobs in Ireland?

A. All nationals from the European Economic Area (EEA) are entitled to work full-time or part-time in Ireland while they are studying. Non-EEA students will be allowed to work part-time jobs in Ireland.

Q4. Can I cover my study expenses and living expenses through part-time jobs in Ireland?

A. In most cases, you will be unable to cover your study and living costs together by working at part time jobs in Ireland. International students work for just 20 hours every week and 40 hours per week for 4 months. The pay is anywhere between EUR 9-11 every hour. There is no guarantee that you will find a job immediately even if you have experience. Dublin and other cities are sometimes costly, and you can use your part time job earnings to ease rent and other payments at the most.

Q5. How many hours can a student work in Ireland?

A. International students in Ireland can work up to 20 hours as casual employment or a part-time job every week. This is mandatory and binding on international students. However, they can work for 40 hours maximum each week during their vacations and breaks. In Ireland, this is the period between June and September and between 15th December and 15th January in most cases.

Q6. What are the part-time hours in Ireland?

A. There are no binding restrictions anymore in Ireland like before. The law earlier stated that part-time workers should be continuously employed by the employer for a minimum of thirteen weeks and were expected to work for a minimum of eight hours for an employer. If a student is working for 20 hours a week, the employer may stipulate overtime payment only after completing 39 hours in total. Hence, the normal rate will be paid out for hours between 20 and 39.

Q7. At what age can you get a part-time job in Ireland?

A. Students are allowed to work part-time in Ireland from the age of 14. They cannot work during their term but may work for up to 35 hours every week during school holidays. They can also work for up to 40 hours each week based on their work experience.

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