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Jobs Opportunities in Ireland after MS for Indian Students

Updated on 09 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Home to some great authors like Oscar Wilde and known for its magnificent landscape, Ireland is an equally popular study destination for international students. The booming job market of the nation provides immense opportunities for postgraduates in diverse fields such as engineering, financial services and technology. A 2021 survey by a recruitment company in Ireland showed a 25% hike in job vacancies, despite the pandemic. Ireland is a flourishing European economy, making it a reliable choice for students wishing to pursue their higher studies and careers overseas. Job opportunities in Ireland after master’s are plenty.


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Top Job Roles in Ireland after Master’s

1. Automation Engineer

The role of an automation engineer is to make effective use of technology to streamline the process of manufacturing. Being the fastest growing economy in Europe, where many organizations are trying to keep up with the demands of ever-shifting consumer trends, Ireland’s need for automation professionals is rapidly increasing. 

2. Network Administrators 

AI and data science are expected to grow beyond measures in the coming years. We are living in the 21st century, where digitalization has made it easier for people to stay connected with the help of networking apps. The more people stay online, the more data they will create. Therefore, the need for data interpretation will automatically rise, which further raises the demand of network administrators.

3. Multilingual Professionals

Giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter require language professionals to ensure no linguistic barriers. Some of the languages considered most desirable in Ireland are French, German and Dutch. Graduates from Ireland who are proficient in any of these languages have a high chance of securing well-paid job positions in the Marketing and Communications departments.

4. Account Managers 

Sales is a crucial department in any organization. The demand for account managers and business developers will rapidly grow. Candidates having good communication skills and convincing power are always an asset in a job that demands patience and knowledge. 

5. Content Creators 

In a world where there is a lot of information to be discussed, the need for content creators is ever-increasing. Their major role includes creating something worthwhile that grabs people’s attention. 

Every business strives to grow in the market by building an impressive image of their brand, and for that purpose, content creators come into the picture. In Ireland, this job is popular among companies that aim to grow their business. 

6. Compliance professionals

Ireland has had an ever-increasing demand for compliance professionals since 2016. High regulatory pressure faced by Irish Financial Services institutions is the main reason for the growth of compliance and regulatory positions. Insurance is a field that requires knowledgeable and experienced candidates. Therefore, a candidate having the desired skills for a role of a compliance professional can expect a rise in demand. 

7. Healthcare professionals

Doctors, nurses and hospital management staff have been our heroes throughout Covid-19. There has always been a demand for skilled healthcare professionals and has only increased amid the pandemic.

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Top Organizations in Ireland who Recruit Candidates 

Below are the organizations that actively recruited professionals despite the pandemic. 

1. TikTok

Tik Tok has established its place in the market as one of the most popular applications used by youngsters. The platform’s popularity saw an unprecedented rise amid the COVID-19 lockdown, as most people became active online during the lockdown. 

Tik Tok has played an important role in the growth of content creators who started posting regular content and earned reliable followers. As per job portals, the company was recruiting actively for various positions in Dublin throughout. 

2. Slack 

Slack is a messaging app utilized by most organizations to stay connected and updated flexibly and inclusively. The application has some handy features which make it unique. It has multiple themes and allows users to send offline messages and create various communication channels. Slack started hiring for multiple engineering, customer service, and business operations positions as all work moved online. 

3. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is a financial services firm that manages mutual funds, provides investment advice and looks after fund distribution. Since the pandemic, the company rapidly started hiring software engineers, quality engineers and principal DevOps engineers. 

The engineers were needed the most in both the Dublin and Galway office of the company. To deliver ‘critical services’ to the US market, the company is majorly focusing on hiring for positions related to cybersecurity and software engineering.

4. Liberty IT

Liberty IT is an insurance company based in Ireland. It focuses on creating digital solutions for customers. The company has more than 500 tech employees working across its Belfast and Dublin offices. Their main responsibility is to build software and develop and deliver products to distinct stakeholders. 

Liberty IT has set a target to broaden its team by hiring candidates in product design for both the locations and tech leaders in the Dublin office.

5. BT

BT Communications (Ireland) Limited is a telecommunications and internet company in Ireland. In 2020, the company had multiple job vacancies related to sales and network engineering. The company holds recognition as one of Ireland’s most responsible businesses and is a certified Healthy Place to Work. It is an employee-centric organization that believes in prioritizing the well being of its employees. 

Other than these companies, other top companies in Ireland that offer employment are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Accenture. 

How to Find a Job after your Masters in Ireland? 

Students completing masters or doctoral degrees from a recognized Irish university can stay in Ireland for 24 months to seek employment and apply for a further work permit or a green card. There are various job portals that students can use to explore job opportunities in Ireland after master’s–

1. Monster 

Founded in 1994, Monster is one of the oldest job portals considered reliable for finding relevant jobs. Monster’s search engine is divided into two parts- keyword and location. The job seeker has to enter a keyword (job title he is looking for) and location to find a job. 

The site’s homepage consists of a list of actively hiring companies. You can find multiple job offers in these companies related to different roles. There are also some additional filters that a job seeker can use. Some are industry, company size, multimedia, benefits, and jobs. 

2. IrishJobs.ie

IrishJobs.ie is Ireland’s top job searching website has been around since 1995 and has been booming ever since with an overall renewal rate of 92% among the companies that post their site vacancies.

The advantage of being an old platform is the popularity that IrishJobs has gained on social media. With 8100 followers on Twitter, 54 079 on Facebook and 6 266 on Linkedin, the platform has become the third most visited job website in Ireland. 

3. Jobs. ie

Jobs.ie came into existence in 1999. The homepage of the website consists of the job listing of different sectors. All the listings are mentioned, including the date, company, and location. The visitors can further filter the job offers by contact type.

4. GreenJobs Ireland 

As the name suggests, GreenJobs Ireland is a website that hires candidates interested in working in the environmental sector. GreenJobs Ireland comes under the umbrella of environment-related job boards. The website works closely with other partner jobs sites to attract more traffic. 

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