How to prepare for GMAT exam- Complete guide

How to Prepare for GMAT exam - Complete guide

Updated on 04 October, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Thinking about how to prepare for the GMAT exam? For succeeding in this prestigious test and getting admission into leading management universities and colleges abroad, scores of at least 650 are vital out of 800. This is possible with proper planning and strategies. GMAC is the organizing body behind the GMAT, which is a computer adaptive test held regularly throughout the year. Candidates can appear online from their homes this year owing to the pandemic. However, following the steps given in the official GMAT application guide is crucial. 

How to prepare for the GMAT exam- Vital pointers

Here are some helpful pointers that will be of immense assistance if you’re wondering how to prepare for the GMAT exam. 

  • Learn carefully about the sections contained in the test and create the study blueprint likewise. 
  • Aspirants should have a clearly defined plan that is spread out properly. 
  • Get hold of all preparation materials online for the examination along with offline study resources as well. There are countless options available in this regard. 
  • Make a note of the fact that this will be a test with a limited time frame. Hence, one should seek to develop specific skills which will be useful while appearing for the same. Zeroing on weaknesses and working suitably on fixing them, ensuring that they do not impact overall performance in the full examination is important to do well in this exam. 
  • Practicing regularly will help you achieve more perfection and once you are done with your preparation, you should check out sample test papers likewise. This will help you get a clearer picture of your preparation levels. 

How to prepare for GMAT exam- Subject-wise tips for aspirants 

You should adopt a more proactive approach towards successfully tackling the subjects of the GMAT examination. 

Study Tips for Integrated Reasoning – 

This is a section with twelve questions in total and 30 minutes are allotted for this section. An aspirant should complete this entire portion in 25 minutes in an ideal scenario and revise over the last 5 minutes while tracking any possible questions which remain unsolved. Ensure that you cover each topic, be it table analysis, graphical interpretation, or so on. Go through all the study materials and books to ensure the required scores. 

Study Tips for Quantitative Section – 

This is one section that contains 31 questions and the time limit is given for the section is 62 minutes. While you are practicing, you should cover all questions linked to solving problems and data sufficiency. You should aim for finishing the examination within 55 minutes and keep the remainder for checking unsolved questions and revising your answers. You should aim to memorize mathematical formulas used for these topics for enhancing overall speed. Make sure that you keep practicing both difficult and easy questions with a view towards covering the full syllabus for GMAT. 

Study Tips for Verbal Section – 

If you were thinking about how to prepare for the GMAT exam, know that acing the verbal section of the examination is important. 36 questions need to be completed in 65 minutes. This section will test the English language usage and skills. For the Verbal portion, enhance your skills with recommended grammar books and make sure to read editorials in newspapers. This section will have numerous topics like critical reasoning, reading passages, correcting sentences, idioms, antonyms and synonyms, and verb-subject agreement. Make sure that you are covering all these essential topics while you are preparing and get hold of various guidebooks since your analytical and reasoning skills will be tested. 

Study Tips on Analytical Writing Assessment- 

30 minutes are provided for this section in total. You should try and complete the writing section within 25 minutes and keep at least 5 minutes for revision in an ideal scenario. Make sure that you start reading more newspapers and magazine articles. Read articles that have logical arguments placed on topics or aspects which are relevant. Remember vital points linked to any topic and continually practice them so that you can use them while writing. Practice writing on various topics while highlighting diverse argumentative aspects. Try to scale up the overall speed and manage your time in a more efficient manner. 

These pointers should have answered your queries on how to prepare for the GMAT exam. Here’s to creating the right exam strategy and managing your time well.

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