PTE Results & Scores- Everything you need to know

PTE Results & Scores- Everything you need to know

Updated on 21 January, 2022

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PTE or the Pearson Test of English Academic is a popular computer-based English language proficiency test for students seeking admission into foreign universities and colleges as well as for immigration. The test takes place across more than 295 test centres throughout 50+ global nations. PTE results are accepted by several institutions in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Ireland, UK, Germany, and Singapore. It is also crucial for New Zealand and Australia student visa or immigration procedures. The examination evaluates aspirants based on their writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities. 

PTE Results- Important Dates

The PTE result dates are not fixed. They are officially provided within 5 business days of taking the examination. However, many aspirants have often received their results within only 48 hours as well. Every aspirant will be notified via email whenever their result is ready to view. They can check report cards and results by logging into their official myPTE accounts. PTE results and scores will be valid for two years. Aspirants must sit for the examination again after this period. For purposes of immigration, however, countries such as Australia take PTE results for three years.

PTE Results- How to Check? 

Scores are published online by PTE via its secure digital portal. The score report code within the PTE Scorecard enables institutions to carefully verify any score digitally and securely. Aspirants do not have to share any PDF file or prints likewise. The email notification is the most important for checking PTE scores. Aspirants will receive the email and can view their results by logging into their official myPTE accounts subsequently. 

For sending PTE scores, the following procedures must be followed: 

  • Login to the PTE account and choose Score Reports
  • Thereafter, choose the option Send Scores
  • Type in the name of the institution in the field named Institution/Organization/Department/School and then search. 
  • Choose the institution name in the list of search results. 
  • Review all data and then click on Next
  • Follow given instructions for every institution. 

What is the best PTE score? 

PTE Academic provides scores within 10-90 on the Global Scale of English and you can accurately measure the same. 85-90 is the best score and the CEFR equivalent is C2 with Band 9 as the IELTS equivalent. This score indicates the highest levels of prowess in English. This means that aspirants can easily understand everything that they read or hear and can quickly summarize data from various written and spoken sources. They can easily reconstruct accounts or arguments coherently while expressing themselves fluently, spontaneously, and accurately, switching between subtle nuances of meaning whenever required. 

76-84 is also a good score in PTE. This is C1 in the CEFR equivalent and Band Score 7-8 for the IELTS equivalent. This score is required by several institutions and countries including the Australian Skilled Migration Visa authority for instance. This indicates high English proficiency levels which are needed majorly for undergraduate programs. This score means that aspirants can understand a diverse range of long and extensive texts while being able to express themselves spontaneously without much struggle. They can flexibly use language for varied purposes while being able to generate detailed and neatly structured texts dealing with complex aspects. They are also able to demonstrate command over connectors and other organizational aspects. 

A thorough study of the PTE Results and Scores will give a better understanding of the exam and PTE score calculation process


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