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Are you considering an education loan to fund your studies but unsure about the financial commitment? This tool can help you estimate your loan payments, iterest, and loan duration. ...Read more

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What is an Education Loan Calculator?

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In conclusion, the Education Loan Calculator acts as your financial compass, guiding you towards realizing your study abroad dreams. Using this tool, you can estimate your EMIs, make informed borrowing decisions, and confidently embark on your educational journey. So, embrace the power of technology, plan your finances wisely, and prepare to conquer the world of education!

Remember, your dreams are within reach, and the Education Loan Calculator is here to pave the way for your success. Happy calculating!


Q. Is it advisable to take an education loan to study abroad?

Yes, taking an education loan to study abroad is a prudent choice as it provides financial support and allows you to focus on your studies without an immediate financial burden.

Q. Is a visa mandatory for an education loan?

No, a visa is not mandatory for an education loan. The loan can be sanctioned based on admission confirmation from a recognized foreign educational institution.

Q. What happens to an education loan if a visa is rejected?

If the visa is rejected, the loan may still need to be repaid as per the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

Q. Can I get an education loan to study abroad without collateral?

Yes, you can get an education loan to study abroad without collateral under certain conditions, such as loan amount limits or based on the lender's policies.

Q. What are the documents needed at the time of disbursement of an education loan?

The documents required during disbursement may include an admission letter, identity proof, address proof, academic records, co-borrowers income proof, collateral documents (if applicable), and loan agreement.

Q. How much time does the bank take to convey its decision of sanctioning or rejecting the loan application?

The bank typically takes a few weeks to convey its decision of sanctioning or rejecting the loan application, depending on the individual bank's processing time

Q. What if I miss my EMI or pay late? Are there any charges?

Missing an EMI or paying late may result in penalty charges or additional interest. It is important to pay the EMI on time to avoid any negative consequences.

Q. What is a moratorium period?

The moratorium period is the duration during which the borrower is free from making any loan repayments, typically during the course period and a certain period after completion.

Q. Can I repay the loan before my scheduled repayment period? If yes, are there any prepayment penalties?

Yes, you are allowed to pay back the loan earlier than expected. Depending on the existing terms and conditions of the loan agreement, prepayment penalties may or may not be applied.

Q. Can I increase the tenure of the education loan?

The tenure of the education loan can usually be increased by discussing it with the lender and agreeing on revised repayment terms, subject to their approval.