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Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card Samples with Answers

Updated on 06 June, 2024

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

IELTS comprises several different sections, one of which is the speaking test. Every study abroad aspirant appearing for IELTS must undertake the activities under this section and adequately answer the questions asked.

In the present scenario, the topic we would like to discuss is 'Describe Your Deam House.’  So, your answer must touch down on the following aspects:

  • Where is your dream house located?
  • What would it look like?
  • When would you like to live in your dream house?
  • Why is this house perfect for you?

You can describe your dream home based on your personal preferences. For instance, you may envision living in a village or natural setting if you currently reside in a city or suburb, or vice versa. 

When asked about it in an IELTS speaking task, you can also discuss what you would like to add or change to your current location to make it your dream home.

IELTS CUE Card Format 

These are the steps to effectively answer an IELTS Cue Card to describe a dream home.

  1. Introduction: Begin by introducing and describing your dream house IELTS speaking topic. For example, if the cue card is about your dream house, start by saying, Today, I would like to talk about my dream house.
  2. Location: Describe where your dream house is located. Include details about the surroundings and why you chose that location.
  3. Description: Provide a detailed description of a dream house. Talk about its size, design, layout, rooms, amenities, and any unique features that make it special.
  4. Timeline: Discuss when you would like to live in your dream house. You can talk about short-term or long-term plans and why that is ideal for you.
  5. Personal Connection: Explain why this house is perfect for you. Discuss how it matches your lifestyle, aspirations, and preferences.
  6. Conclusion: Summarize your key points and express your enthusiasm for your dream house. End positively to leave a lasting impression and describe your dream house.

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Sample Cue Card Questions 

Q1: Describe Your Ideal Home.

You should say

  • Where Will the Place Be? 
  • What Would the Place Look Like? 
  • When Would You Want to Live There? 
  • Why Will the Place Be Ideal for You? 


My ideal home or dream house currently resides in a bustling city, and I often yearn for a different environment. Taking the chance to describe my ideal home or dream house, I would like it to be located at more elevation near the hills and surrounded by more flowering plants. 

Where Will the Place Be? 

I envision my dream home nestled in a serene village in Kullu. It won't be extravagant, just a cozy space perfect for my family's needs. The congestion and pollution of city life have become overwhelming, prompting this desire for a peaceful retreat.

What Would the Place Look Like? 

Picture a charming bungalow with a quaint garden at the back. Gardening is a passion of mine, and I plan to grow plants like tomatoes, chilies, lemons, guavas, mangoes, and colorful flowers. A furry companion, perhaps a dog, will relish the vast garden space, adding to the home's liveliness.

When Would You Want to Live There? 

Initially, I'll visit periodically to oversee the property's development as my financial situation improves. Ultimately, I aspire to settle there permanently, immersing myself in the serene surroundings and cleaner air.

Why Will the Place Be Ideal for You? 

City life's constant hustle and stress take a toll on one's well-being. Escaping to a tranquil hillside abode promises peace and rejuvenation. Moreover, it lessens the health hazards associated with urban pollution. This setting embodies my ideal lifestyle, offering quality time with family amidst nature's beauty.


The first step in starting work is to aspire for success because aspirations are vital for life to be exciting and productive. To summarize, this is my ideal house, and I am confident that I will make it a reality with God's grace, hard work, and patience.

Q2: Describe a dream house that someone you know lives in.

You should say

  1. whose house/apartment this is.
  2. Where the house/apartment is?
  3. What does it look like inside?
  4. Explain what you like or dislike about this person’s house/ apartment.


Mary has been one of my dearest friends since childhood. We shared many memories during our academic career until the 12th grade. Although our paths diverged due to higher studies, our friendship remains strong. She recently acquired a beautiful home that perfectly reflects her personality, the surrounding nature, and her passion for art.

Whose House/Apartment This Is?

Mary, a creative artist known for her unique aesthetic, resides in this apartment. Her outgoing personality and ability to bring life to every corner of her home are well-recognized.

Where the House/Apartment Is?

The apartment is on the top floor of a charming old building in a bustling urban area. Mary appreciates the location as it offers proximity to art galleries, cafes, and parks that inspire her artistic endeavors.

What It Looks Like Inside?

The interior is a blend of bohemian elegance and cozy comfort. A plush sofa in rich jewel tones is a welcoming focal point against textured wallpaper. The old trunk-turned coffee table adds a playful touch to the room.

Adjacent to the living area, vintage chairs surround a wooden table with a mosaic of vibrant tiles. Charm lights above warmly glow over the dining space, perfect for gatherings.

Mary's love for rustic charm is evident in the kitchen, featuring open shelving displaying artisanal ceramics and unique culinary tools. Potted herbs on the countertops contribute to a fresh and natural ambiance.

What You Like or Dislike About This Person’s House/Apartment?

While I appreciate Mary's creative approach to decorating her apartment, the abundance of artwork and vibrant colors can sometimes feel overwhelming. Finding a visual focal point is challenging due to the numerous elements. However, I understand that Mary's intentional choices reflect her artistic expression and passion.


In conclusion, Mary's apartment is a beautiful reflection of her artistic flair and vibrant energy. Although not everyone may prefer the style, it reflects Mary's personality and creativity in a captivating manner.

Describe Your Dream House in Detail: Question 1

The idea of having a dream house someday fills me with excitement. It will be one place that will be solely mine– a place I can rest, unwind and call my own. 

When I think of where this dream house would be situated, I can only envision the cold and peaceful mountains. I have been to hills and mountains during many treks. It's one place that offers me the most joy. The happiness of walking on the side of the curvy, narrow roads and stopping at a small food stall to have a hot cup of tea and noodles makes me feel alive. Life feels simpler there. 

My dream house would ideally be small. I don't have the desire to live in a gigantic mansion with all the worldly and materialistic amenities. Although it would be small, it would have hundreds of plants– both inside and outside. My kitchen will be my happy place, where I will always keep everything stocked. The balcony will have a little hammock where I could read a book and get lost in the fictional world.

I would love to have this dream house as soon as possible, maybe in the next year or two. It's only about attaining financial stability and a job I love, and then I can move to my house in the mountains!

The day I move would perhaps be the happiest day of my life. This house will be perfect for me because I have thought of every aspect of it, in incredible detail, over and over. It'll be a house made of love and tranquillity, with a house cat running around to give me company!

In conclusion, my dream house, a harmonious blend of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, represents more than just a physical structure; it's a sanctuary that echoes my personality, values, and aspirations. Envisioned as a place of tranquility, inspiration, and warmth, it serves as a haven where memories are made and cherished. 

From its eco-friendly design to the cozy, inviting spaces, each element of this house contributes to an atmosphere of peace and happiness. In describing my dream house for this IELTS Cue Card, I not only share a personal vision but also articulate a future aspiration, showcasing my ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions effectively in English. 

This dream house symbolizes the culmination of my goals and efforts, a place where I can thrive, grow, and find solace.

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Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card

What will your dream house look like?: Question 2

Ever since I was young, I always thought that growing up would be so exciting. For one, it would involve having a house of my own, my dream house. A place that is just mine, where I can host the people I love and always be authentically myself. 

My dream house will be a beach house. So, every morning, I would first pull the curtains away from the life-size windows and watch the waves hitting the shore. I imagine the noise of crashing waves to be rhythmic and peaceful. Moreover, the idea of sitting on the porch while the salty winds rush through the tangles of my hair sounds beautiful to me.  

The house would ideally be big enough for me, my parents and my friends if they ever want to stay. I want to be the person whose house is always open for loved ones to stay over. It would have an all-blue theme to match the seaside atmosphere. I also envision a lot of artwork hanging on the walls of my house.

I think no other place would come close to being perfect for me than this one. I am a water baby, and I love the feeling of sand under my feet. Moreover, I will personalize this space to match my taste and comfort. I will also add a library room.

If it were up to me, I would want to buy my dream house today. That said, it's not financially possible, so I will strive to work hard and gain stability in my life to have it one day.

IELTS Speaking Part 3- Discussion

The examiner may ask a few IELTS speaking follow-up sample questions and answers during the following section of the speech. The questions are based on the cue card topics from Part 2 of the IELTS test. 

What sets modern homes apart from older homes in India?

Older homes in India have a courtyard or veranda, an open space in the middle without a roof. These homes are designed to house extended families and are usually sprawling with ample land around them. 

On the other hand, modern houses are made for nuclear families, consisting of parents and two children. Despite the smaller size, modern homes are fitted with the latest amenities and smart home technologies.

What distinguishes houses from apartments?

A house is an independent structure intended for the sole use of the owner and their family. Conversely, an apartment is part of a larger building divided into multiple units, accommodating various families. Houses offer more space and often include private parking areas, while apartments have limited space, shared parking facilities, and common hallways.

What do you think people's dream homes will look like in the future?

Technology is transforming households throughout the world. Future houses are anticipated to be modern, with cutting-edge furniture and facilities.

Future dream homes will be outfitted with several technologies, such as Smart heaters and lights. Furthermore, intelligent robots powered by artificial intelligence will do the majority of household tasks.

Furthermore, I believe that future homes and apartments will be more environmentally conscious since they can store energy and generate it on demand. 


Now that we've understood about my dream house speaking cue card task, it's time to practice and read more of them. 

The IELTS speaking exam is significantly more than simply delivering a speech; it is also about accurately pronouncing the speech and using lexical resources. It will increase the examiner's interest in the conversation and improve the final score. 

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Do I have to adhere strictly to the instructions provided on the cue cards?

The prompts on the cue cards offer a general outline of what you should discuss for the topic. While addressing these prompts directly in your speech is not obligatory, we suggest answering these questions adequately and incorporating other pertinent and engaging information in your talk.

What do follow-up questions encompass?

After completing your discussion on the cue card topic, the examiner will give brief and relevant questions for you to respond to. These are termed "follow-up" questions. They differ from Part 3 questions, which typically have a broader scope and cover more extensive topics. 

Are there instances of IELTS cue cards repeating?

While IELTS Cue Card topics can repeat, preparing for several topics that may appear in your exam is essential. Relying solely on preparing for a few specific topics with the assumption that they will repeat is not advisable.

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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