Free Education Countries for Indian Students with Universities

You will be surprised to know that many free education countries exist for students who wish to study abroad. There is nothing better if you are getting high-quality education at zero or negligible costs as it eases the financial burden considerably. It eventually leads to helping you allocate more for living costs abroad. Therefore, we bring you a list of countries with free education. 

Countries with Free Education for International Students:

Here is a closer look at some of the top countries offering free education:

Free Education Country: Germany 

Germany, one of the top free education countries for Indian students and their international peers, provides funding for all higher-study programs, irrespective of nationality. Students from the EU (European Union) and non-EU students can equally partake of the benefits of free education in English at German institutions. Public universities do not charge any tuition fees in the country. International students only have to pay nominal semester fees at these institutions. Many of these public universities are globally recognized and ranked highly in several educational rating lists. 

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Free Education in Norway: Details 

Norway is another country with free education for international students and funds higher studies for all students, irrespective of whether they come from the EU (European Union) or other regions. International students can enjoy zero tuition fees at highly ranked and leading universities in Norway for varied programs. However, the fees are payable for educational programs at private universities in the country. Before you apply, note that the cost of living in Norway is comparatively higher than in many other global nations. 

Free Education Country: Finland

One of the best countries with free education, Finland is a preferred global academic hub. However, there are certain conditions for availing of free education in Finland. EU (European Union) and domestic students can pursue higher education at zero tuition fees in public universities in Finland. Programs taught in Finnish and Swedish do not have charges. Yet, international students studying in courses taught in English will have to shell out tuition charges. 

Important Scholarships to Study Abroad:

 State Scholarship | Fulbright Scholarship | Vidya Lakshmi Portal | Narotam Sekhsaria

Free Education in Denmark: Details 

Denmark has universities offering completely free higher education to those from the EU (European Union), Denmark, and Switzerland. Those part of student exchange programs do not have to pay tuition fees as well. International students outside these categories will have to pay tuition fees in the country. 

Free Education in Sweden: Details

Sweden offers free education for EU (European Union) nationals. Other international students have to pay tuition fees for higher education. Sweden houses several highly ranked European institutions with high standards of education. 

Free Education Country: Brazil

Universities in Brazil have free education for locals and immigrants (with citizenship) alike. International students pay nominal tuition fees at state-backed institutions. They offer high-quality education with rewarding prospects. Tuition fees are payable only at private universities in Brazil. 

Free Education Country: Austria

Austria has nominal charges of €730 (INR 62,637) for each semester for non-EEA (European Economic Area) or EU students. It is reasonable, considering the standards of education, lifestyles, and other attractions in Austria. 

Free Education in the Czech Republic: Details

The Czech Republic has a law mandating free higher education for people of all nationalities. The only stipulation is that students should know the local language for getting this benefit. At the same time, tuition fees are negligible for those choosing programs taught in English. 

Free Education Country: France

A name that may surprise you, France offers free education at most of its institutions. There are only a few public universities that charge nominal tuition fees. The quality of life, growth opportunities, and cultural attractions make France suitable for international students. 

Free Education in Belgium: Details

Belgium charges a nominal tuition fee from international students. They can expect high-quality education, a beautiful multicultural environment, and a plethora of growth opportunities. 

Free Education Country: Greece

Greece is one of the world’s most famous countries and offers near-free education for international aspirants. The costs of living are also reasonable here. Considering the quality of life and plethora of historical attractions, Greece does make for a cheap and excellent proposition. 

Free Education in Spain: Details

Spain offers university education to European Union (EU) students free of cost. Yet, international students from other countries only have to pay a nominal charge for their higher studies. Costs of living are also on the lower side here. 

Many other countries like Cuba, Argentina, Turkey, and Hungary offer free education to domestic citizens, while costs are also reasonable for international students.

Free Education Countries for International & Indian Students

It is difficult to narrow down on free education countries for Indian students. Yet, countries like Germany, Finland (only applicable for courses taught in Swedish or Finnish), and Norway offer completely free education for students from India. Another option is choosing countries providing completely paid scholarships for international applicants. Numerous scholarships may help Indian students study free in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom (UK). 

Top Universities Offering Free Education for International Students 

Here are some leading universities providing free education to international students. There are only a few negligible semester charges and other costs at these institutions. 

Name of Institution

Country where it is situated

University of Helsinki


Universität Hamburg


Tampere University


University of Cologne


UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Technical University of Munich


University of Vaasa


Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


Humboldt University of Berlin


University of Jyväskylä


Nord University


LUT University


Free University of Berlin


University of Bergen


Countries Offering Reasonable Tuition Costs for International Students

Many countries offer reasonable tuition fees for international students. It is a big boon since countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK are comparatively costlier. They include: 


Public universities are hugely affordable for international students throughout the world. They can study at highly ranked institutions with excellent research opportunities and courses taught in English. The Bachelor’s courses come for just €2,770 (INR 2,37,632) per year. France is one of the most affordable countries to study in Europe. 


Spain is one of the best free education countries for students. They can expect reasonable tuition fees and lower living costs here. The average tuition fees are €1,000 (INR 85,789) per year at public universities. International applicants may benefit from learning Spanish too. 


Italy also offers reasonable tuition fees for international students. They start from approximately €1,800 (INR 1,54,423) per year. They are affordable for international students. Students can also expect cutting-edge facilities for research, innovative curricula, and excellent faculty. 

International students may not find a country offering both free healthcare and education. The former is still possible in several global nations though for domestic citizens only. Citizens pay taxes for funding these facilities, and hence students do not get the same. 

International students can note a single exception in this regard- Enrolling for an educational program in Norway that exceeds a year means coverage under the Norwegian Healthcare Program. Free healthcare is only available for domestic students in Sweden, France, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which country is best for free study?

A. Germany is one of the best countries with free education, especially renowned for courses like medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, and natural sciences. Norway and Finland are other favorites among international students. Other countries like Austria, the Czech Republic, and Sweden have nominal charges for international students.

Q. Which country has completely free education?

A. You can study at zero tuition fees or nominal charges at public universities in Germany. One only needs to pay a negligible Euro 150-250 (INR 12,865-21,443) as administrative charges. If you are proficient in Norwegian, you can study graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral programs for absolutely no cost in Norway, irrespective of your nationality.

Q. How can I study in another country for free?

A. You can directly enroll in a language school in another country or a foreign university which offers education at zero tuition fee. You can also complete a work and study program or apply for a grant or scholarship to manage your education cost. There are many free programs where you can virtually study at foreign institutions.

Q. Which country is cheapest for international students?

A. As far as countries offering free education are concerned, Norway tops the list by providing the cheapest education for international students. However, the cost of living in the country may go up to NOK 139,680 (INR 12, 08,877). Taiwan, Germany, and France follow in terms of cheapest countries for international students.

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