Study in Singapore after 12th : Top Courses, Colleges & Cost

study in singapore after 12th

Many international students study in Singapore after the 12th, given its excellent education system, innovative pedagogical practices, and post-study work opportunities. For the same reasons, Singapore has become one of the most sought-after study destinations in Asia. 

Some of the many benefits of studying in Singapore include:

‚óŹ Excellent academics:

Singapore is known for housing some of the best educational institutions in the world. According to various surveys, Singapore has emerged as one of the best study abroad destinations for international students. The country is also known for its excellence in research facilities. 

‚óŹ Industry links:

Singapore is famous as the top industrial center for the entertainment industry, information technology, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, precision engineering, and business consultancy services. Renowned company headquarters and development laboratories of top MNCs are located here. Therefore, it is easier to get an internship opportunity in an MNC in Singapore and improve your connections. 

‚óŹ Safe and secure environment:

Singapore ranked as the second safest city globally in the Safe City Index 2019 conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The crime rate is low in the country, making it safe for inhabitants. 

‚óŹ Quality of living:

In its 2019 Urban Life Quality Survey, Mercer ranked Singapore as the city with the best quality of life in Asia. Singapore is a well-planned city and has made top-class amenities available to its citizens. 

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Cost of Studying in Singapore after 12th

Compared to other countries that offer high-quality education, Singapore is comparatively cheaper in higher education. Studying in this country after completing 12th will cost you somewhere between INR 12 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs. However, the cost depends on the university and the course you intend to study. 

Here are the average tuition fees for various courses in Singapore:


Average tuition fee


SGD 135,000 (INR 74,49,670)

Media Studies

SGD 37,000 (INR 20,42,222)

Arts and Social Studies

SGD 29,000 (INR 16,00,660)

Architecture and Design

SGD 38,000 (INR 20,97,414)


SGD 37,000 (INR 20,42,222)

Engineering/Computer Science

SGD 37,000 (INR 20,42,222)

The accommodation cost depends on the type of space you are renting. It may range between SGD 150 to 800 (INR 8,279 to 44,156) per month. 

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Study in Singapore after 12th Commerce: 

You can find several colleges and universities in Singapore that offer undergraduate programs for students with a commerce background. Some of the top courses that you can study in Singapore after 12th commerce include:

‚óŹ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

‚óŹ Bachelor of Accounting¬†

‚óŹ Bachelor of Commerce in Finance¬†

‚óŹ Bachelor in Business Studies

‚óŹ Bachelor in Supply Chain Management¬†

‚óŹ Economics

‚óŹ Building & Real Estate

‚óŹ Computing

‚óŹ Finance

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Study in Singapore after 12th Non-Medical: 

After completing your 12th with science, you do have the option of pursuing a UG degree in non-medical subjects. Here are the programs you can study in Singapore after 12th non-medical: 

‚óŹ BSc

‚óŹ Physics

‚óŹ Biotechnology

‚óŹ Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

‚óŹ Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

‚óŹ Electrical Engineering

‚óŹ Mechanical Engineering¬†

‚óŹ Civil Engineering

‚óŹ Bioengineering

‚óŹ Information Technology

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Study in Singapore after 12th Medical: 

If you want to choose courses from a medical background, you are sure to get many options in Singapore. Here is a list of courses one can study in Singapore after 12th medical: 

‚óŹ MBBS¬†

‚óŹ Medicine and Surgery¬†

‚óŹ Pharmacy¬†

‚óŹ Nursing

‚óŹ Dentistry

‚óŹ Psychology¬†

Study in Singapore after 12th Arts: 

Many international students in Singapore prefer art subjects. Here are the study options in Singapore after 12th Arts: 

‚óŹ Filmmaking¬†

‚óŹ Acting

‚óŹ Sociology

‚óŹ Law

‚óŹ Interior Design

‚óŹ Theatre Studies

‚óŹ Visual and Fine Arts¬†

‚óŹ Architecture¬†

‚óŹ Digital Animation¬†

‚óŹ Music

‚óŹ Fashion Design¬†

‚óŹ Industrial Design, and many more.

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Top Colleges in Singapore after 12th:

Aspirants who wish to study in Singapore after the 12th can check out this list of best colleges to ensure great returns: 

  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore
  • Singapore Management University
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • PSB Academy¬†

Requirements to Study in Singapore after 12th: 

The eligibility criteria may differ depending on the course you choose and the university you are applying to. However, the basic eligibility requirements that you need to meet are: 

‚óŹ Attested mark sheets of class X and XII.¬†

‚óŹ Scores of SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.¬†

‚óŹ Statement of Purpose, letters of recommendation, and resume (only if asked by the universities).¬†

‚óŹ Passport-size photographs.¬†

‚óŹ Visa-related documents.¬†

‚óŹ Financial documents (which include bank statements and loan proofs)

You might have to convert the marks you scored in 12th into the grading system used in Singapore schools. You can get in touch with a specific university to understand the grading system they use. 

You may also find some universities that do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores. They will only focus on the scores you have achieved in your entire school education in the English subject.

Studying in Singapore after the 12th can be a great start to your career. You can come across many unique opportunities while studying here. Thus, if you have been considering top countries to pursue your education, opting for Singapore can bring big returns in the future. 

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