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University Of Hong Kong Acceptance Rate

Updated on 11 January, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Established in 1912, The University of Hong Kong, also known as HKU, is one of the oldest tertiary education schools in Hong Kong. It opened its door wide for students to partake in three primary faculties- medicine, engineering, and arts

In its 110 years of existence, HKU has significantly impacted young individuals’ lives through excellent learning, research, and knowledge exchange. 

The university holds a remarkable 21st position worldwide, as noted in the QS World University Rankings 2023. Its place isn’t far behind in the World University Rankings 2022 listed by THE Times Higher Education, boasting the 30th rank.

Although the University of Hong Kong’s acceptance rate is not shared by the university, the 2021-22 year witnessed the following numbers:

-2,021 undergraduate students

-3,187 postgraduate students

Engineering was the most popular field during the same year, witnessing an enrolment of 4,957 students for undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Admission eligibility criteria

The University of Hong Kong admission requirements are very detailed and vast, depending on the academic qualification held by the student and the course they’re applying for. Let’s look at the admission criteria set for Indian students!

An Indian student must be over 25 years of age before or on the 1st of September of whichever year they seek admission. They must also hold one of the following academic qualifications:

  • GCE A-level/International A-level
  • IB Diploma
  • Indian Board Exams
  • SAT/AP

If the student holds a GCE A-Level or International A-level, they would require the following minimum grades:

ProgramExpected minimum grades for admission
Faculty of Architecture1A*2A or 2A 1B
Faculty of Arts2A 1B or 3A or 1A*3A (if a student had 4 A-level subjects) and 2A*1A (if a student had 3 A-level subjects)
HKU Business School2A 2B (if student had 4 A-level subjects) and 3A (if student has 3 A-level subjects) or 2A 1B 1C (if student had 4 A-level subjects) and 3A (if student has 3 A-level subjects) or 2A*1A or 1A*2A or 2A*2A or 3A
Faculty of Dentistry2A*1A
Faculty of Education3A
Faculty of Engineering2A 1B or 2A*1A
Faculty of Law1A*3A (if student had 4 A-level subjects) and 2A*1A (if student had 3 A-level subjects) or 2A*1A
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine2A 1B or 3A*1A or 3A
Faculty of Science2A 1B or 3A or 2A*1A or 3A*
Faculty of Social Sciences2A 1B or 1A*3A (if a student had 4 A-level subjects) and 2A*1A (if a student had 3 A-level subjects) 

If the student holds an IB diploma, they would need to attain the following minimum grade marks:

Program Expected minimum grade
Faculty of Architecture31-35
Faculty of Arts31-37
HKU Business School34-41
Faculty of Dentistry41
Faculty of Education32-36
Faculty of Engineering33-35
Faculty of Law37-41
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine31-43
Faculty of Science33-39
Faculty of Social Science34-37

If a student takes Indian Board Exams, they must score the following minimum grade to get into their desired program:

Program Expected minimum percentage
Faculty of Architecture90%
Faculty of Arts90-97%
HKU Business School90-97%
Faculty of Dentistry95%
Faculty of Education90%
Faculty of Engineering90-95%
Faculty of Law92-97%
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine90-97%
Faculty of Science90-95%
Faculty of Social Science90-95%

As for SAT and AP, the lower grade requirements for the particular programs are as follows:

Program Expected minimum score
Faculty of Architecture1350
Faculty of Arts1350-1500 SAT score and AP level 3-4 on each of 3 subjects
HKU Business SchoolOn all three subjects score 1380-1540 SAT and AP level 3-5 
Faculty of DentistryOn all three subjects score 1400 SAT score and AP level 4
Faculty of EducationOn all three subjects score 1350-1380 SAT score and AP level 3 
Faculty of EngineeringOn all three subjects score 1350-1480 SAT score and AP level 3 
Faculty of LawOn all three subjects score 1450-1530 SAT score and AP level 3-4 
Li Ka Shing Faculty of MedicineOn all three subjects score 135-1430 SAT score and AP level 3-4 
Faculty of Science1350-1450 SAT score
Faculty of Social Science1350-1530 SAT score

These minimum required grades keep oscillating, depending on the course picked from a particular program.

On the other hand, the University of Hong Kong admission criteria varies for postgraduate courses:

  • Must comply with general regulations stipulated by the university
  • Should have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hong Kong or any equivalent university with good recognition
  • Follow any other admission standards particularly mentioned in a specific course curriculum
  • Satisfy the requisite demands of English language proficiency

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Documents required

The question of how to get admission in the University of Hong Kong must naturally plague interested students’ minds.

The whole process of applying to a university can be tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, if an applicant misses any information in the application, it can lead to a steady elimination.

Hence, ensuring that an individual’s application is complete and attached with all the required supporting documents is significant. It would help the admission board to review and assess an applicant’s candidature without any hitch.

Aspiring students would need to submit the following documents with their application:

  • Personal identification proof
  • Previous academic history and qualifications
  • Personal statement, not more than 1000 words
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Reference from a reliable referee like a scholar or professor

Tests required

An applicant is required to provide the following test results along with their application to prove their English language proficiency:

  • TOEFL (paper-based)- 550 or above
  • TOEFL (computer-based)- 213 or above
  • TOEFL (internet-based)- 80 or above
  • IELTS- 6 or above
  • GCE and IGCSE- Grade C or above
  • Cambridge Test of Proficiency in the English Language- Grade C or above

Popular courses

Curious to know about some of the popular and highly ranked courses taught at The University of Hong Kong? Here’s a quick list to offer insight into the courses students can choose and thrive at.

Note that the QS WUR Ranking provides all the subject rankings.

  • Dentistry – 2nd rank
  • Education – 7th rank
  • Linguistics – 10th rank
  • Architecture – 10th rank
  • Social Policy and Administration – 10th rank

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How university evaluates applicants

The admission board’s decision is based on a handful of factors like previous academic records, the applicant’s performance in the interview, quality of personal statement, the authenticity of references, etc. 

All the supporting documents attached with the application will be considered to perceive the applicant as a whole. 

Applicants are suggested to fill their application with utmost honesty and not exaggerate in their personal statements. Cross-questioning during the one-on-one interview is common, and it’s vital to display sincerity and genuineness during the same!

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that satisfying the bare minimum requirements regarding previous examination scores will not guarantee sure-shot admissions. 

Tips for applying to the university

Making a transition from school to college is always an exhilarating process. There is always a long list of dream colleges and even a longer list of applications that go to those colleges.

If an applicant plans to carve their place at The University of Hong Kong, it’s significant to craft an application that stands apart. It might seem like an arduous task, but it’s not impossible!

Here is some quick advice that would help when applying to The University of Hong Kong!

  • The plans to apply to a college must begin at least a couple of years into the secondary school education. Having an impressive academic record will amp up the entire application by notches.
  • Make sure to boast about the extra-curricular activities subtly. The more communication and leadership skills an applicant has, the better. 
  • Applicants should mention any relevant work experience. 
  • Write an honest and heartfelt personal statement that stirs a positive emotion in the admission granting committee.
  • While filling out options for the choice of program, applicants should choose only those subjects that they are genuinely passionate about.

Application deadlines

International students must pay attention to the critical dates regarding their university application!

The applications for undergraduate study will open on the 20th of September 2022 and conclude on the 16th of November 2022. After that, any application will be considered on a rolling basis, subject to any seat availability. 

The results for the first round will come out on the 6th of December, 2022. 

If accepted, the student is required to revert an answer within 3-4 weeks!

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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