Best Countries to Study Biotechnology: Universities & Fees

If you wish to find out the best country to study biotechnology, then you will have several options at your fingertips. 

Which is the Best Country to Study Biotechnology

Experts reckon that the US is one of the leading global biotech hubs along with the UK, Canada, and Australia. Biotechnology is the science of examining living organisms and biology to come out with new products and technologies which transform the world in multifarious ways. It is the study field covering food supply, healthcare, environment, and cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements. 

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Biotechnology: Course Brief

Biotechnology or bioscience programs help students get the right foundation in various subject segments like molecular biology, biochemistry, and chemistry. Biotechnology programs may have varying sub-topics and aspects of specialization. Some of the study areas may include the following: 

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry 
  • Molecular biology
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Cell biology
  • Proteins and enzymes
  • Pharmacology 

Methods of teaching are usually dependent on the institution along with the course curriculum, structure, and format. Yet, a majority of courses offer practical and laboratory-based learning in tandem with seminars, lectures, and other tutorials. Assessments mostly encompass coursework, research projects, lab work, practical assignments, write-ups, presentations, and essays along with written examinations. 

Best Universities to Study Biotechnology

Country University Name Program Average Fees (per year) Tenure
UK (United Kingdom) University of Portsmouth MSc in Biotechnology $23,048 (INR 17.28 lakh) 1 year
  University of Greenwich MSc in Biotechnology $18,334 (INR 13.75 lakh) 1 year
  Teesside University Food Science and Technology (Advanced Practice) $9,821 (INR 7.37 lakh) 20 months
USA University of Kentucky BSc (Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology) $29,050 (INR 21.79 lakh) 4 years
  Auburn University BSc (Applied Biotechnology) $32,220 (INR 24.17 lakh) 4 years
  DePaul University BSc (Biological Sciences- Microbiology and Biotechnology) $40,551 (INR 30.41 lakh) 4 years
  Florida A&M University BSc (Biological Systems Engineering, Bioprocessing and Food Engineering Option) $17,940 (INR 13.46 lakh) 4 years
  Marywood University MSc in Biotechnology $16,068 (INR 12.05 lakh) 2 years
  Northeastern University MSc in Biotechnology $25,500 (INR 19.13 lakh) 2 years
Australia University of Tasmania Bachelor of Biotech (Biotechnology and Medical Research Honours) $23,923 (INR 17.94 lakh) 1 year
  RMIT University BSc in Science (Biotechnology) $26,597 (INR 19.95 lakh) 3 years
  RMIT University MSc (Science- Applied Biology & Biotechnology Research) $25,159 (INR 18.87 lakh) 2 years
Canada Lakehead University BSc (Applied Life Sciences- Biotechnology) $21,169 (INR 15.88 lakh) 4 years
  Wilfrid Laurier University Integrated BSc or MA $23,365 (INR 17.53 lakh) 4 years
  Ontario Tech University Pharmaceutical Biotechnology BSc $21,201 (INR 15.91 lakh) 4 years
  University of Windsor Master of Medical Biotechnology $16,288 (INR 12.22 lakh) 2 years


Specializations of Biotechnology

You may study biotechnology at the undergraduate level via BSc and other programs. There are MSc and MMB programs for master’s courses. Some institutions also have MRes degrees (Master of Research). Once you complete your master’s course, you can further study your Ph.D. and MPhil courses in the subject. 

Job Prospects of Biotechnology

There are several career options available for graduates in the field. Some top positions include biochemists, biomedical engineers, biophysicists, epidemiologists, medical laboratory technicians, microbiologists, agricultural engineers, research scientists, and animal scientists in addition to plant and soil scientists. 

Expected Remuneration/Salary 

According to Payscale, the average salary is $82,000 (INR 61.50 lakh) per year for graduates in biotechnology. Here are the average salaries for various positions: 

  • Research Scientist- $54-120,000 (INR 40.5-90 lakh). 
  • Senior Research Scientist- $80-140,000 (INR 60 lakh to INR 1.05 crore). 
  • Principal Scientist- $91,000-156,000 (INR 68.25 lakh to INR 1.17 crore). 

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