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Study MBBS in Abroad – Top Universities, Fees & Jobs

Updated on 12 October, 2023

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Many Indian students are exploring opportunities abroad to fulfill their MBBS dreams. India has become one of the major source countries for medical students abroad. Based on several reports, it is estimated that every year 20,000 to 25,000 Indian students go abroad to study medicine


In this article, we will delve into the reasons why studying MBBS abroad can be a rewarding choice, explore top countries for pursuing MBBS abroad, provide an overview of average fees, duration, and eligibility criteria, discuss scholarships available, and shed light on the expected remuneration for MBBS graduates.


Why Study MBBS Abroad

There are several reasons benefiting your choice of study abroad in the field of medicine. Here’s a list of such advantages that studying medicine abroad brings to you:

  1. Quality EducationFor the Medicine subject, QS World University Ranking 2023 data shows that the top 25 colleges and universities are in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Therefore, over the years, these renowned universities abroad have provided high-quality education with state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technologies, and experienced faculty members. 
  2. Global Recognition: Statistics show that there have been 103 Nobel Laureates in medicine from the US, followed by 31 from the UK, 17 from Germany, 11 from France, and 9 from Sweden. Nobel Laureates from foreign countries have helped their countries gain global recognition. 
  1. Job Opportunities: Physicians, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and other professionals in the field can find lucrative opportunities abroad. For example, these medical profiles in the US can have a salary from USD 74,000 to USD 229,000 per year. Having an international degree helps with your candidature. 
  2. Cultural Exposure: When studying MBBS abroad, cultural exposure is one significant benefit students experience. It provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, interact with people from diverse backgrounds, and gain a broader perspective on healthcare practices and patient care.

Study MBBS Abroad: Eligibility

Although specific rules and eligibility criteria may vary among countries, here are the general eligibility guidelines for Indian students seeking to pursue MBBS abroad in some of the top countries.

Age Requirement

To pursue MBBS abroad, you must ensure that you have reached the age of 17 at the time of admission. There is no maximum age limit for applying to study MBBS abroad.

Academic Requirement 

Indian students must meet the following academic requirement before leaving for their host country:

  • Must have completed 10+2 from a recognised board.
  • Must have a minimum of 50% score in 10+2 level.
  • Several countries abroad require National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) - Under Graduate qualification.
  • Must provide the eligibility certificate issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC) (formerly the Medical Council of India (MCI)).
  • In the case of US and Canada medical schools, you must have already completed a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Medical Requirement

At the time of admission, you must present a medical certificate mentioning that you are not suffering from any contagious diseases.  

Exams Required to Study MBBS Abroad

Below mentioned are some of the exams mandatory for you to qualify:

  • National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test or NEET
  • Country-specific entrance exams like:
    • MCAT- Medical College Admission Test
    • GAMSAT- Graduate Medical School Admissions Test
    • UKCAT- University Clinical Aptitude Test
  • English proficiency tests like International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or Pearson Test of English (PTE) or any other language proficiency in case the medium of instruction is other than English. 

Documents Required to Study MBBS Abroad

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you must be prepared with several documents. Here’s a list of documents that you must submit as an international student during admissions to foreign colleges:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Marksheets and certificates of 10th and 12th standards
  • NEET score card
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Financial statement as proof of funding your studies abroad
  • Passport size photograph
  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate

MBBS Abroad vs MBBS in India

MBBS Abroad and MBBS in India differ in many ways despite having many similarities. Let’s look at and understand how MBBS Abroad varies from MBBS in India.

FactorMBBS AbroadMBBS in India
Level of EducationUndergraduateUndergraduate
Course Duration4 to 7 years5.5 years
Eligibility Criteria
  • 17+ years of age
  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • NEET exam
  • FMGE 
  • 17+ years of age
  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • NEET exam
Annual Course FeesUSD 10,918 to USD 62,850

Private: USD 17,330

Government: USD 20

Average Salary RangeUSD 37,135 to USD 203,253 per year*USD 8,620 per year*

*Source: Payscale

Top Countries to Study MBBS Abroad 

When it comes to studying abroad for Indian students, several countries top the list of popular destinations for medicine students. While choosing a country completely depends on your preferences, here is a list of top countries with their universities mentioned in the QS Ranking.


The United States offers excellent medical education and has a highly competitive admission process and higher tuition fees. Unlike India, MBBS in the USA is a postgraduate program, not an undergraduate one. Students earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree upon completion of the course. To pursue an MD degree in the US, you must have completed a three to four years bachelor's in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Here’s a list of the US colleges/universities, along with QS World Ranking by Subject 2023: Medicine, offering MD programs.

University/College NameRankAnnual Tuition Fee*Course Duration
Harvard University1USD 69,3005 years
Stanford University3USD 21,2494 to 5 years
Johns Hopkins University4USD 66,1734 years
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)9USD 49,9044 years
University of California, San Francisco10USD 11,7004 years

*As per university sites


The UK is renowned for its prestigious medical schools and a strong emphasis on research and clinical training. You must qualify for the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) and UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT), along with meeting other eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in the country. Here are the UK universities or colleges for medical studies and their QS World Ranking by Subject 2023: Medicine.

University/College NameRankAnnual Tuition Fee*Course Duration
University College London (UCL)6USD 59,6056 years
Imperial College London8USD 63,9176 years
King’s College London13USD 57,6005 years
Queen Mary University of London55USD 56,1185 years
University of Southampton62USD 33,4435 years

*As per university sites


Canada does not offer any undergraduate MBBS program; instead, it offers an equivalent postgraduate MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. It is a four years course for which you can apply if you have already completed a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree in Canada. Below mentioned are a few of the top colleges in Canada, along with their QS World Rankings by Subject 2023: Medicine.

University/College NameRankAnnual Tuition Fee*Course Duration
University of Toronto15USD 69,2274 years
McGill University22USD 4,5644 years
University of British Columbia (UBC)28USD 14,7904 years
University of Alberta92USD 7,3114 years

*As per university sites


Australia offers MBBS in the form of MD degrees. Further, these degrees include a Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (BMedSc/MD) and a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD). The duration of these programs varies and ranges from four to seven years. Here’s a list of Australian universities with their respective QS World Rankings by Subject 2023: Medicine that provides you with the best medical program.

University/College NameRankAnnual Tuition Fee*Course Duration
The University of Melbourne24USD 63,9304 years
The University of Sydney25USD 37,230 to USD 60,4984 to 7 years
Monash University40USD 57,8395 years
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)52USD 7116 years

*As per university sites

Scholarships to Study MBBS Abroad

To pursue MBBS abroad, various scholarships are available to help alleviate the financial burden for international students. These scholarships can provide valuable support and make pursuing an MBBS degree in a foreign country more accessible. Scholarships may vary depending on the country and university. Therefore, here are some scholarship options available for you in various countries.

AFPHM John Snow ScholarshipAustraliaUSD 500
University of Auckland John Hamel MacGregor Award in Medical Science AustraliaUp to USD 6,647
Faculty of Medicine Master's Scholarships - Imperial College London Faculty of MedicineUKUSD 7,890
King’s College London Global Health & Social Medicine UKUSD 7300
American College of Surgeons International Guest ScholarshipsUSAUSD 10,000
Dean's Scholarship for HMS Master's StudentsUS15% of the tuition fee
University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine AwardsCanadaUSD 22,627

Job Prospects

There are several options after completing an MBBS abroad. Most students prefer to complete their MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MCh (Master of Surgery) courses or even go on to do MBAs in healthcare management, bioinformatics, hospital administration, hospital management, and computational biology

Career options include positions like physicians, clinical researchers, professors, hospital administrators, medical writers, teachers, forensic psychiatrists, health analytics and informatics, medical examiners, diagnostic imaging/radiologists, and more. 

Expected Remuneration/Salary

The average salary or remuneration you can expect after completing your MBBS abroad will vary depending on the country and work profile. Here’s a list of a few of the MBBS job profiles and their average annual salary.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Base Salary*
PhysicianUSD 222,901
General SurgeonUSD 301,320
Obstetrician/GynecologistUSD 241,586
General SurgeonUSD 84,912
Physician/Doctor, OncologistUSD 78,069
Obstetrician/GynecologistUSD 48,222
General SurgeonUSD 116,880
Physician/Doctor, OncologistUSD 164,072
Obstetrician/GynecologistUSD 82,054
General SurgeonUSD 148,880
Physician/Doctor, OncologistUSD 189,174
Obstetrician/GynecologistUSD 147,470

*A per Payscale


Q. Which is the best country to study MBBS abroad?

A. To study MBBS abroad, several factors come into consideration while selecting a medical college or university. Based on the QS World Ranking by Subject 2023: Medicine data, the universities of the following countries rank top:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Sweden
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  6. Denmark
  7. South Korea
  8. Hong Kong SAR
  9. Belgium
  10. Singapore
  11. China

Q. Which country is MBBS free?

A. Germany offers a free MBBS program, as most universities are government and charge no tuition fee. However, students must pay other expenses such as living, travelling, books, and miscellaneous costs. Also, universities in other countries offer various scholarships to help you financially. 

Q. What is the minimum NEET score for MBBS abroad?

A. The minimum NEET score for MBBS abroad varies from university to university and country to country. A 150 NEET score is the minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing MBBS abroad.

Q. What is the average cost of MBBS abroad?

A. The cost of MBBS abroad ranges from USD 711 to USD 69,300 annually. MBBS fees vary depending on the universities of various countries.

Q. Can I join MBBS without NEET?

A. To pursue MBBS, it is mandatory for students to attempt and qualify for NEET. It is the eligibility criteria for all recognised universities and colleges worldwide.

Q. Which country's MBBS is not valid in India?

A. Based on the NMC report, MBBS from Pakistan is not valid in India. All the NMC-approved MBBS programs in foreign countries are valid in India.

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. She carries 7.5+ years of experience working with leading edutech companies where she worked as a Faculty, Community Manager, and Content Marketeer. At upGrad, she is helping out people keep informed about the scopes and opportunities of studying abroad via informational articles/blogs.

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