Study MBBS in Abroad – Top Universities, Fees & Jobs

You can venture to study MBBS abroad and take a look at the leading universities and institutions that you can apply to. If the question ‘can I study MBBS abroad without NEET?’ keeps hovering in your mind, then the answer to this question is mostly negative. However, there are only a few institutions that allow the same. 

Study MBBS in Abroad- Top Universities

If you were wondering how to study MBBS abroad, here is a list of universities that you can consider in diverse countries: 


1. The University of Pennsylvania

2. The University of California, San Diego

3. Duke University

4. Yale University

5. Columbia University

6. Stanford University

7. Harvard University 

8. The University of California, Los Angeles 

9. John Hopkins University

10. Boston University

11. Cornell University

12. The University of Maryland

13. The University of Colorado

14. New York University

The UK

1. The University of Cambridge

2. The University of Oxford

3. The University of Edinburgh

4. University College London (UCL)

5. King’s College, London

6. Newcastle University

7. The University of Glasgow

8. The University of Manchester

9. Imperial College, London

10. The Queen Mary University of London


1. The University of Toronto

2. The University of Sherbrooke

3. McGill University

4. Queen’s University

5. The Memorial University of Newfoundland 

6. McMaster University


1. Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne 

2. Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University

3. The Sydney Medical School

4. The Australian National University

5. The University of New South Wales

6. The Deakin University School of Medicine

7. The University of Sydney

8. The University of Tasmania

9. The University of Western Sydney

10. The University of Adelaide Medical School

12. James Cook University

13. The University of Queensland

14. Macquarie University

15. Flinders University School of Medicine

16. The University of Wollongong


1. ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 

2. Karolinska Institute

3. Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munich

4. The University of Helsinki

5. The University of Edinburgh

You can start applying to these reputed institutions for MBBS. You can also find and apply for a scholarship for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. 

Level of Education

MBBS in most of these countries is taken as a postgraduate degree, including the USA. 

Average Fee Required for the Program

Here is a glimpse into the average fee structure for MBBS from abroad: 

1. USA- USD 105,300-482,000 (approximately INR 78.98 lakh to INR 3.61 crore) 

2. UK- GBP 22,879-52,000 (approximately INR 22.87 lakh to INR 52 lakh)

3. Canada- CAD 1,20,000-3,67,000 (approximately INR 69.60 lakh to INR 2.75 crore)

4. Australia- AUD 255,000-630,000 (approximately INR 1.40 crore to INR 3.47 crore)

Job Prospects

There are several options after completing an MBBS abroad. Most students prefer to complete their MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MCh (Master of Surgery) courses or even go on to do MBAs in healthcare management, bioinformatics, hospital administration, hospital management, and computational biology. 

Career options include positions like physicians, clinical researchers, professors, hospital administrators, medical writers, teachers, forensic psychiatrists, health analytics and informatics, medical examiners, diagnostic imaging/radiologists, and more. 

Expected Remuneration/Salary

According to Payscale, here are the average salaries in the field: 

1. Doctor/Physician- USD196,499 (INR 1.47 crore)

2. Obstetrician/Gynecologist- USD 235,388 (INR 1.77 crore)

3. Doctor of Internal Medicine- USD 206,044 (INR 1.55 crore) 

The average annual salary in the United States is USD 204,634 (INR 1.53 crore) while it is Euro 1684 (INR 1.05 crore) in France and USD 125,416 (INR 94.06 lakh) in Italy. It is also USD 228,000 (INR 1.71 crore) in Switzerland while standing at USD 202,131 (INR 1.52 crore). In Canada, specialists may earn up to CAD 249,000 (INR 1.86 crore) annually. This also stands at USD 222,700 (INR 1.67 crore) in Germany. 

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