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Study MBBS in Iran in 2024: Admissions, Fees & Universities

Updated on 06 September, 2023

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Pursuing medical education is a dream for many aspirants, especially at leading institutions abroad. Does an MBBS in Iran sound offbeat to you? Did you know the International Journal of Health Policy and Management estimated that until 2030, Iran’s health expenditures will grow faster than its GDP, government revenues, and non-health spending? Doesn’t it sound fascinating?


You can study MBBS in Iran to build a lucrative global medical career while gaining invaluable global exposure and developing the necessary skill sets. The MBBS in Iran for Indian students and other international applicants is a 5-5.5-year program, and successful medical graduates can become certified medical practitioners. Here’s learning more about the same. 

Why Study MBBS in Iran

Why should you do an MBBS in Iran? Here are a few reasons that are worth looking at closely: 

  • Extensive Courses with Hands-On Learning- The best medical colleges in Iran offer study and research alike, along with hands-on practical experience under the supervision of renowned faculty members. The syllabus is usually divided into basic, clinical (major), and general categories.
  • Reasonable MBBS Fees- The MBBS in Iran costs reasonable for aspirants compared to several other countries. The general MBBS fees in Iran are around USD 6,000 yearly and upwards for these programs. 
  • Top Universities for Students-Discovering the right university in Iran for MBBS is not hard since the country is home to numerous institutions. For instance, the Iran University of Medical Sciences has been ranked among the best 500-600 universities worldwide per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. 

Top Specializations After MBBS in Iran

Here are a few common specializations that one can pursue after completing MBBS in Iran

  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Pathology
  • Psychiatry
  • Periodontics
  • Urology
  • Radiotherapy
  • Family Medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • General Surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ophthalmology 

Top Universities for MBBS in Iran 

Here are some of the top universities for an MBBS in Iran: 

UniversityQS Subject Ranking 2023
Tehran University of Medical Sciences301-350
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences451-500
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences501-550
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences501-550


MBBS in Iran: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for doing an MBBS in Iran vary across institutions, although a few common guidelines include the following: 

  • Official transcripts are required, including the final marks and proof of degree completion. Undergraduate applicants should furnish their high school diplomas. 
  • Candidates should meet the minimum GPA requirements per the university's specifications. Generally, the minimum accepted GPA is 3.0.
  • English language proficiency scores. Generally, a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 64 and an IELTS band of 5 is required.
  • In some universities, classes from the third year are held in Persian, hence learning Persian could be mandatory for students. 

MBBS in Iran: Intakes

The admission intakes for MBBS in Iran vary across institutions. Many universities have intakes in September and January. 

MBBS in Iran: Scholarships

There are several scholarships available for MBBS in Iran aspirants. Some of them include the following: 

  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) Financial Aid & Scholarship for Undergraduate Program- The first year of the scholarship is awarded by the International Education Council with a discount of up to 15% on tuition fees. There are annual scholarships from the second year based on academic merit, achievements, and good moral character.
  • TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) Relief Scholarship- Education fees have been lowered up to 40-50% for undergraduate courses under this scholarship. 
  • TUMS Scholarship- Under this scholarship, students meeting the scholarship criteria and identified as ‘top talented students’ are awarded a 50% discount on the first-year tuition fee.

MBBS in Iran: Jobs

Those working as doctors or physicians in the country after completing their MBBS in Iran earn approximately  IRR 105,000,000 (USD 2,473), while average salaries hover between IRR 38,700,000 (USD 915) and IRR 178,000,000 (USD 4,210). 

MCI-Approved Medical Colleges in Iran 

The approved colleges’ list earlier published by the Medical Council of India (MCI) has now been scrapped since the National Medical Commission (NMC) took over it in 2020. Currently, the NMC does not provide any list of approved medical colleges in foreign nations.

FMGE for Indian Students Completing MBBS From Iran 

The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination has to be taken by all students who have completed their MBBS or primary medical qualifications abroad and wish to practice in India. This is a must to practice as a doctor in India. 

  • The FMGE is a computer-based test administered by the NBE (National Board of Examination) in June and December every year. 
  • Medical professionals can only get registration from their State Medical Councils or SMCs after clearing the FMGE. 
  • To appear for the examination, candidates must also get ECs (eligibility certificates) from the Medical Council of India (MCI) as per their listed guidelines. 


An MBBS in Iran will help you take the first and most important step toward building your career as a medical professional. It will help you gain knowledge and mentorship and get hands-on practical experience. Here’s to a rewarding future ahead!


Can we do MBBS in Iran without NEET?

Some institutions accept applications without NEET scores, while others may insist on the same. You should check the requirements carefully on the official website before applying. 

After studying an MBBS in Iran can I work in India as a Doctor?

Working as a doctor in India after completing an MBBS degree in Iran is possible. However, medical graduates must pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) and obtain registration from their State Medical Councils to practice in India. 

Do universities in Iran provide accommodation?

Some institutions may offer accommodation options on campus to international students. Applicants should check the availability of the same while applying online. 

What is the salary of an MBBS Doctor in Iran?

The average salary of a doctor in Iran is approximately IRR 105,000,000. It may go up to IRR 178,000,000 with specialist skills and experience. 

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Pragya Sharma is a content developer and marketer with 6.5+ years of experience in the education industry. She started her career as a social media copywriter for NIELIT, Ministry of Electronics & IT, and has now scaled up as a 360-degree content professional well-versed with the intricacies of digital marketing and different forms of content used to drive and hook the target audience. She is also a co-author of 2 stories in an anthology based on the theme- women empowerment.

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