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Global Warming Essay for IELTS: The Winning Strategy

Updated on 02 February, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

IELTS or the International English language Testing System is a globally accepted English language proficiency test for assessing the English language skills of non-native English speakers. The test has four sections, and the fourth section is all about writing. It has two tasks, one of which is essay-writing. Applicants need to write an essay based on an issue or statement. One of the most popular topics involves a global warming essay in IELTS. The wording of the question might change but the topic based on global warming has been asked many times in IELTS over the years.

The essay-writing task or the ‘Task 2’ contributes to 66% of the writing score. To achieve a high band, applicants must practice some of the common topics, by adhering to all the important tips. If you are preparing for IELTS, the below-mentioned tips and samples will help you to write a winning essay.

Sample 1 for Global warming IELTS Essay

Global warming is one of the various climatic issues. Discuss the possible causes and offer measures to control the damage caused. 

The scientific community of the world accepts the fact that our world has turned warmer. The temperature of the earth is seeing a steep rise. A shift in the climatic conditions is an acute problem caused due to various aspects of global warming. 

Climate scientists have concluded that measures should be taken to restrict the temperature rise if we have to avoid hazardous droughts, earthquakes, floods, and forest fires in the coming years. Today, we will understand the possible causes and the solutions to decrease the threat associated with global warming.

Firstly, the burning of fossil fuels is one of the prime causes of global warming. The increasing demand for cars and energy consumption has escalated the emission from fossil fuels like petroleum and coal. 

Secondly, deforestation is a major cause behind the world turning warmer. Growing towns and cities are damaging the forests, which leads to deforestation. The forest absorbs a large amount of carbon monoxide. Due to deforestation, it is not being absorbed by the green plants and it remains in the atmosphere in large amounts. 

Several human activities cause global warming, but the major reason is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide trap sunlight to raise the temperature above the optimal standards. This leads to a sharp rise in the temperature. 

Lastly, the industries emit waste and hazardous chemicals into the air without treating them. These gases and harmful wastes have detrimental impacts on the environment. The temperature rise triggers various natural calamities like droughts, severe floods, and ice cap melting. The damage done cannot be altered. However, steps and measures need to be taken by both the government and individuals, to reduce damage in the future. 

Firstly, the government must regulate the emission of dangerous chemical waste and harmful carbon gases from industries. They should impose strict policies for the industries to control the harmful emissions, by treating them before releasing them into the air. Industries need to come up with environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. 

Secondly, apart from the government, every individual needs to be alert. Various community awareness schemes and programs are important to educate the masses about the causes and impacts of global warming. Individuals need to decrease the demand for cars and use public transportation. Alternatives like CNG and electric vehicles should be considered. Household wastes should be dumped in such a manner that the environment is not harmed. 

To conclude, global warming has harmful effects on mankind, the ecosystem, and wildlife. Individuals and government bodies are equally responsible for carrying out effective measures to control global warming. Effective strategies and awareness can at least reduce the harmful impacts of global warming. We should aim to make our earth - green, safe, and a happy place for lives to sustain. 

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Sample 2 for IELTS Essay about Global Warming

The damage caused by global warming is terrible. Discuss in the light of the statement. 

Even a small rise in the temperature is enough to trigger dramatic changes throughout our planet. Global warming has detrimental effects on humankind, the ecosystem, and wildlife. The rise in temperature and the world turning out to be warmer has negative impacts. Global warming has imposed severe threats to various sections of life. Every year we gain new evidence on the negative impacts of global warming. To take measures and find solutions to global warming, we need to understand its negative impacts.  

Firstly, the world has become hotter. Early snow melts and floods are common catastrophic conditions caused by global warming. The dramatic shortage of water will lead to forest fires. The wild habitat for thousands of species is endangered. 

Secondly, the rising sea level will lead to severe flooding. These will lead to the loss of fisheries and agricultural fields.  

Thirdly, the health of humans will also be affected. The warm conditions cause various health ailments like infections, skin problems, allergies, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, tick-borne encephalitis, and dengue fever are common due to the rise in temperature, air pollution, and the spread of pathogens.

Fourthly, plant and animal species are at risk. There are many endangered species and some are extremely vulnerable. The coral reefs and meadows are disrupted, leading to the loss of species. Deforestation is one of the major consequences of global warming. The loss of forest cover means fewer green lungs, more pollutants, and more harmful gases in the air. Deforestation leads to floods and soil erosion. Loss of forest cover accumulates carbon gases in the atmosphere that are unsafe for humans and wildlife. 

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Tips to Write an Essay in Task 2 of IELTS

  • The time allowed for IELTS writing task 2 is 40 minutes. So, applicants are recommended to complete the essay within 40 minutes. 
  • Applicants need to write an essay of over 250 words. There is no upper word limit but writing below 250 words means the essay is incomplete. 
  • Answer all parts of the questions. Focus on writing a quality essay to increase your score in task 2. 
  • The IELTS essay about global warming is a general topic. It is frequently used in task 2 essay topics. Applicants need to practice some common topics like global warming. 
  • Applicants need to focus on all the four marking aspects of the essay task – response, coherence, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • In an advantage and disadvantage essay, the focus should be on discussing relevant pros and cons of the topic or issue that is being discussed. If asked, the test taker needs to give their opinion too. 
  • In an opinion essay, all the views need to be discussed and then the applicant needs to give their own opinion. The opinion should have justified reasons. Do not offer irrelevant opinions that do not justify the topic.
  • In a cause-solution essay, similar to sample 1 below, you need to write all the causes and possible solutions and measures that can solve or reduce the problems. Do not talk about problems and solutions that are not related to the topic. 
  • The essay should have three parts – introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Plan your answer. Planning helps you to organize the essay with relevant ideas and structure.
  • Do not take words from the question. You will lose marks if you do so. Write the entire essay in your own words. 
  • Do not use bullets and numbers to write advantages, disadvantages, and opinions. It is important to state 3-4 points and elaborate on them with ideas and expressions.
  • Measures and solutions should be supported with real-life examples and they should look realistic. Do not offer ideas and measures that cannot be implemented in real instances. 
  • Use idioms wherever it is relevant. Do not stuff them, where it does not make sense. 
  • Stick to one opinion from introduction to conclusion. You cannot support one idea in the introduction and get a new opinion in the conclusion. 
  • Spellings are important. Do not make spelling mistakes. Cross-check, if you are writing any long and complicated sentences.
  • Do not repeat words and phrases. Make sure you do not use the same words, by expanding your vocabulary. Avoid repetition. 
  • Your opinion is very important. For this, you need to ask yourself questions so that you can delve into the topic, and get the best opinion and views.
  • The lexical resource is one of the four writing criteria that contribute to your writing score. Do not use very common vocabulary and words. 
  • Complete your answer. Your conclusion is important. Make sure you take time to write an excellent conclusion. 
  • Use formal language. The tone and format should be formal. 
  • Proofreading is important. It helps you to scan minor mistakes that would have impacted your score.

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Writing an excellent essay needs the right techniques and thorough preparation. The above-mentioned tips and samples on the IELTS essay about global warming will help you develop the skills to write a winning essay. If you are looking for more guidance on IELTS preparation, get in touch with the academic counselors of upGrad Abroad.

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