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Some People Say that Music is a Good Way to Manage Stress: IELTS Essay Samples

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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some people say that music is a good way

In IELTS writing task 2, a student is asked to write an essay description in at least 250 words. This exercise assesses the candidate's ability to respond by providing an opinion, discussing the topic, summarizing the details, outlining the problems, and identifying the possible solutions from your own knowledge and experience.
Here are the essay samples for the topic- Write an essay on some people who say that Music is a good way. You can approach this topic from different perspectives. You can highlight the importance of Music or how it evolved in order to describe the impact it has on our lives. Here are some samples to help you get the idea.

Some people say that Music is a good way to manage stress: Sample 1

It is believed by most people that Music is a good way to deal with everyday stress. I somewhat agree with this statement. Most individuals learn to play an instrument, listen to songs and sing when they feel trapped inside their heads. To talk factually about the effects of Music on stress management, research conducted in 2020 claimed that listening to Music helps in lowering the heart rate that goes up whenever we feel stressed. It also manages the stress hormone known as cortisol. Whenever we hear a song that we like, our brain releases endorphins that play an important role in improving our sense of well-being. 

On the other hand, I also think that Music can work as a stress reliever in times of stress and anxiety. However, it does not always work in favor. Sometimes, it can go the other way around. In some specific situations, when an individual is already overwhelmed by the thoughts going on in his mind, listening to Music can either elevate those feelings or have no effect on the mood of the person. It can also depend on the type of genre the person listens to. 

To conclude, Music can have a positive impact on people's well-being, but it depends on the intensity of negative emotions they feel. If an individual is in a fragile mental state, Music can also act as a trigger. 

Word Count: 232

Tentative Band Score:6.5

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Some say Music is the best way to unite people from different backgrounds (culture, ethnicities, and ages): Sample Essay 2

For ages, Music has played a pivotal role in the lives of many people belonging to different nationalities. It has removed all the cultural and linguistic barriers between different nations and brought them closer to achieving sustainable goals. 

It has also successfully reduced the communication gap between the younger and the older generation. In my opinion, Music has emerged as a platform to convey the messages of unity, love, and peace and also finds its place in evoking the feeling of patriotism.  

In India, Music is highly revered, and its history dates back to the Vedic times. The bhajans and kirtan have been an integral part of Indian society, which shows how Music is employed to attain spiritual goals. Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning and the arts, especially Music, is worshipped. All these facts reflect the ingrained love for Music in our hearts. On the contrary, Music has also been abused by different people and governments to fulfill their evil motives, which led them to resort to using Music as a medium to showcase violence and hatred. However, the pros win over the cons that exist about the utilization of Music. 

I would like to conclude that, times and again, Music has proven to be a unifying factor that has brought down different barriers, geographical or cultural, and brought people closer. It has cemented the relations between various countries by uniting people across all age groups and social beliefs and reinforced the same school of thought. 

Word Count:248

Tentative Band Score:7

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In how many ways Music benefits us?

Music has a lot of benefits. It is known to improve sleep, uplift mood, sharpens memory, and bring down stress levels.

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