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Modern Forms Of Communication: IELTS Essay Writing

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

modern forms of communication

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has an entire portion dedicated to the speaking and in one of the speaking parts, there is an activity where a cue card is provided to the candidate and one is asked to speak on a topic continuously for two to three minutes. Every student must write a comprehensive and explanatory answer that explains every aspect of the question.

In the present scenario, the question requires the student to discuss and elaborate upon the modern forms of communication. Their answer must cover the following points:

  • List down some essential and modern forms of communication
  • Are these modes of communication a boon or bane for the people?
  • Navigating a balance between the in-person and virtual communication modes
  • The concluding opinion

Discuss whether you are in favor of or against the prevalence of modern forms of communication: Question 1

The modern world has evolved over the years due to the progress made in the field of technology. Communicating with your loved ones in a world like this shouldn't be difficult. Thanks to the modern forms of communication like messaging and video calling, you can now stay in close touch with your clan. 

People from the older generation are often found not favoring these advancements. They believe that newer modes of communication have eradicated the possibility of one-on-one discussions. Mechanizing the process of connecting with someone has erased the presence of human feelings. It is very difficult to understand the tone and emotion through mere texts.

However, I believe that having access to each other via texts, calls, and video chats has made the world more compact. Today, I can talk to a friend that may be sitting miles away. It has allowed more human bonds to forge and relationships to not fall apart due to a lack of communication, especially in a pandemic. 

With that said, I also understand the value of human touch or being physically around the people you love. Finding this balance between the two is essential.

So, talk to people around you, in your college or office. Reach out to them, exchange your views, celebrate with them, laugh with them, and share your sorrows. Nothing beats having someone around physically. If that's not possible, you can always call and text to fill the void. In my opinion, these communication modes are a boon if used properly.

Tentative Band Score- 6

Word Count- 255

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What do you prefer- connecting on social media or talking in person: Question 2

As the world moves forward, the ways of our communication have evolved. There was a time when we were young and would meet up with our friends in the colony playground every evening. That was how we stayed in the loop with each other's life. Today, that connection is replaced by watching each other's posts on social media platforms. 

The modern forms of communication like texts, calls, emails, and social media have brought the people in our lives closer. Those who live miles away feel next to us when you video call. Technology has allowed us to never lose touch with people we love. Hence, it’s a boon, in my opinion. 

With that said, sometimes the line gets blurry. People cancel meeting each other only to watch their friends have fun on the social media posts later. We live more in the curated reality present virtually rather than what we have in the present. This can be dangerous if we lose touch with our lives and those around us. 

Virtual connections are a suitable replacement only when there is no choice but to use them more, as in a pandemic or if you cannot leave your house owing to having been sick or similar exceptions. Otherwise, if you do have the access, then going over to meet someone in-person, having a quick chat, a hug, and a shared goodbye is always more meaningful. 

So, if I had to pick one mode of communication over the other, I'd choose to be around someone physically unless faced with an event that renders me incapable.

Tentative Band Score- 6

Word Count- 262

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Frequently Asked Questions

How have the modes of communication evolved?

Ten to fifteen years back, the primary mode of communication was going to someone's house, sitting in their living room while sharing a hot cup of tea as you talk. The idea sounds so simple and lovely. Yet, today, it's no more standard practice. Today, a person has to first call or text another person, make small talk, ask where they are, and then perhaps, make plans to meet each other. The modes of communication have evolved and have made us more distant as much as they have made reaching out more accessible. It's truly ironic.

In the face of modern communication channels, has writing letters lost its meaning?

Letter writing was a primary practice that was prevalent before the advent of technology. People from our parents' generation often wrote letters to each other, giving details of their day and life. Writing down how you feel and sending it to someone close was a personalized act. Texting, on the other hand, lacks the same effect. There are always a few texts lying unread, and the conversations have become superficial. Unfortunately, today, it is the fundamental way of communication, and letter writing is not as prevalent as it used to be a long time ago.

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