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Describe a Person Who Impressed You in Primary School : IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 12 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

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describe a person who impressed you in your primary school

With four sections (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in the entire paper, the IELTS exam requires candidates to write essays, and also attempt a speaking exam in a face-to-face interview. Each section needs to be attempted within the given time frame and students need to attempt the given tasks within the prescribed word limit, especially when writing the essays. 

Given below are the samples of the ‘Describe a person who impressed you in primary school IELTS Cue Card.

Describe a Person Who Impressed You in Your Primary School IELTS : Sample 1

As a scion of a family where inner beauty was conferred as an overriding factor, I was the black sheep! Not by virtue of being superficial, but unambiguously I admired how the 'Teacher' in my van dressed and how her redolence incessantly sublimated the pertinence of inner beauty. The 'Teacher' being the owner of the van, traveled with her students each day on her way back home.

I was impressed with how she remained fresh after maneuvering nearly 40 primary students. Promulgating the rules to the first-timers, her outer beauty and inner calmness interminably impressed me. From how the journey way back home was to start with a prayer that she offered to Lord Jesus, to the virtues she passed on to her pupils; I was compelled to follow most of them. It felt as though her righteousness indicated how I could be the best version of myself. 

Although I never followed what she preached as soon as I left the van and headed home, that's a different story! The teacher wasn’t assigned as my class- teacher, so meeting and greeting her in the van was the only opportunity I could get to impress her. Therefore, I promptly pretended to agree with what she said. This art of pretense for good is now an impactful part of me. Each day, I pretend to accede to copious suggestions; however, follow my heart when it comes to implementation. 

Today, I realize that the teacher, her eloquence, and her camaraderie with the primary students were a part of her disposition. I can also fathom how her articulation was monumental in instilling confidence in me and that her inner beauty was equally flawless. Her outer aura was a consequence of her kindness and patience which are vital elements of the beauty of all kinds!

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Describe a Person Who Impressed You in Primary School: Sample 2

During my schooling days, I have met a fair amount of people including my wonderful teachers and friends. Among these, some of them have engraved everlasting memories. For me, it was my altruist teacher Ms. Daisy who impressed me the most during my budding years in primary school. She taught me in 5th grade. Her discipline, forbearance, zeal, and her unconventional teaching method spurred my academic and holistic growth.

I had always been a bright student and unhesitatingly participated in almost every extra-curricular activity in school. I was extremely competitive and despised being second to anyone.  But I was always demotivated by a classmate; my greatest competition, which over a while instilled inferiority and made me diffident. It was my teacher’s belief, motivation, and patience that enabled me to overcome this situation. She worked hard with me and made me practice every subject rigorously. It was only because of her assistance that I was able to analyze my weaknesses and work on particularly those places where I lagged.

This helped me gain my confidence back and it was evident from my improved grades. I was awarded a scholarship for my academic performance that year as I secured the first rank in my class. Not only did she help me achieve my goal but she taught me a crucial life lesson. She always emphasized that hard work and smart work are equally important. All one needs to do is to patiently keep working towards their goal in a disciplined manner and give it your best shot no matter what.

I am grateful to her for mentoring me and taking me out of the abyss. Such an association makes me feel fortunate to have learned from her and to have met a noteworthy person in my life.

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