telecommuting has many advantages and the following drawbacks

Telecommuting Has Many Advantages And the Following Drawbacks: IELTS Essay

Updated on 20 June, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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‘Telecommuting has many advantages and the following drawbacks’ makes for an argumentative IELTS essay with lots of content. The question features as part of writing task 2 of the IELTS test. When attempting it, the writer must stick to the important points and show creativity by mentioning out-of-the-box points too.

Telecommuting has many advantages and the following drawbacks: Sample 1

From 1970, when the term 'Telecommuting' was coined by Jack Nilles, the father of modern telecommunication, to the current dependence observed during the pandemic, the use of telecommuting has paced up. Many professionals have not returned to the 'normal' way of working. The use of telecommunication tools during the pandemic has been a boon for the organizations and, at the same time, has wobbled the lives of the workforce and the people around. 

Telecommunication has proven to be advantageous to both the employees and the employer, which is why a study by PwC has shown that around 83% of employees would prefer work from home even after the pandemic.

Here are some principal benefits of telecommunication: 

∙ Unlike remote work, telecommuting entails a blend of working from the office premise and at home. This has enabled employees to have access to the perks of both working from home and office.

∙ Better work-life balance that leads to productivity. Telecommuting can thus be a win-win for both- the organization and the employee.

∙ Attainment of cost and time efficiency for both employee and gaffer, in terms of overhead costs, transportation or cab charges, etc.

∙ Invigorates values such as synergy, mutual trust, initiative, self-motivation, and many others at the workplace. 

Over time, the disadvantages of telecommunication have superseded the advantages: 

∙ Seniors, at their immediate discretion or otherwise, expect the employees to work for more than 8/9 hours.

∙ Managers can eventually find managing the employees over the telephone a challenging task, causing distrust among them.

∙ Limited personal contact with co-workers can sometimes hinder professional growth and can increase the attrition rate too.

In a nutshell, telecommuting might have gained popularity over time, but companies are still digging out reasons to stick to the traditional work model.

Tentative Band Score: 6

Word Count: 297

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Telecommuting has many advantages and the following drawbacks: Sample 2

Talking to cousins and family abroad using ‘Skype’ was the earliest way to telecommute, as far as I remember. In the 2000s, all the overseas meetings began to take place on Skype. With a low frequency of such a meeting, each meeting was exciting.   

Gradually the era of Skype faded away and was replaced by face-time, WhatsApp video, and the inbuilt video calling feature in smartphones. With the recurrent use of these, the zeal began to wane, for except for those in love! This depicts human nature and how humans lose interest in anything that becomes excess. 

And then, the overwhelming phase of the pandemic embarked the entire world to go digital, and that's when telecommunication attained the deemed popularity. Telecommuting has been the saving grace for the employees, the employer, the schools, and the children, for the trainers and the trainee, as they all remained connected throughout the pandemic. The children did not lose out on the curriculum, and the employees remained occupied and earned to provide for their families. Even now, observing the transport facility in my country, telecommuting comes across as an apt choice. 

Thus, telecommuting has many advantages but the following drawbacks adjudicate it as a concern. From the lack of real communication to missing the ambiance at work, the drawbacks of telecommuting are plenty:

∙ Feeling disembodied and dissatisfied 

∙ Unruly work hours, adding to the stress 

∙ Learning quiver is nearly empty, and enthusiasm to learn is absent

∙ Lack of communication leads to no new idea-generation

∙ The leadership turns into animosity as the virtual media is confusing

Humans are social beings, and any kind of permanent isolation can impact their mental well-being. Having someone around to pour your heart out strengthens relationships. Hence, telecommunication is good only when the necessity arises.  

Tentative Band Score: 6.5

Word Count: 300

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I want to write only the drawbacks of telecommuting?

An IELTS essay expects you to not only be opinionated throughout the essay. It needs to have both the elements, advantages, and disadvantages, along with a brief on what you as a writer think. So, always think of writing a balanced essay.

Q. How much time should I spend on writing task 2?

As the writing task in total takes 60 minutes and contributes to 2/3 of the total score, you must spend 40 minutes on the task 2 writing part.

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