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IELTS 8 Band Essay Samples : Complete Guide

Updated on 27 June, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

IELTS essay writing is the Task 2 of the writing section in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. An IELTS essay is structured like all other essays – introduction, body, and conclusion. Essay writing is Task 2, which needs to be completed in 40 minutes, and the word count should be 250 words. However, there is no upper limit. 

For test-takers, practice is the key to writing a winning essay and scoring 8 band in the IELTS essay writing section. To be successful in IELTS task 2 it is necessary to follow effective writing techniques and practice. The IELTS 8 band essay samples we have curated in this article will help the aspirants prepare for writing task 2.

Essay 1

In many countries in the world, young generations start leaving their parents' homes once they finish high school. They start living on their terms or share a house with friends or colleagues. Is this a positive or negative development? Give reasons for your answer.

In the present time, it is very common among the young generation to start living an independent life after graduating from school. The trend has more positive effects which outweigh the drawbacks, and the reasons will be discussed in detail.

Many youngsters have now started living on their own after graduating from high school and start living independently on their terms and conditions. The young people who start living on their own take up their responsibilities, including household chores, and maintain financial independence. Thus, instead of being childish and reliable to parents, they are motivated to become independent, learn new skills, and develop themselves. The younger generation starts earning from a very young age through various full-time and part-time job opportunities. 

Although it looks challenging for a person to leave behind the home where he/she has grown up, it actually becomes a valuable experience to become a responsible adult. Moreover, parents can also enjoy this time for themselves. Not only do they have a lot of financial flexibility, but they also can maintain their lifestyle and habits. For instance, the trend allows a lot of people to travel the world, which is impossible if their children want to stay with them even after completion of studies. 

Well, there are some challenges too. In some cases, under the influence of new housemates and friends, the young generation might get involved in petty crimes and drugs. 

In conclusion, even though there are negative consequences to this new practice in this society, I strongly believe that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks for both the child and their parents.

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Essay 2 

In the modern world, it is possible to shop, work and communicate with people via the internet and live without any face-to-face contact. Is it a positive or negative development?

The feasibility of communication, shopping, and remote working through the internet is eliminating the importance of face-to-face encounters. I strongly believe that the merits of this opportunity surely outweigh the demerits.

With the increased usage of the internet for shopping and communication, there is a decreased demand for transport. The decreased mode of transportation will result in less damaging gas emissions, which contributes towards a healthy and clean environment. Furthermore, when commuting time is reduced significantly, individuals get a lot of free time for themselves and their loved ones. If you don't have to travel to work or get your shopping done, you can devote those moments towards something better. Individuals can work, socialize, spend time with family or start working on their creativity. In the modern world, it is easy to communicate, work and shop without any in-person face-to-face connection.

Another key aspect of using the internet would be the development of new state-of-the-art digital and telecommunication applications. These modern technologies help individuals access the internet to send and receive content and media by clicking on some simple buttons. In contrast to the time when individuals communicated through handwritten letters that would take months to reach the destination. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to online communication that reduce human contact, interaction, and bond. Moreover, online communications have imposed a dire threat to mental health as socialization has been completely restricted. To recapitulate, the increasing usage of the internet brings huge benefits to individuals. It creates a sustainable environment and generates more free time for individuals. By taking the help of technological advancement, we can save time, create strong bonds with friends and family. I strongly believe this is a positive development for individuals, society, and the environment. 

Essay 3 

Marketing and promotion is the key to a successful business. To what extent do you agree?

Businesses usually have two most important functions, marketing, and innovation. Marketing is the key to a successful business. I strongly agree with this statement.

Through marketing, a particular brand can grab the attention of all its potential customers. In this age, unlimited brands and companies are trying to impress the same customer with the help of traditional and new-age media. In such an instant, without marketing, brands are not able to prove the credibility and quality of their products and services. Effective marketing keeps the brand at the top in the mind of the customers so that they can recall every time they need a particular service or product. Nowadays, with innovation, every brand has good products and services. What makes a difference is how you market the products and services to your potential customers. By contrast, brands that market products poorly cannot attain or grab the attention of customers, which means that products and services are left unsold.

Promoting services and products among potential segments is a vital part of marketing. There are various strategies for effective promotion to achieve the maximization of sales. Recruiting great marketers should be the number one priority to promote products and connect and engage with the segments. When the promotion of a product or service is done effectively, the customers can address their needs and requirements with the specific brand's products and services. That is how a brand can be successful with a huge customer base.

To conclude, I strongly believe that marketing and promotion are the two most essential key aspects behind the success of a particular brand. Without effective marketing strategies, it is not possible to grab customer attention and improve the scalability of the business.

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Essay 4 

People nowadays tend to have children at an older age. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In the present time, individuals are participating in a race to earn more and live an opulent luxury life. It is very common for couples to have children at an older age. This is because they devote the maximum part of their 20's and mid 30's to building a good career. They pay priority and attention to fulfilling objectives and goals first. While there are several advantages to this ongoing trend, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Individuals have personal reasons to get babies when they are in their 30s or 40s. One of the prominent reasons behind this is achieving financial independence. Parenthood is related to several responsibilities. Since the younger couples are unlikely to earn a handsome salary, they are not financially ready to welcome the new baby. Hence, they prefer having a child only when they are financially stable at a later stage of their life.

However, this ongoing trend has its disadvantages. The most prominent disadvantage is health problems. Giving birth to babies after the mid-30s can be troublesome. This is because the chance of fertility reduces in both men and women with the signs of aging which ultimately leads to personal problems. Many couples who start a family at a later stage of life eventually decide to adopt due to infertility. Also, it can be seen in many cases that babies conceived at a later stage in life always come with genetic problems. Hence, having babies at an older age is somewhat risky. 

To conclude, in my opinion, demerits always outweigh the advantages of having a child at a later stage of life. The risk of health problems, personal problems, and infertility is very serious.


It is important to practice for the IELTS 8 band essay to get an overall good score in IELTS. Ace up your score by practicing essay writing about the above-mentioned samples!

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