What is the Required IELTS Score to Study in New Zealand?

What is the required IELTS score to study in New Zealand?

Updated on 18 January, 2022

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New Zealand is a sought after destination for students for job-oriented education. Being an English speaking country, educational institutions in New Zealand ask for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores. A minimum score of 6.5 (overall) is required to get admission into courses in New Zealand. Whenever you submit an application for undergraduate courses, you have to score at least 6.0 (overall) in the IELTS examination. Some New Zealand universities also take applications from those students who have obtained a 5.5 band in any IELTS section, i.e. listening, writing, reading or speaking. Hence, if you have obtained a score of 5.5 in any section in your previous IELTS test, you can still submit your applications without any hassles. 

Here’s taking a look at the minimum IELTS score required for New Zealand in various courses: 

1. Diploma Courses- This will require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 with no band score being lower than 5.5. The minimum academic eligibility is successfully clearing High School. 

2. Bachelors Degree- Aspirants who have successfully passed High School can apply for these degrees in New Zealand. The minimum IELTS score required is 6.0 with no band being lower than 5.5. 

3. Post-Graduate Diploma- The minimum requirement for applying is a Bachelors degree. The IELTS score required is 6.5 at least with no band score being lower than 6.0. 

4. Graduate Diploma- The minimum IELTS score required is 6.0 with no band score going below 5.5. The eligibility for applying is a Bachelors degree. 

5. Masters Degree- A Bachelors degree is required for applying with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 and no band score going below 6.0. 

Getting a student visa for the 2021 or 2022 academic sessions in New Zealand will require a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 as per latest reports. 

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Institution-Wise IELTS Score Required in New Zealand 

Here’s taking a closer look at the minimum IELTS Score required in New Zealand’s leading universities and academic institutions. 

1. Massey University

Students are required to have 5.5 as their overall IELTS score for applying for the Diploma in Business Studies course at the university. It is one of the youngest universities in the country and the only one to provide programs in aviation. The minimum IELTS score needed for postgraduate programs is 6.5 (overall). Every band should have a score of at least 6.0 in this case. The minimum IELTS score should be 6.0 (overall) for undergraduate courses while every band should have a minimum score of 5.5.  

2. AUT (Auckland University of Technology)

The minimum overall IELTS score is 5.5-6.0 for students seeking foundation programmes at this institution including diploma and undergraduate courses. The university started operations in the year 1906 and offers various courses including Health & Environmental Sciences and Culture & Society. IELTS Academic is the recommended examination to study at the university. Undergraduate courses require 6.0 as the minimum overall IELTS score and at least 5.5 for every segment. For postgraduate courses, the minimum score should be 6.5 (overall) and the score should not be lower than 6.0 for every band. 

3. University of Auckland

The IELTS score required in New Zealand’s famous University of Auckland is 6.0 (overall). No band should also have a score that is lower than 5.5. It is one of the leading institutions in the country, encompassing 30,000+ students and 8 faculties. Programs like engineering require 7.0 as the minimum IELTS score. The minimum score is 6.5 (overall) for postgraduate programmes and 6.0 for every band. 


4. University of Otago

The University of Otago is the oldest university in the country and comes with four faculties along with a solid research program. The minimum IELTS score requirement is 6.0 (overall) for undergraduate courses and this is also the minimum score requirement for each band. However, pursuing a degree in Teaching/Education Studies, the minimum IELTS score will be 7.0 (overall) and also 7.0 for each band. Prospective applicants should have a minimum overall score of 6.5 along with 6.0 as the per-band/section score in case of postgraduate courses. The requirements may be slightly more stringent in case of Law, Dentistry and Public Health among other courses. 

5. Victoria University of Wellington

The Victoria University of Wellington was founded in the year 1897 and is famous for its Humanities and Law programs. The minimum IELTS score requirement is 6.0 (overall) for undergraduate courses and no band should have a score that is lower than 5.5. In case of postgraduate courses, the overall score requirement is 6.5 along with a minimum score of 6.0 in every IELTS band. 

6. University of Christchurch

The University of Christchurch offers numerous course options for eligible applicants. Global students desirous of enrollment in undergraduate courses should have an overall IELTS score of 6.0. You should also not obtain lower than 6.0 for writing and 5.5 in each of the other IELTS sections. If you are applying for postgraduate courses, then 6.5 is the overall score required along with a minimum score of 6.0 in the writing band and 5.5 as the minimum score for all the other segments. Exceptions are however given to meritorious students and on the case-to-case mechanism. 


7. University of Waikato

The University of Waikato was established in the year 1984 and is one of the youngest such institutions in the country. The minimum score requirement for IELTS is 6.0 and scores should not be lower than 5.5 in every band for undergraduate courses. For postgraduate courses, the overall IELTS score should be 6.5 while the score in every band should be at least 6.0. 

8. Lincoln University

Lincoln University is popular for offering one of the country’s very first programs in agriculture along with being the third oldest university in the entire country. Undergraduate applicants will require 6.0 as their overall score and at least 5.5 for every band. For postgraduate courses, an overall score of 6.5 will be required. The minimum score should be at least 6.0 for every band. 

Students aspiring to study in New Zealand and follow the details above while planning to apply to some of the country’s top educational institutions.

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