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Leading Causes and Effects of Obesity IELTS Essay

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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causes and effects of obesity ielts essay

The causes and effects of obesity IELTS essay should be written with a lot of care and caution. There are multiple ways that you can approach your essay and structure it to earn brownie points. The usual structure is the following: 

Introduction - Paragraph 1 (Causes) - Paragraph 2 (Effects) – Conclusion. 

You should allocate around 40 minutes for this essay while keeping the minimum word count at 250 words, although there is no recommended upper limit.

Causes and Effects of Obesity IELTS Essay Samples

Sample 1

In recent times, the count of obese or overweight individuals is continually on the rise. This essay will talk about the key reasons behind such an epidemic of obesity while then talking about the possible effects of the issue. 

The biggest causes or reasons behind mushrooming obesity include lack of physical activity and poor eating habits such as eating at the wrong time or switching to junk food over healthy food. More and more individuals now rely on cars or bikes for commuting instead of walking or taking public transportation while also executing work of a less physically demanding nature. In most cases, they also choose leisure and recreational activities that are not high on the physical activity quotient. These factors lead to lesser calories being burned and rampant weight gain. The problem is further worsened by the growing tendency to consume unhealthy meals and fast food, high in calories and other harmful elements. For instance, reports state how 50% of the European adult population suffers from obesity chiefly due to eating disorders and lack of a balanced dietary regime. 

Possible effects of this issue include mental and physical ailments and productivity losses. Firstly, obesity leads to improper functioning of our bodies and higher propensities for chronic disorders. For instance, with a rise in overall body fat percentages, people's metabolisms get impacted, leading to ailments such as heart diseases or even diabetes in some cases. Secondly, obese or overweight individuals are more likely to be unhealthy and give in to tiredness or stress alike. This further reduces their overall working productivity and abilities. For instance, studies often show that overweight individuals need to work harder to finish several tasks compared to their peers with balanced or normal weight levels. 

To conclude, obesity is a major issue that has impacted a large chunk of society recently. It is chiefly caused by sedentary lifestyles and lack of a balanced diet, and various other factors. It leads to chronic and severe issues while also leading to productivity losses. (332 words) 

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Sample 2

Obesity may be technically defined as a health condition where an individual accumulates excessive fat in the body, negatively affecting their health levels. The growing obesity rate is majorly caused due to several lifestyle factors across developed and developing countries alike. This article will discuss the societal impact of an increasing number of overweight or obese citizens in detail.

The first and foremost reason behind the increasing rate of obesity can be unhealthy dietary changes daily and a fast-paced lifestyle that promotes junk food for its taste and the reason it gets instantly ready. A growing number of citizens end up opting for unhealthy food items with higher sugar content, and many consume fried and junk food regularly. The inclination of people towards junk food has been further accentuated by the proliferation of popular brands selling unhealthy fast food. Though this daily lifestyle may still be okay for the underweight, it will lead to a severe increase in fat levels for regular individuals. They ultimately become overweight or obese within a few years of following such unhealthy lifestyles. 

Societies with growing obesity rates may also witness a concurrent lack of physical activity and exercise in these people. Higher pressures of professional and social commitments while neglecting physical education and sports at educational institutions are reasons behind the lack of exercise amongst all age groups. 

Some may argue that with prospective health ailments and risks turning graver in recent times, it may be a good idea to remain overweight or obese if it has a positive impact on the immune system, without sudden or fluctuating changes in body weight. Yet, studies in several nations have clearly indicated how obesity leads to severe issues linked to sleeping patterns, heart ailments, focus, and diabetes, along with many other problems. If not fixed at the outset, overweight or obese individuals may ultimately face critical health scenarios that may eventually pose risks to their lives. 

While the evidence does not exist suitably about overweight citizens contributing more towards the socio-economic growth or higher productivity of nations, the simple rule of thumb is that they require higher food than regular individuals. As can be seen, this directly accentuates the rising burden on global food and agricultural production. 

To conclude, a higher obesity rate is mainly due to higher consumption of unhealthy food and lack of physical exercise due to several prevalent factors today. Obesity is thus a harbinger of serious health risks and issues that will only impact people negatively. (420 words)

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