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GRE Vocabulary List - Useful Insights

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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vocabulary words for gre

Looking for a good GRE vocabulary list? You should know that a  basic list will help you immensely for preparing for the GRE test. There are multiple such lists that are available. However, you should focus on some core words that stand out more than others. This will help you build up your vocabulary in the right manner. 

In fact, you will find it helpful to use data to create a GRE word list vocabulary with memory triggers that will help you during revision, or last-minute practice.

Useful Vocabulary List for GRE

Comparatively Easy Words

  • Aberration- This means something that departs from anything conventional or expected. 
  • Blight- Means anything that damages, destroys, or spoils any item. For instance, blighting a crop or damaging it. 
  • Bolster- It means strengthening or providing support to something. 
  • Chronic- Something that lasts long or perennially and cannot be left out or wiped out/eliminated. 
  • Dote- Fondly look at something, love something dearly, or be devoted to something. 
  • Facetious- This means flippantly or irreverently perceiving something, usually with humor that is not appropriate, i.e., using inappropriately humorous ways of treating anything of a serious nature. 
  • Fluke- Something happening by chance, good luck, or a fateful twist. 
  • Harangue- A speech that is long and aggressive/attacking. It can be similar to a long rant or tirade against something. 
  • Opaque- Something which is non-transparent or something hard to see through. 
  • Prodigal- Anyone behaving recklessly, usually leaving home, although returning in a repentant manner later. 
  • Quack- Any fraudulent or non-qualified individual claiming to possess special expertise in any discipline/field. 
  • Ruminate- Deeply think about anything, or contemplate any matter. 
  • Treacherous- This means someone guilty of deceiving or betraying someone. 
  • Volatile- Anything which is frequently changing, and unpredictable. For instance, the stock market can be volatile
  • Wry- This means dry humor or a sardonic/satirical form of expression.

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Slightly More Difficult Words

  • Abate- Come down, lower intensity, or die down in a manner of speaking. It can also mean subsiding
  • Boor- A person who is not refined, ill-behaved and coarse. 
  • Dictum- A statement about any principle, truth, maxim, saying, or regulation. 
  • Extol- Enthusiastically praise and advocate. 
  • Foible- Any minor flaw, issue, weakness, or eccentric trait in an individual's character. 
  • Grouse- A complaint, petty issue, or moaning about something. 
  • Hapless- Someone who is facing back luck or is unfortunate. 
  • Inquest- A judicial inquiry process, about any event, more like death or any other incident. This could also mean an investigation or inquiry. 
  • Largesse- Generosity and liberality in sharing wealth or good fortune. 
  • Maudlin- Excessively emotional and sentimental, often tearful and prone to self-pity. 
  • Natty- Stylish, fashionable, smart, and dapper. For instance, being nattily dressed. 
  • Pallid- Means pale, usually due to health issues, or excessively white. 
  • Quotidian- Something that is quotidian is an aspect/element which is everyday, ordinary, and especially mundane. 
  • Stipulate- Lay down something, outline something, demand something, or make something clear, usually in agreement, instruction, and so on. 
  • Verbose- Something that means lengthy and expressing things with many more words than is usually necessary. 

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Tougher Words

  • Abeyance- Something that is suspended or paused temporarily. It may also mean reserved. 
  • Bilk- Means restricting/getting money from an individual without any logical justification or through deceitful means. 
  • Catalyst- Anything that stimulates, sparks, or gives impetus to anything. 
  • Dyspeptic- This means continual irritability or indigestion. This could also equate to depression or being short-tempered due to these issues. 
  • Extant- Something that still survives or exists. 
  • Fracas- A rowdy or noisy argument, quarrel, disturbance, or brawl. 
  • Gerontocracy- A group, authority, society, community, state, or nation governed by older individuals. 
  • Iconoclast- Someone who doesn’t believe in long-established concepts, institutions, and also prevalent beliefs. 
  • Lachrymose- This means anything synonymous with sadness, inducing sadness or tears, or being tearful. 
  • Misanthropy- This means a strong dislike of humanity or mankind.
  • Occlude- Means closing up something, stopping something, or even obstructing or hindering anything. 
  • Philistine- Any individual who is not bothered by artistic and cultural pursuits, knowledge, or refinement. It may mean someone who is boorish and non-intellectual. 
  • Quixotic- This means something which is not practical, realistic, ideal, or even impossibly romantic. 
  • Raconteur- Someone who narrates or tells stories or anecdotes in a way that is entertaining, amusing, engaging, and attractive. 
  • Sanguine- Being optimistic about something or positive about any aspect, particularly in a scenario that is tough. 
  • Virulent- This means something harmful or severe by nature. 
  • Winnow- This is a technique of blowing air to remove the chaff from the grain. 
  • Yoke- It means a wooden element that is attached over the necks of beasts of burden like oxen and keeps them linked to the vehicle that they are pulling. 

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Sample Exercise

Every sentence has a phrase or word marked in bold. There are four other options given to you. Choose the one which matches the meaning in the best possible manner. 

Question 1- It is hard to get people to notice you at gatherings, especially when they are predisposed to be distant from others. 

  1. Aloof
  2. Welcoming
  3. Wary
  4. Opposite 

Question 2- The boxes for the factory are positioned on top of their respective desks. 

  1. Over
  2. Upper
  3. Below
  4. Beside

Question 3- There have been several questions regarding the purchase of advanced aircraft by the company over the last few years. 

  1. Airplanes
  2. Highways
  3. Sailboats
  4. Railway engines

Question 4- There are several small stores dotting the area, which are locally called shacks. 

  1. In the area
  2. Usually 
  3. Occasionally 
  4. To everyone 

Question 5- People cannot always recollect their memories of childhood, though they seem to try. 

  1. Remember
  2. Appreciate
  3. Admire
  4. Disrupt 

Question 6- What about the Keto diet? It seems to have captivated everyone. 

  1. Nutritional strategy
  2. Exercise routine
  3. Medicine plan
  4. Study of physical fitness 

Question 7- She was educated at a leading global university and wanted to show off her knowledge with her ________________ to research. 

  1. Commitment
  2. Repulsion
  3. Observations 

Question 8- When the administration does not agree to something, then the press often tries to ______________ them in a negative light. 

  1. Project
  2. Destroy
  3. Admire 

Question 9-  People in various corporate offices are often known for their punctuality. However, some are characterized by their penchant to be late on a daily basis, leaving their future in ______________. 

  1. Abeyance
  2. Doubt
  3. Good Hands 

Question 10- Are you more inclined towards __________________ poetry or are you keener on music as your optional subject? 

  1. Pursuing
  2. Destroying
  3. Admiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrich my GRE Vocabulary?

You can always boost your GRE vocabulary by reading as many books and newspapers as you can. You can also start following the dictionary above all else. You can also write and mark your own definitions.

How to prepare for GRE Verbal reasoning?

You can prepare for your GRE Verbal Reasoning examination by checking out difficult words and learning their meanings. You can also make a list of important words alongside. Use flashcards for memorizing words.

How can I improve my GRE Verbal Reasoning?

You can always improve your score in GRE Verbal Reasoning by beginning practice exercises regularly. Always identify new and difficult words before understanding their meanings. You can use flashcards for this purpose.

What should I study for GRE verbal?

Study with the help of practice exercises. Study words in various categories and of various types. Focus on preparing for the reading and comprehension section while using the official materials alongside. Create a strategy in advance for this section.

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