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Talk About An Important Event You Celebrated IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 04 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The IELTS cue cards is an important part of the speaking test because it assesses the ability of the test-takers to speak coherently and effectively express their thoughts in a limited amount of time. A good IELTS score is required for those looking to study or work abroad because it is widely accepted by universities and employers worldwide.

In the cue card for the IELTS ‘Talk about an important event you celebrated IELTS Cue Card’, the test-taker is asked to describe a memorable day that wasn't too costly. You will be given a cue card with one minute of preparation and two minutes of speaking on a difficult skill you've learned in IELTS Speaking Part 2. Time management is essential for finishing all aspects of the task.

You will have one to two minutes to discuss the topic. You'll have one minute to think about your response. You can make some notes to help you if you want.Here's an example of an order you can use:

What was it? 

Why was it important? 

Where did the event take place? 

Who was with you during the event? 

What do you remember about the event?

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Talk About An Important Event You Celebrated IELTS Cue Card

Sample 1.

Introduction: My first trip to a hill station was one of the days I celebrated that I would always cherish. It was a thrilling and exciting encounter that left me with enduring memories.

What was it:My first trip to a hill station was one of the most special occasions I experienced. Since it was my first time seeing the beauty and tranquility of the mountains, it was a significant occasion for me.

Why was it important:My first trip to a hill station was a significant occasion for me because it allowed me to admire the world's natural beauty and spend quality time with my family. I learned the value of stepping away from the rush of city life and embracing nature through this trip, which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Where did the event take place:During our visit, we went to a hill station in the country's northern region. The location was well-known for its breathtaking panoramic views, lush greenery, and pleasant weather, which provided a welcome respite from the city's scorching heat and humidity.

Who was with you during the event:I was able to celebrate the occasion with my family, who had organized the vacation. We spent a few days wandering around town, strolling through the countryside, and visiting various tourist attractions. It was an excellent opportunity for us to bond as a family and make lasting memories.

What do you remember about the event:The breathtaking vistas of the mountains and valleys are what I will remember the most about the occasion. I had the impression that I was in paradise because of the foggy mornings, the beautiful waterfalls, and the sound of chirping birds. Additionally, I loved the local cuisine and the people's friendliness and generosity.

Sample 2.

Introduction: My graduation day was one of the most significant occasions I have celebrated in my life. It was a day that was full of a range of feelings, from delight and happiness to nostalgia and sorrow.

What was it:My graduation day was one of the most significant occasions I remembered and honored. It was a significant occasion for me since it represented the fruition of years of perseverance and commitment on my part to accomplishing my academic objectives.

Why was it important: My graduation day, then, was a significant occasion for me because it signaled the close of one chapter and the start of another. It was a day for celebration and contemplation of the difficulties I had surmounted to get there. It served as a reminder that everything is achievable with effort and commitment.

Where did the event take place: The graduation ceremony was held in my university's auditorium. It was a significant occasion because it marked the day I obtained my degree, which served as a testament to my academic success and opened me to new career options.

Who was with you during the event:I attended the event with my family and friends. They were my rock throughout my academic career, and having them there on my graduation day made the occasion much more memorable.

What do you remember about the event:The ceremony is best remembered for the joy and sense of accomplishment I had when I earned my degree. Being among my fellow grads, who had also put in a lot of effort to get to this stage in their lives, was a strange experience. I also recall the speeches made by university authorities and the inspiring messages they shared with us.

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Talk About An Important Event You Celebrated IELTS Cue Card Follow up Questions

In Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test, the examiner will ask follow-up questions. These questions are intended to allow you to elaborate on your responses and demonstrate your ability to communicate in English. To demonstrate your language proficiency, pay attention to the questions and answer them completely. Let’s take a look at the follow-up questions:

Q1.Can you tell me about your preparations for the event

A1.Yes, I planned and prepared for the event for weeks, arranging for decorations, food, and entertainment.

Q2.Did you celebrate the occasion with family or friends?

A2.I celebrated the event with both my family and friends because it was a special occasion for all of us.

Q3.Why do you believe it was a significant event?

A3.It was a significant event because it marked a significant milestone or achievement for me and those around me. It was a moment to remember and cherish for many years.

Mrinal Mandal

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