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GRE Score Calculator

Updated on 27 February, 2024

Anupriya Mukherjee

Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer


Welcome to our GRE Score Calculator! Are you preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)? Definitely, you might be wondering about the scores you need to secure admission to your desired university. We bring you the upGrad Abroad GRE Score Calculator that intends to provide you with a clear understanding of your potential GRE score. Our GRE Calculator streamlines the process of calculating your score, making it easier for you to set and attain your educational goals.

GRE Score

As the GRE score provides graduate schools with a standardized measure of your readiness for advanced study, it becomes a vital factor in the application process. The scores are based on assessing three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The scores for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections range from 130 to 170 in one-point increments, while the Analytical Writing section score ranges from 0 to 6 in half-point increments.

The average GRE scores required for graduate admission vary depending on the program or institution you're applying to. Typically, the acceptable average Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores fall in the range of 150-160. However, it's essential to research the specific score requirements of your chosen graduate program or school.

GRE Score Calculation

Your cumulative performance in the GRE Verbal and GRE Quantitative sections determines your overall GRE score, which ranges from 260 to 340. The Verbal and Quantitative sections are individually scored on a scale of 130 to 170. The Analytical Writing score is reported separately.

The total GRE score is calculated by adding your Verbal and Quantitative scores. For instance, if you score 155 in Verbal and 160 in Quantitative, your overall GRE score would be 315. The percentile score of the total GRE score is calculated by comparing your scores with other test takers. The percentile ranges from 1 to 99. Below tables represent the percentile range for the respective score range of the GRE Verbal and Quant sections.

Verbal Reasoning Score Range

Verbal Reasoning Percentile Range


Quantitative Reasoning Score Range

Quantitative Reasoning Percentile Range


upGrad Abroad GRE Score Calculator

With the objective of providing an estimated percentile score and total GRE score, upGrad Abroad brings you the GRE Score Calculator. This online tool considers scores of both the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections when calculating your GRE score. To obtain your overall GRE score, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your GRE Verbal Reasoning score.
  2. Enter your GRE Quantitative Reasoning score.
  3. Click on the Get Your GRE Score button.
  4. Your overall GRE score, along with the percentile of the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, will be displayed on the screen.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is considered a good GRE score?

A good and competitive GRE score that will get you admission to a top institution typically falls in the range of 310-330. However, what is considered a "good" score can vary depending on your desired graduate program, university, and its specific requirements.


How long are GRE scores valid?

Different graduate programs demand different score validity requirements that you must check while applying. However, GRE scores are usually valid for five years from the date you took the test. 

Can I use the GRE Score Calculator for GRE Subject Tests?

No, the upGrad Abroad GRE Score Calculator is designed for the GRE General Test. It does not calculate GRE Subject Test scores or subject-specific assessments used for admissions in certain programs.


Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

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