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Aquatic Animal Cue Card - IELTS Speaking Samples

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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aquatic animal cue card

Suppose you come across aquatic animal cue cards in the IELTS examination. The question can be citing a description of an aquatic animal. You should state how it appeared when you saw the animal and where along with the reasons for it being fascinating/attractive. You will have to speak about this topic for approximately one to two minutes. You will get a minute to frame your answer. You can also create a few notes for your own assistance. Here are a couple of sample answers to help you get the drift.

Describe An Aquatic Animal Cue Card: Sample 1 

I am passionate about learning more about aquatic animals since they are fascinating in terms of their nature and traits. For instance, octopuses, jellyfishes, sea horses, and starfishes are some of the most beautiful aquatic animals in the ocean. However, I love the dolphin more than any other animal. There are around 42 species of dolphins on this planet. 

When I was in the third standard, I saw the animal for the first time in my science book at school. I was instantly attracted to its genial yet captivating appearance. 

Dolphins are mostly large-sized and come in various colors, including black, white, and even grey. They have smoother bodies and agile fins. I often watch dolphin shows on the Discovery Channel and learned that they are one of the most intelligent creatures on the Planet. 

Along with their appearance, I find dolphins fascinating since they are social animals mostly found in groups of varying sizes. They also create their languages of communication with the world around them. Though they are expressive animals but they can be really dangerous like a killer whale which is also one of the dolphin species. The dolphins also kill their own babies in order to mate with the mother dolphin. The dolphin can also jump right out of the water and pirouette around while dancing on the tail. They are thus popular for their antics with balls and cute noises. 

I love dolphins immensely and wish that I could see them with my own eyes someday.

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An Aquatic Animal Cue Card: Sample 2

Aquatic animals are invertebrates or vertebrates which reside in water for their lifetime. Marine animals breathe the air or garner oxygen that is dissolved in the water via gills or their skin. I have always been fascinated by the octopus. Its body resembles a bag with a round head, big eyes, and eight arms. The arms come with multiple nerves as well. Octopuses occupy several oceanic regions, and most species grow and mature swiftly while being short-lived. Giant Pacific octopuses are often called the most known species of octopus, with adults weighing up to approximately 15 kg. 

I saw an octopus for the first time on the National Geographic channel. Needless to say, its appearance and features fascinated me right away. There are around 300 species of octopus on Earth. What I like about octopuses is that they are intelligent creatures that can camouflage themselves to bypass their enemies or predators. Though they don’t pose any threat to humans yet if the humans get caught by their suction cups it can prove to be fatal. They can also sync with the textures and colors of their immediate environments/surroundings. Octopuses are known for their powers of swift escape whenever predators confront them. Their arms have hundreds of nerves or suckers which are independently movable and enable octopuses to smell, control, and touch objects at a dizzying rate. I wish to view octopuses in their natural habitat if that is ever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest mammal on Earth?

The biggest mammal on this planet is Blue Whale. The length of it is 29.5 m and more.

Which animal is nicknamed ‘the tooth walker?’

Walrus is nicknamed the tooth walker. It is known so as it anchors his two tusks on the bottom of the ocean when it comes down in search of food.

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