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Scholarship for Indian Students in Australia – Process & Benefits

Updated on 11 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A scholarship for Indian students in Australia is not unattainable, provided you apply to multiple institutions and meet the eligibility criteria. Australian colleges and universities offer various study abroad scholarships for Indian students with good academic track records. Multiple bursaries, scholarships, and grants are also awarded by the Government of Australia and other public/private organizations. Before applying, make sure that you check the eligibility criteria and timelines. 


How to get a scholarship for Indian students in Australia

The primary criteria for getting an Australian scholarship are the student’s academic record and preferred subject of study. While good grades are always important, your subject, institution, and location, should be eligible for specific scholarships in the field. In some cases, institutions also consider things like volunteering experience or community service, or even co-curricular activities for granting scholarships. For getting some scholarships, you may have to declare your scores in IELTS or other tests of English language proficiency. 

Almost all scholarships from the Australian Government are widely available for international students, including those coming from India. Applications have to be directly submitted at the institution offering the scholarship. You should ensure that you have an admission acceptance letter from your preferred institution before applying. The application statement is important too. Applicants should state the reasons why they should be awarded a scholarship and how they can contribute to the local community. 

Scholarships in Australia

Top Scholarships in Australia for Indian Aspirants

Here’s a closer look at some of the available options: 

Australian Government Research & Training Program or AGRTP:

This is provided by the Government of Australia, covering the tuition and health insurance costs. The coverage period is up to three years. Research masters and doctorate degrees are supported with the financial assistance of $28,587 per year or INR 21.48 Lakhs. The deadlines for application (two rounds) are usually 31st August and 15th April. 

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Australia Awards:

Sponsored by the DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs) and ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) along with the Department of Education, it offers UG/PG scholarships. Students applying for Australian partner universities and TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutions are eligible. Coverage is provided for the entire tuition costs, living costs, airfare, health insurance, along with miscellaneous costs. The total coverage period is two years. Scholars should return to India after finishing their education. 

Destination Australia:

International students get $15,000 or INR 11.17 lakh as their scholarship amount for each year. Funding depends upon qualifications and may be valid for four years. The Australian Government’s Department of Education sponsors this program. 

John Allwright Fellowship:

JAF offers research projects, master’s and Ph.D. scholarships annually to eligible international applicants. They are given via the Australia Awards framework. 

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Scholarships Offered by Leading Educational Institutions in Australia: 

The University of New South Wales Business School:

There are international scholarships available at the business school, eight of which are given out annually. Each student gets $10,000 or INR 7.44 lakh annually. Eligibility criteria include academic performance, leadership attributes, co-curricular activities, and more. 

University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship:

This is given to 600 meritorious students who are applying for research at the institution. There is 100% coverage for fees, going up to $110,000 or INR 81.88 lakh. Students are considered automatically, without having to provide dedicated applications. 

International Scientia Coursework Scholarship at the University of New South Wales:

This is a scholarship program for international students taking up postgraduate or graduate courses at the institution. The scholarship comes in two parts, one which offers coverage for the total tuition costs and another component which is $20,000 per year for tuition charges. This works out to roughly INR 14.89 lakh. 

Monash MBA International Excellence in Leadership:

This scholarship is given to those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills while pursuing their MBA courses at this institution. Students have to separately apply for getting this scholarship and only two are given to meritorious and eligible applicants. Students also have to clear interviews for obtaining the scholarship. The coverage amount is $16,000 each or approximately INR 11.91 lakh. 

Monash International Leadership:

Those international students taking up full-time PG or UG courses at the institution can apply for this scholarship. It offers coverage for 100% of the tuition costs. 

Peter Faber Business School Postgraduate Scholarship:

This scholarship is for those enrolling in PG courses at this institution under Australian Catholic University (ACU). The scholarship is worth $10,000 (INR 7.44 lakh) and is sanctioned annually. The students applying for the same should not be getting any other financial support from the Australian Government or the Australian Catholic University. It is only applicable for applicants who have scored 70% in their academic career or higher. There are no formal applications made for obtaining this scholarship. The information that is provided will undergo an assessment by the Peter Faber Business School and university committee. Eligible students will be notified thereafter. 

University of Sydney’s Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship:

The University of Sydney provides this scholarship option for all international applicants who are pursuing their master’s courses full-time at the university’s faculty of engineering and information technology. Those who have earned distinctions in their undergraduate courses can apply. Those with other scholarships from the same university should not apply. The coverage amount is 50% of tuition costs for a year. 

The University of Queensland School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences:

There is a dedicated scholarship available for Indian students who are pursuing master’s courses at the institution. The duration of the scholarship is the same as the course. The coverage amount is 50% of the tuition costs and those with 75% or higher in UG programs may apply. 

University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship:

This scholarship is for academically brilliant applicants who have enrolled in courses in the institution. Separate applications are not needed for obtaining this scholarship. The scholarship will include either 100% or 50% waivers on tuition fees for three-year undergraduate courses. It may also be a remission of $10,000 (INR 7.44 lakh) on tuition costs for the first year. 

Swinburne University:

The International Excellence Scholarship for UG students (enrolled at the institution) goes up to $38,000 or INR 28.29 lakh for the entire course. However, those studying Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting or the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting double degree cannot apply. 

Monash University Merit Scholarships:

The university offers 31 annual scholarships to meritorious students on its rolls. The values go up to AUD 50,000 or INR 26.87 lakh. Academic performance is the key criterion for obtaining this scholarship. 

Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship:

It is meant for those Indian students taking up UG and PG studies at the institution. Three UG students will have eligibility for getting $50,000 or INR 37.21 lakh per year (throughout four years) and ten UG/PG students will receive $20,000 for the first year, which works out to INR 14.89 lakh. 15 UG/PG students will also be getting $10,000 or INR 7.44 lakh as their scholarship amounts under this program. 

Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme:

This scholarship is given to international students applying for UG/PG courses with CRICOS registration. Four such scholarships are granted annually. 

Australian National University-

The Study Canberra India scholarship is given by this institution for Indian students admitted into PG/UG programs here. ANU students eligible for the scholarship should be academically brilliant and the amount of the scholarship is AUD 10,000 or INR 5.38 lakh.

Griffith University:

The university offers the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship for aspirants. Those who have exceptional academic records and have applied to postgraduate or undergraduate courses at the university, hold eligibility for the scholarship. The scholarship offers coverage for 50% of overall tuition costs for the entire length of the course. Students should apply well before the deadline while being admitted into full-time programs at the university. 

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Tips for Getting Scholarship in Australia

It is not enough to just browse through information regarding scholarships in Australia. You can always prepare in advance and enhance your chances of landing a scholarship. Here are some tips that you should not forget: 

  • Academic scores and achievements are the biggest criteria for getting good scholarships in Australia. The country values academic and research performance highly. You should thus make sure that you study hard and score good marks in your Class XII examinations or undergraduate courses (depending on what you are applying for). You should try and increase your GPA or other scores right away. If you start early, then there is a good chance that you can achieve a higher score and a scholarship to study in Australia. 
  • Another major aspect is the scholarship statement or application statement. This is carefully assessed by organizational committees and educational institutions, before granting scholarships. You should practice writing a crisp and well-thought-out application statement, outlining your academic journey, why you deserve the scholarship, what you can contribute to an institution or any field of study, and other achievements. 
  • Many scholarship providers often insist on personal interviews with eligible applicants before making a final decision. Hence, ensure that you are calm and composed during your interview while answering questions honestly and confidently. 
  • Extra-curricular activities and community participation/volunteering may come in handy for some Australian scholarships as well. Hence, scale up your activities in these areas as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to get a scholarship in Australia?

It is tough to get your preferred scholarship in Australia by all means. The country gets innumerable international student applications for scholarships every year. However, only the most academically brilliant and meritorious students manage to get these highly coveted scholarships. You should make sure that you start increasing your GPAs and academic scores while taking part in community and extra-curricular activities from the outset. Apply to multiple scholarship providers and determine your eligibility carefully.




Can I get a 100% scholarship to study in Australia?

The Government of Australia is providing completely funded fellowships and scholarships for international students who wish to study in the country or take up professional pursuits, research, and related activities. You may find 100% funded scholarships from several Government organizations or other institutions. However, most institutions offer 50%-70% as scholarship coverage. Hence, you should not depend only on 100% scholarship funding for accomplishing your Australian education dreams.





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