Why should you pick Australia as your study destination?

why study in australia

The country of kangaroos and koalas has much more to offer to the world. From incredible industrial development to world-class educational and job facilities, this country is full of opportunities. Australia has also kept its doors wide open for the international students to take advantage of its excellent educational facilities, and thus here we are to answer your question on ‘why choose Australia to study’.

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Facts about studying in Australia

There are some really cool facts about this place, which is why Australia is better than other countries for study. These facts are very distinct and add to the uniqueness of this location. Read about those facts below:

1. Australia has six of the world’s top 100 universities

Though the education system of Australia is far younger than that of other countries of the world, it’s nothing short of any achievement that Australia hosts top six of the world’s 100 best universities. These are:

a) University of Melbourne

b) University of Sydney

c) University of Queensland

d) Australian National University

e) University of New South Wales

f) Monash University

2. Australia has one of the best educational systems in the world

Australia has an exceptional higher education system with around 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions. This system is structured, methodical, and disciplined with a futuristic approach– and that is why the country is ranked eighth as the provider of top-notch education globally. 

3. Excellent student experience and satisfaction

Both the national and international students studying in Australia show a keen interest in continuing and completing their studies in this country. The surveys conducted by the top organisations show that 90% of the students in the universities of Australia are completely satisfied with the educational system, the staff, and even the ambience of the institutions.

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4. Australia has seven of the world’s most student-friendly cities 

The most famous and favourite cities as ranked by the students across the world are located in Australia. These are:

a) Melbourne

b) Sydney

c) Canberra

d) Adelaide

e) Brisbane

f) Gold Coast

g) Perth

5. The government’s scholarship plan for international students

The Australian government has offered around 3,000 planned scholarships to students from across 55 countries recently. This government has also provided support and flexibility options of online schooling to students from various countries.

6. The Australian universities rank among the world’s top 50 in various study areas

The Australian universities provide excellent education in various fields and are also ranked among the best 50 institutions for them. Some of the fields in which they excel are:

a) Art and humanities

b) Engineering and technology

c) Physical sciences

d) Social sciences

e) Clinical and health category

7. Over 2.5 million international alumni are creating a benchmark globally

During the past 50 years, Australian universities have produced over 2.5 million graduates from across the world who are now a part of the impressive global alumni network. They are making an incredible impression worldwide, thereby, encouraging more and more aspirants to pursue their higher education dreams in this country.

8. The Australian universities have produced over 15 Nobel laureates

The Australian universities can proudly claim to have nurtured students and academicians who are today recognized worldwide due to their incredible achievements. Around 15 Nobel laureates claim Australian universities as their alma mater.

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Top reasons to study in Australia

The country that is embracing the international students from all directions of the map actually provides great benefits to the students visiting here for the purpose of education. This is what makes this country the most recommended for higher education. The top reasons to study in Australia are given below:

1. The top-notch universities

There are some of the most esteemed universities in this country which are ranked pretty high internationally.. There are around 43 such exceptional universities in this country where the students can complete their education.

2. Cultural diversity

Australia attracts aspirants from various parts of the world and this makes it the melting pot for various cultures. The students can connect with other international learners from various countries and know more about a myriad of cultures.

3. All majors are gladly welcomed

One of the major benefits of studying in Australia is that the universities of this country accept students having educational degrees and basic education in any field. Whether the student has pursued mathematics, literature, social sciences, or any other stream, this country has plenty of educational opportunities for all the aspirants. 

4. The incredible beauty of the country

This is no surprise that Australia is a beautiful country. From the hilly terrains and the velvety green countryside, to the lovely sea sides and numerous architectural wonders–there are innumerable destinations for the students to explore. 

5. Easily available student visas

Surprisingly, the student’s visa for Australia is quite easy to obtain. The aspirants just have to register with all their details, provide the necessary information,  produce the results of one of the English language proficiency tests like IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) or The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) and the university admission slip along with the fees receipt. The candidate should score an average result in these exams for which upGrad prepares the students sufficiently.  

6. Easy internship opportunities

One of the other great advantages of studying in Australia is the convenience of securing internships provided by the universities itself. The students just have to let the institute know about their interests and they will get good opportunities for this as well.

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8. Convenient cost of living

Though the standard of living of the Australians is considered quite high in the world, comparatively the tuition fees of the students and living expenses in the university towns are quite affordable. The students can easily get apartments to rent on a sharing basis and even homestays within the universities itself. Both of these options help in an affordable lifestyle for the students in this country. 

9. Latest technological advances and upgrades

The teaching methods of the universities of Australia are also up to the highest and latest standards. The students will find access to all the latest technologies, machineries, and devices to study in these institutions, which add greater value to their learning process. 

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10. Freedom to work simultaneously with studies

If the learners in the universities of Australia have difficulty in paying the tuition fees or managing the daily expenses and rents, they even have the freedom to work simultaneously while studying in this country. They won’t have to apply for a separate work visa for this purpose. There are innumerable part-time jobs available for the students in various sectors of this country and the aspirants tend to get placed pretty easily.

11. Global recognition and acceptance 

The students getting their degree from an Australian university can proudly flaunt it anywhere in the world. Not only are these degrees accepted by all sectors and institutions, but these are also recognized as superior to the degrees from many other countries. 

12. Post education opportunities

Australia accepts its university graduates gladly in the job spectrum. So, if the students adore this nation after staying here during all this time for education, they can continue to stay and even work in this country and get settled. The procedure for this is quite simple – the aspirant has to apply for a job providing all the necessary documents. Once the job is fixed, the student then has to apply for a work visa while staying in the country and provide the proof of the job (appointment letter). After this change of visa status, the candidate can settle and work in Australia and earn handsomely. 

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13. Fastest growing destination 

For every student, their bright future is of utmost importance. And the future of Australia is one of the brightest in the world map. Having some of the best businesses, companies, a noteworthy educational system and ever-growing tourists’ interest, this country is sure to develop even more rapidly. This makes it a great country to stay and attain higher education and also a job. 

14. Vibrant city life

Since Australia takes pride in housing some of the best cities of the world, the students are guaranteed to have an excellent time here. There are some of the best restaurants, incredible monuments, active city life and plush apartments to live a dream life. This makes living in this country very convenient and comfortable for the students.

15. Easy communication

The common language spoken in Australia is English. This being the most commonly spoken language in the world makes it easier for the students to understand the courses and even mingle with the locals. 

Studying in Australia is in itself a big achievement. From acquiring functional knowledge from some of the world’s top-most universities and getting a chance to acquaint yourself with the country’s rich and diverse culture to staying with hospitable locals, and getting familiar with the latest technological advancements for educational purposes (apart from the generous scholarships)—the experience and prospects of studying in Australia are bound to be rewarding. On top of it, a certificate or degree from Australia is globally recognized and regarded by both the educational institutes and recruiters.

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Common FAQs about studying in Australia

The students or aspirants hoping to get a chance to study in the universities of Australia have some questions that need to be answered. The more frequently inquired ones are:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Q1. Does Australia have any special requirements for the under 18 students visiting here?” answer-0=”If the student is having a proper caretaking plan and fees backup, then the government has no issues with learners who are under 18 years. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”Q2. What are the different study levels for which the students can apply to pursue a higher education?” answer-1=”The students can apply for graduate and post graduate courses along with special training and courses in other fields.” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”Q3. What are the entry requirements to study in Australia? ” answer-2=”A student requires the below-listed documents to get an entry in any institution and also to get a visa for the country: 1) Academic reports 2) English language requirements or proof of a past English language proficiency test 3) Evidence of funds to support the education of the candidate 4) Overseas students health cover ” image-2=”” headline-3=”p” question-3=”Q4. Is having a student’s health cover mandatory to study in Australia? ” answer-3=”All the students getting an admission in Australia should have an overseas student health cover already active when they join the institutions. The students can also get private health insurance for this purpose.” image-3=”” headline-4=”p” question-4=”Q5. Are gaps between the courses or the level of degrees accepted by the universities of Australia?” answer-4=”If the gap between those courses and the levels are justified properly by the students along with the right proofs, they get admissions smoothly in the country.” image-4=”” headline-5=”p” question-5=”Q6. What are the requirements for the student’s visa to study in Australia?” answer-5=”To get a students’ visa, the applicant should provide electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) certificate, sufficient funds proof, entrant requirements, English language proficiency test result, health insurance and character certificate.” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]
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