Master’s in Psychology in Australia: Universities, Costs & Jobs

masters in psychology in Australia

If you have an aptitude for the subject, pursuing a master’s in psychology in Australia can direct you to a fulfilling career. The course spans 18-24 months and is available at many top colleges and universities. 

A master’s in psychology in Australia for international students is available for those completing an undergraduate psychology degree or any equivalent program. The cost of studying psychology in Australia at leading schools may range between AUD 32,000 (INR 17.20 lakhs) and 50,400 (INR 27.11 lakhs) on average. With growing awareness of mental health issues throughout the country, there are excellent job prospects for skilled graduates in the field. 

Why study master’s in psychology in Australia? 

There are many reasons for studying psychology masters in Australia. They are listed below: 

● A four-year bachelor’s degree is no longer sufficient to land a good job as a psychologist in the country. Master’s programs bring in that element of specialization which is vital. 

● Australia has the top universities globally for psychology programs. 

● The country is witnessing a boom in its education and healthcare industries, two of the biggest recruiters of professional psychologists. Demand is expected to grow in double digits in the future, ensuring many attractive opportunities for trained aspirants in the field. 

Best universities in Australia for a master’s in psychology 

Here are some of the leading institutions where you can pursue your master’s in psychology in Australia:

Name of the Institution

Per year charges (AUD)

Australian National University

50,400 (INR 27.11 lakhs)

Flinders University

37,500 (INR 20.19 lakhs)

The University of Sydney

21,000- 42,000 (INR 11.30-22.61 lakhs)

University of Newcastle

42,390 (INR 22.81 lakhs)

The University of Western Australia

37,300 (INR 20.09 lakhs)

Macquarie University

38,800 (INR 20.89 lakhs)

Western Sydney University

38,400 (INR 20.67 lakhs)

The University of Queensland

40,000 – 50,000 (INR 21.52-26.90 lakhs)

Monash University

37,000 (INR 19.91 lakhs)

The University of Melbourne

46,700 (INR 25.14 lakhs)

Cost of studying MS in psychology in Australia

You do not have to spend a fortune to study overseas in Australia. Here is an overview of the expected costs. 

● AUD 50-100 in application charges. 

● AUD 300-355 for IELTS or TOEFL examinations. 

● AUD 217-218 for visa applications. 

● AUD 478-644 in airfare costs. 

● Tuition costs may hover between AUD 21,000 and 50,400 per annum. You can expect to spend between INR 12-28 lakh per year. 

● AUD 380-1700 for accommodation (homestay, apartment, house/shared rental, student halls, etc.), anywhere between INR 21,000-93,000 on average per month. 

● AUD 70-120 per month in internet costs. 

● AUD 30-70 per month in public transportation expenditure. 

● AUD 200 per month for utilities. 

● AUD 500-1,000 each month in grocery costs. 

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Course Highlights


18 to 24 months

Eligibility Criteria

Four-year UG degree (psychology) or a three-year UG degree in a related subject with a one-year psychology program.

Entrance Examinations


Course Fees

INR 12-28 lakhs

Main Recruiters

Education, Training & Healthcare

Average Salaries

INR 27-59.7 lakhs

Other Types of Courses

Graduate Diploma & Graduate Certificates

Students can also enroll in various programs with specializations, including clinical psychology, psychology, applied psychology, counseling, mental health, business psychology, social work studies, and organizational psychology. 

Master’s in psychology in Australia- Admission Procedure

There are quite a few Master’s in psychology Australia requirements that you should keep in mind. 

Let us begin by checking the application deadlines across universities: 


Deadline for Applying

The University of Sydney

January 31

The University of Melbourne

December 2

Australian National University

November 16

The University of Western Australia

February 19

Flinders University

Rolling Admissions

Macquarie University

September 15

Monash University

Late November

Western Sydney University

May 15

The University of Queensland

November 30

University of Newcastle

January 12

These are only indicative dates and may vary depending upon various circumstances. 

Here are the eligibility criteria: 

● Three or four-year bachelor’s program in psychology or related field with a GPA of 7.3 on a 10-point scale. 

● Scores in English language proficiency tests. 

● Identification proof. 

● Eligibility for registration as a provisional Australian psychologist. 

● A valid passport. 

● SOP (Statement of Purpose). 

● Two academic reference letters. 

● 500-word personal statement. 

● Student visa. 

Many institutions desire IELTS 6.5 or 7.0, while TOEFL iBT scores are usually recommended between 79 and 100. You should get your UG qualifications assessed by the authorities to determine whether they equate to qualifications in Australia acceptable for registration. 

The APS (Australian Psychological Society) presently assesses foreign educational qualifications. The board will determine the result for working out your eligibility to get provisional registration in the country. You should also provide your proof of English language proficiency. 

Job prospects after MS in Psychology in Australia

There are excellent employment prospects for those studying for a master’s in psychology in Australia. As per reports, the education, training, and healthcare sectors are witnessing rapid growth and will hire graduates in large numbers. 

Graduates can work as psychologists with average salaries between AUD 88,200-113,000, while well-being managers earn up to AUD 110,520 every year. Childcare center managers can earn AUD 50,000 annually, while clinical psychologists earn up to AUD 180,000. Professors in psychology can earn up to AUD 97,300, while psychotherapists may earn up to AUD 96,895 annually. 

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Visa Procedure

International students accepted for full-time courses in MS in psychology may apply for the subclass 500 Australia student visa. They need the following documents: 

● Receipt of payment of application fee of AUD 620 (INR 33,371). 

● Admission confirmation from an Australian university. 

● Proof of funds. 

● GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) statement. 

● Proof of health insurance. 

● English language proficiency test scores. 

Available Scholarships

There are many scholarship choices in Australia for those desirous of pursuing an MS in psychology. Some of them include: 

Name of Scholarship


Scholarship Benefit Amount

JN Tata Endowment Scholarship

All international Indian students

Loan scholarship funding between INR 1 lakh and INR 10 lakhs.

Macquarie University India Scholarship

Students at Macquarie University

AUD 10,000 per annum (INR 5.39 lakhs).

Melbourne Graduate Scholarship (Applied Psychology)

Students at the University of Melbourne

Waiver of 25% of the tuition fees for the whole program.

Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program

Students at the University of Sydney

AUD 5,00,000 (INR 2.69 crore)

Australia Awards Scholarships

Students at The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, The University of Queensland, and the Australian National University

Coverage for total tuition costs and living/travel stipend.

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Students at the Australian National University

AUD 25,000 (INR 13.47 lakhs) per year

BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

Students at the University of Western Australia

AUD 1,000 (INR 53,890)

Disclaimer! All course fees, deadlines, and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on conditions.

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Q1. Is Australia good for a master’s in psychology?

A. Australia is one of the best global destinations for studying psychology. There are numerous courses available for international students across the postgraduate and undergraduate academic levels. Psychology is one of the fast-blossoming careers in Australia, especially with the growth of the training, education, and healthcare sectors. Psychology is taught in English at Australian universities, another plus point.

Q2. What can I do with a master’s in psychology in Australia?

A. Those pursuing master’s courses in psychology will be able to take up fulfilling careers like psychotherapy, counseling, special education, organizational psychology, and more. They can find job roles like a market researcher, human resource manager, social service manager, family services worker, project managers and coordinators, instructors at community colleges, and more. Education, healthcare, and training are fast-growing job sectors in Australia, promising fulfilling employment opportunities for skilled aspirants.

Q3. How much does a psychology master’s cost in Australia?

A. The annual tuition costs at Australian educational institutions are usually between AUD 29,000 and AUD 51,000 or roughly INR 17-28 lakhs. Students can also expect high salaries when they successfully graduate. Institutions like the University of Sydney and Melbourne charge annual fees between INR 12-26 lakhs on average. The University of Queensland charges roughly INR 22-28 lakhs, while the Australian National University charges INR 28-29 lakhs yearly tuition costs. These are all yearly tuition costs.

Q4. Is psychology hard in Australia?

A. Psychology is a difficult subject of its own accord. Those who are inclined towards the subject can do well. You should have a passion for understanding the various nuances of the human mind and various behavioral aspects. Psychology is one of the tougher degrees since many assignments require citing sources and deep research into several topics. Psychology involves intense study, and you should be prepared for the grind.

Q5. How much does a psychologist make in Australia?

A. Average salaries for psychologists stand at AUD 102,724 (INR 55.37 lakhs) annually. Experienced professionals may earn up to AUD 121,457(INR 65.48 lakhs) per annum. Some of the high-salaried job positions include neuropsychologist, forensic psychologist, school psychologist, counseling psychologist, human resources managers, clinical psychologist, organizational and industrial psychologist, and psychiatrist, to name a few.

Q6. If psychologists are in demand in Australia?

A. Psychology is a fulfilling career in Australia. Psychologists are in high demand throughout the country. There is fast-growing demand for psychologists throughout educational institutions and training centers. Demand is expected to grow in double digits for psychologists in Australia over the next four-five years, as per reports. The industry outlook is positive, with excellent employment opportunities for skilled graduates.

Q7. Can you do a master’s in psychology without a bachelor’s in Australia?

A. Before you start your master’s in psychology, you should complete the equivalent of a bachelor’s course with a minimum of 120-course credits. Those looking to enroll in a master’s course in psychology from leading universities in the country should have a three or four-year UG degree in the subject. They should study the course from a recognized institution while getting a GPA of roughly 7.3 out of a ten-point scale. Most universities in the country will seek a bachelor’s course in psychology for granting admission.

Q8. How do you get a job as a psychologist in Australia?

A. For working as a psychologist in Australia, you should be applying to the Psychology Board of Australia. You should also get registration at the Psychology Board of Australia. You need a visa that has been issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. These specific aspects will help you get a psychologist’s job in Australia.

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